The Fear (without descending letters)

An event that I fear the most on a constant basis is the finite life of this wonderful elixir I have in front of me. This coffee bean immersion , a caramel concoction , a “just-add water” fix. Without this drink I’m not sure how I survive the 24 hour rotation around the sun. I fear it’s end such a drink is the motivator at the start of the clock and the vital shot  of animation that I need in the late hours of the dark. This caramel latte of mine is the current love of mine’s life. To lose it would be a heartbreak immensible…  Also , coffee isn’t free.


The Cure (attempted without using ascending letters)

My relief, a cure to finite coffee is more than a caffeine  switch, rather the solution to a problem? Why do I need coffee ? Why? The cure is in the problem. Or perhaps a substitution  Coping with loss. Loss of people’s presence , loss in affection. Coffee supplies dopamine. He provided some of that. Time for another vice?  Or rather another view. Be your own vice. Put your wants in perspective. Stop chasing small highs. Go for the continual growing ones. Invest in your growth. Paint your cursed room. Buy that Ikea bookcase. Get those prada glasses you’ll only wear once. Splurge yourself. You were more than a bitter job, find another. Be productive in yourself. South Korea is 16 hours away from your mental health. Too young to focus on anyone but yourself.