Time : 10-15 min


·        Living breathing person

·        Quiet environment to seat and relax

·        Chair (optional)


1.       Seat in a comfortable position with straight back and neck. Hands resting on the knees.

2.       Take a deep inhalation and exhale slowly and completely.

3.       Fold index and middle finger on the right hand keeping the rest of the fingers straight.

4.       Fold the right hand the way that you thumb is close to your right nostril and your finger is close to the left nostril.

5.       Exhale completely and put the right thumb on the right nostril.

6.       Close your eyes.

7.       Slowly and evenly inhale through the left nostril.

8.       Close the left nostril with right ring finger.

9.       Open the right nostril and exhale trough the right nostril.

10.   Inhale through the right nostril and close it again with the right thumb. This is the end of one cycle.

11.   Repeat steps 7  to 10  ten times or as much as you feel comfortable.

12.   Feel more calm, relaxed and rejuvenated.


Breathing should be as slow as possible. Try to exhale twice as slow as you inhale. You can count in your head: count to four while inhaling , count to eight while exhaling.