Stephanie Flores

Course/Section:Eng 1121/D439

Professor: Schmerler

Date 3/1/19

                                                                                                                            What My True Feeling of Freedom Is


What is freedom to me that’s a hard question to answer many people have given this idea great thought but to me it feels like moving forward no matter what the obstacle or challenge is. Freedom to me is the defined of having no limitations being able to go where ever you want whenever taking the first step in any direction and path you desire to me that’s freedom when you can go beyond a place where others see a roadblock or an immovable force you see a new path or a new light that no other could have seen if you weren’t yourself. When I think about freedom I think about the right to express myself however I feel with no judgement or hesitation to move and continue to grow and change as I do without being confined to a single space or ranking system that holds anyone or anything down beneath themselves to me it makes no sense to pass judgment on anyone for what they have done in the past cause that is not the future they have decided on, they make the change for themselves here and now.

Based on the actions they take and not the words they speak to be free is to seek out what makes you who you are if you have to travel or set out on a journey to understand your place in this world go and remember their will always be a home waiting for you when you come back. To me freedom is not giving up everything for nothing or leaving all your worldly possessions behind in the dust, it is opening your heart and mind to the world around us and realizing that this life we live is far greater than we know it takes time to understand our place and what our lives were meant for and just how we can give back more than we took in the end. When I think of freedom I think of the people around me who have impacted my childhood from those who have giving me everything and those who have taken away my peace and caused me to hold back and be cautious with who I choose to let into my life also how my feelings will be towards them will I shout them out or will I make room in my heart for them. In my opinion my freedom is a gift to me from someone  I truly care about that has been beside me from the very beginning they were there for me with open arms and when I was hurt or in pain.

They stayed by me through it all it gave me the strength to stay beside them to through all of the good times and the bad to each point in my life I have been given small but powerful piece from the people who truly knew me that have made me who I am today. I have spent my life growing and learning to be better than I was yesterday not for anyone else but for myself in order to truly understand what my place is. I have always thanked them for what they have given me and shown me just how much there presence in my life has pushed me to reach out and grab my dream and hold my hand out for them when I am feeling lost and alone to the point I needed them the most and they came to me. I want to say something and I know  everyone is thinking it my type of freedom is not your type of freedom but we can relate in some way or another. There is a place that each of us hold in our hearts or our minds that we go to, that we dream of could be our world right now that we want so badly that we can almost reach out and touch it we picture it so clearly in our minds and heart that this place is our peace our home it is freedom more than anything we have ever know. My freedom came to me and I never want to let it go because when you finally find the answer or the big question you are looking for the goal or thing that makes your world finally complete an you feel like all is coming into place the path you are one and the words you have spoken finally made sense it feels like a dream the moment you closed your eyes you saw a place that your mind knew would make you feel safe and truly free that is what freedom is to me.