In the excerpt “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” by Laura Carroll, she talks about the impact the rhetorical analysis has on people in their everyday lives. That we all analyze people after just meeting them. And in a few seconds we could have a very accurate analysis of who ever we were analyzing. Then ads are becoming increasingly more prevalent in our lives, and because of that it plays more of a inpact on our beliefs than if did when people were happier in the 50’s. She then goes on to show that there are complex and simple rhetorics, and for it to be rhetorical it has to be persuasive. Then she goes on to say that you can break it down from its purpose to its constraints to the actual persuasion, which made sense. It was used through the forms of pathos, logos, or ethos. What sells the persuasion is the pathos, but you will need ethos or logos to not make it too overbearing. Then there are other aspects as timing. When and where the ad takes place, who is the intended audience and second and third intended audience. And the people who know this are one of the most influential people in the world, simply because they can create change especially when something is creating a negative impact to the people it is advertised to. It was a lot to read but it made a lot of sense but it also gave a sense of hope to know that if you know how this all works you have the power and the ability to change it which in result makes the world a safer and more friendlier place.