English Essay

Finding freedom from the clockwise counter.


Like searching the universe I come forth with a verse while disbursing among all alert. I am a person, is there something more that I should assert? I wonder what would be the perks? I will not approach your bench. I see the motive, the notice is in. I move about from within. I find freedom in knowing that I am often shining bright enough to be seen for my thoughts. Finding freedom in the form of writing presented itself to me. Not the other way counter clockwise. I am the clockwise counter.


Thinking happens be to a form of freedom that I possess. Without thinking, my experiences through life would be seen solely in an unknown subjective state, as they typically are. Having thoughts or if its further defined to speak on my ability to have an imagination, allows me to construct ideas in detailed ways in preparation for my projection. I can exemplify myself through the similarity of patterns cognizant in the behavior of the perceived audiences. However, the ability to interpret the presence of an audience in reception of those thoughts that arise as expected like the son, is as simple as finding a group of individuals devoted to the path of information shown to dictate their career goals.


In likewise fashion, the mobility of a individual capable of traversing grounds unfamiliar is dependent upon the fluency with which one can find himself ethereally moving with the current see of events. Attributes of the aforementioned means of acting is simply images with which I see parallels within my own cosmos. When I enlighten another person to the lights that I look upon as comparisons to what I hold sacred in this world we share is paramount to equating the handout of licensure to be privy to my thoughts.       


When my thoughts are sought after, demands have been made. There is rarely tenderness displayed while in pursuit of the focused agenda. Nonetheless, activity is an ongoing process where the constituents of a conglomeration are affected by the impact of forces that approach their circumference. The power or found freedom is in the ability act or respond to the given forces from varying angles that promote optimal effects upon oneself.


The essence that I intended to present of my self propagating steam is seen as my location of focus, where my particular form of condensation has its apex of aggregation. All of which has been written to express the context of finding freedom in the multitude of abundant resources. This in and of itself, requires the application of forces across a distance to continue the promotion of forward motion. Motion within a domain or plane of existence through sustained efforts while being cognizant of positioning and density of the matter for balanced application is freedom found. Freedom is found in the ability to act and respond. Whether to do so is on the will of time and space. Clockwise counting turns my gears and mathmatifies my effort. There must be freedom in the oversight or the sight that is seen!