Normally I write one draft. I write down all thoughts and everything I know or heard about the topic, then I read it again, replacing parts, write more in some parts, edit it. I wasn’t surprised about the title, it sounded to me obvious, so I kind of knew what it would be about. I don’t think my writing of drafts will change a lot, because I feel like suffering every time I have to re-write it or change it, it takes concentration and patience which I don’t really have unfortunately.

I used to use Facebook a lot and post and share lots of my feelings, thoughts and private events of my life. But I stopped doing so because I realized one day that it is read only by my friends and family members, there are people who I don’t want to see my posts and my life and they are somehow hack them and everything become public. Also, I agree with one saying: “happiness loves silence” – meaning if you are happy and you don’t want your happiness to be ruined – keep your life private. There are plenty of people who are jealous and who would just want you to lose everything you cherish.

I don’t think someone older than me feels less comfortable using Facebook. It all depends on how well you’re aware of the content and programs. There are people who deal with social media and computers in general every day and do it better than some young people due to their experience in working with them. For instance, my grandmother knows computer programs for artists and designers very well because it was required for her to know and her job was tightly connected to them, while I don’t have almost any knowledge of them because I was never taught them. She also uses Facebook and feels pretty comfortable in navigating there, but she doesn’t really post much, because it takes time for her to type.

“‘I Am Under 18’ Button Clicked For First Time In History Of Internet”

I usually care more about how to make my text more coherent and looks not like separated thoughts. This is the hardest part for me. I don’t like rules, structures and restrictions and don’t think that the writing as a kind of art can me put in this restrictions, rules and structures, it has to be the way you express it, you feel it, it is as unique as fingerprints.