Second Proposal

After giving it some thought , the proposal of the topic chosen, has definitely made a turn around. Realizing that my source last time listed doesn’t really have to do with what I had stated, I decided to pursue that lead instead. The topic I decided to choose now is happiness in marriages, how to obtain it and how to keep it. There are several factors that make up a marriage, trust, communication, love and desire for one another. How does one achieve happiness in a marriage is the question in play. Many people to keep a marriage happy, you need communication while other say it’s keeping the romance alive. In this research project I intend to research and define what a marriage is, why people get married, how does well-being of people factor into everything. It is interesting to see the different kinds of marriages, for example there are some people who are married to more than one person why could that be? Is one person not enough for them, do they not satisfy them?
This topic interest me because I’ve always said that I would never get married, but after reading in an article that married people are more happier than the single person, I began to question why. In sociology there’s a famous figure that’s always talked about, by the name Emile Durkheim, who wrote a book on suicide, exposing the number of people who committed suicide between two larger groups Protestants and Catholics. He also found that people who were married were less likely to commit suicide, marriage probably kept them from it, so maybe marriage does aid us in our well-being. In this project I plan to use books, articles and even videos. I think it is important to take a closer look at Durkheim’s book, statistics on marriages, articles on how to keep a healthy marriage, and what marriage even really is. I think marriage on its own is a big topic but well-being in marriages is an outlet from it. I think it’s the right topic to choose because some of us are planning to get married in our future that is if we aren’t already. I think it’s important to discuss the benefits of being married and why its good for us to in the future get married. I believe my argument would be that it is beneficial for a person to consider marriage and some day in the future get married.

This video is a speech given by Jenna McCarthy where she speaks about the topic of marriage. In a comedic style she explains the ins and outs of marriage. She also speaks on her own personal experience. She answers the question on why married people are so happy, or at least why they appear to be. She lists some reasons why people seem to be happier, and how a person could prevent a divorce.
This is an article found in psychology today that speaks on the troubles of marriages. Barreca speaks on her own experiences , she’s been married for 23 years. She states that getting married and staying happily married is a sensitive topic. She has her own views on marriage that she feels aren’t recognized as they should be. For example that couples should celebrate their anniversaries and be proud of themselves for staying married, always in big ways. She doesn’t believe in the gifts advertised people should give to each other every 10 or 15 years.
This article is more of a to do list to keep a marriage alive & well. It recognizes flaws that are often seen in troubled marriages, lacking in something like communication, romance, or problems. It offers 11 friendly tips on how to keep a marriage going. Being married for a long time is something to be proud of because it’s a hard thing to do. Many people get divorced but appraisement for the people who decide to stick it out even in the hard times should be made.

Parental involvement affects your future happiness/ Second research proposal

There are many factors in life that can have a positive or negative effect in achieving happiness. One of these factors is the absence of a parent during child development. In my research project I am going to explain with different sources how a child is affected in their life by the absence of a parent. In the research that I have made so far, I obtained results that indicate that the absence of a parent is very negative to a child’s development. When a parent is absent too often in their home, their children tend to acquire emotional distress. This will eventually lead them to depression and other diseases that may affect other aspects of their lives. Also, when a parent is involved more often in the child’s schooling, their children are triggered to be more successful and have more academic achievement. Moreover, I intend to do more research and make connections of how the characteristics that are developed in childhood affect a person in their adulthood. An example would be how due to a negative characteristic from a person such as: insecurity caused by parental absence, affect their life. If a person is insecure then he/she won’t be able to make important life decisions such as getting married or even just having enough confidence to believe in himself/herself to achieve economic success. Therefore, based on the research I have done so far I believe that a person’s characteristics are impacted greatly by parents. According to the characteristics developed in an individual, these will determine how the individual achieves happiness. The definition of happiness in this research paper will be: economic stability, emotional stability, and ability to maintain relationships. To acquire economic stability a person requires self-sufficiency, which means that it will involve the characteristics that were formed during child development in order to achieve this. Also, in order to achieve emotional stability the person will require these characteristics that were formed. By emotional stability I mean a person’s ability to maintain a strong character. Moreover, being able to maintain relationships such as love relationships will also require of these characteristics. In conclusion, the absence of a parent during child development can affect the individual later in life when trying to achieve happiness.

“” Parental Involvement and Children’s Well-Being. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2014.

This source explains how parental involvement in adolescence impacts a teenagers life. In further detail this website explains that when the amount of time parents are present at home affects the teenagers’ emotional health and can cause them emotional distress. Self- esteem is something that also gets affected due to exhibit of love and responsiveness from parents. Moreover, this source explains that when parents are more involved in the schooling of their teenagers they tend to have higher achievements. The source will help me to explain how an individual’s life can be impacted by the type of involvement from their parents.

“Father Absence, Father Deficit, Father Hunger.” Psychology Today: Health, Help, Happiness + Find a Therapist. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2014.

In this article, something that is emphasized is how the courts of the U.S don’t understand how essential it is for a child to have their fathers. It is important for a child to spend time and experiences with their father because otherwise the children will have difficulties adapting to society. Its been reported that children that don’t have a father have more issues in trying to form any kind of relationships and being social. This source will help me to narrow down my topic and focus on how specifically fathers are needed for a better child development. It will also help me to explain how the absence of a father can impact the behaviors of a child.

Fiona Macrae for the Daily Mail. “How Absence of a Loving Father Can Wreck a Child’s Life: New Study Shows Relationship with Both Parents Is Crucial.” Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 14 June 2012. Web. 17 Nov. 2014.

This source explains how a large part of the population of kids in America lack of a father figure and this affects all aspects of their life. Also it explains how if parents rejected individuals during their childhood, they felt more anxious and insecure: including more aggressive. Furthermore, this will help me to support the rest of my research regarding fathers and their absence in individual’s childhood. I think this article explains well and straight to the point how a father’s absence affects a child.

Negative effects of drug use

My first proposal I feel like I was very vague. I narrowed my topic to one way to prevent suicide in adolescents is by the absence of drug use. I find this topic interesting because it shows the reality of the negative effects drugs have in individuals. I want to focus more on the drug use in teenagers because the decisions that a teenager makes has a huge impact in the beginning of their adult hood. If an individual is well educated in the negative effects of drug use they are more likely to not have the urge to try it. It is also beneficial if they have a stable lifestyle such as having a support system that could guide them in the right direction, talk about their problems with, and depend on them for any questions or concerns they have. The stage of teenage years are known as the time where the most confusion and overwhelming takes place. Therefore, to prevent teenagers to seek to drugs as an escape it is important for them to have someone that they could count on and also learn how to problem solve without getting overwhelmed. Drug abuse is one of the leading causes of suicides in the world. Once a teenager is hooked on a drug it is hard to sober them up because they don’t want to live the hard reality they have been escaping all these time. Drug use also stops and prevents an individual to develop in life. It also makes it harder for them to set goals for themselves, which means they will be less likely to evolve in life. If a teenager is well educated in the negative effects of drug use the more likely teenagers will not consume drugs.

Annotated sources:

“10 Reasons Teens Abuse Alcohol or Drugs.” Promises Addiction Treatment Alcohol Drug Rehab Malibu. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2014.

This article mentions ten reasons why teenagers consume drugs in their life. The ten reasons the article gave are all very common to have and experience as teenagers. For example, one of the reasons the article gives is modeling parent’s behavior. In fact this reason is key because throughout the teenager’s life they never really had a guardian that could guide them to the right path and help them make the correct decisions. But it is also very controversial because if the teenager grew up with a parent that abused drug use and they saw how it affected their parents they will stay away from drugs. Another important factor is that teenagers try drugs for curiosity of to escape realty for a moment and in the long run they end up becoming addicted.

“Why Do Teens Use Drugs?” Why Do Teens Use Drugs? N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2014.

This article explains why young adults find the need to use drugs. Teenagers sometimes feel like they don’t fit in with the rest of their peers. Sometimes not fitting in becomes overwhelming in a teenagers life that they are willing to do anything to fit in. A teenager might just use drugs once to fit in but in reality they will continue to use it to fit in or just because they liked it. The use of drugs is to change the way an individual feels at a moment. With time if the individual keeps using drugs to escape and feel better about a problem, the individual will always depend on the drug.

This article mentions that drug use among teenagers has been a problem for many years. The drug use in teenagers is because they have not reached maturity. Once they have passed the teenage years without learning from their mistakes and continue to consume drugs, then that a problem because they have now become dependent in drugs to cope with their everyday problems. This article also gives out ways a teenager can be treated once they have abused and become dependent on drug use. One of the treatments is to have family based therapies which shows how important it is to have a support system at a young age.


Second Proposal

After getting more depth into my topic  it wasn’t as I hard as I thought it would be because our main topic in our class that we are focusing on is happiness. In high school my english class did a topic on happiness, therefore what we are doing in class isn’t brand new to me because I was recently doing this project right before I graduated. Generally I’m choosing my topic “ why gay people are happier than straight people “ ? Because it’s a topic that can be fought for many reasons and have many opinions, but state facts as to why gay people are happier than straight people . Researched  I have done and read generally come to a sense that gay people are more likely happier than straight  people because,  there more honest with each other and coming out into the world to be accepted from society. Although some may disagree, but LGBTQ has taken a role in societies because now gay marriage is legal in some states, but it’s legal in New York City. Which is city that has to fight a lot for something they want and it happened? Because they’re more free within themselves. As I introduce in my first proposal as to why I think they are happier than straight. Then I will talk about research I found and how it supports my thesis because based on researched I found gay people are more open, honest, experimental with one another and not carrying a burden on their shoulder just because their gay. There able to express themselves in their own way and be judged.As I continue to research more into my topic are gay people happier than straight people?  A general consensus is that know one sits down and decide that they are gay. Study shows that it starts at a young age such as 12 years old until you turn 17 and  actually have an understanding of what they like ,but doesn’t mean that they  are born with a prefix orientation, unlike heterosexual  study showed more instability in their love life and percentage of their unleveled happiness over all doesn’t compare to gay people happiness.

Annotated Bibliography:

This source  is just a short article that talks about how couples in the UK are more happier than straight people.  Also they discuss how men are more positive and happier rather than heterosexuals because they have a more positive thinking when it comes to their relationship. Tanaye Happiness movie.mp4 (4).m

This is a movie I made in high school and I have 3 sources that supports my thesis and I have an interviews with people who are gay and they voice their opinion on happiness and if they think gay people are happy than straight people? Also I came to a general consensus as to why I think gay people are happier than straight people because they can be honest within themselves and I have researched that help me supported my idea .

This source helps me support my idea because it goes into death with are gay men happier than straight men? Based on the article by psychology today states that gay men are less likely to be depressed than heterosexual men because as I stated previously they are more open and free. Therefore a huge burden was taken off their shoulders to where they don’t have to worry what anyone says.

Second Draft Proposal

Many people see music as a reliever of stress, a comfort in a time of grief and also a help to isolate one from the world. From yester years unto now people still se music to do different things. Every age group of people has different preferences of music. Older people may like more sophisticated music while younger people may like more crazy, loud and outrageous music. Now a day’s teenager’s behavior is more often based on the music they associate themselves with. As many may say music is the key to the soul. Sometimes people may not even realize that they are reacting on the music that they listen to. Teenagers are all at the age where they are trying to find themselves and because music is such a great influence hey give off a behavior that is portrayed from the music. This essay is mainly about what kinds of music influences what kind of teenagers. It is also about how music preferences can form what kind of person a teenager can be and who they associate themselves with. For example \you will hardly ever see a Caribbean teenager hanging out with a Gothic kid at the lunch table because they will believe that the Gothic kid is weird or abnormal because he or she doesn’t like the kind of music that they like. Music can have a negative and a positive reaction on teenagers lives.

“How Music Affects Teens.” Teen Ink. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Nov. 2014.

This article talks about how certain types of music can define who a person is. It says that you can tell a person’s mood by the type of music that they are listening too. This supports the idea of music creating a teen’s personality. It also explains how teens cling more to the people who are more like them because they like the same type of music as them. That is also true because you would hardly see a person who likes country music hanging out with somebody who likes rock. It’s not something that is done on purpose but it’s something that is done naturally. They wouldn’t do that because like article also states teens would always be disagreeing with what genre of music is right or what kind of music is right. The article mentions that music helps teens show emotions and express their feelings in way they sometimes can’t so by themselves. This article was a little short but gave a basic outlook on my topic.

“Media Influence on Youth.” Media Influence on Youth. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2014.

This website gives an overview on studies that were taken. The studies where taken on the age group of young children to teenagers. It talks about how the media including music, magazines and television shows influences the youth to react certain ways. For instance pictures of fashion models makes teenagers and kids as young as 8 years get more self-conscious about their weight. It speaks of sex and how the media also influences teens to believe that it is something that is good.

Liljequist, Kevin C. “Does Music and Lyrical Content Influence Human Behavior?” Does Music and Lyrical Content Influence Human Behavior? N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2014

This article supports the idea of violent music being one of the causes of increase in aggressive behavior. It says that teenagers dedicate about 40 hours a week to listening to music. It was found that the earlier an adolescent invest their time in listening to music were more likely to not listen to their parent and listen more to their peers. When the music is constructed into a music video it has a stronger impact on teenager’s behaviors an outlook on society.



Second draft proposal

I decided to change my topic because I felt I wouldn’t be able to write a lot about it. I decided to choose the topic of how the media and technology affects love. Love is something everyone wants. It seems as if life isn’t complete with finding that special someone. What about love is so special? What makes everyone want it so badly? Could it be the role media plays in it? Love is in almost every movie, it seems it’s not a movie without romance. When one does not find love that can affect ones happiness and wellbeing. In todays society and everything that is shown to us it’s all about love and finding that special someone. People look at couples and say “I want that!” but in reality don’t really know what that is. Not having it can make someone sad and hurt because of it. I want to research the affect the media and technology has on love and how it can affect someones happiness and wellbeing.

Jake and Melissa Kircher. “Does media distort love? A look at our corrupting views of romance, relationships and sexuality”. Relevant. Web. 12 April 2011.

This site brought be a view on how social media and technology affects ones views on love. This site gave me the idea to see how the role it has on people and how it can affect their wellbeing. It explains how the media shows us that love conquers all and that it will make you happy and solve all your problems. Also how showing this certain kind of love in media can affect the way people begin to find love and how they look for it because it is seen a certain way.

Tyler Curry. “How Social Media Are Ruining Your Love Life”. The Blog. Web. 26 November 2013.

This website shows views on social media is ruining ones love life. Nowadays people fall in love online or even plane a date that way. It basically says when you fall in love with him you have to fall in love with Facebook or instagram as well. When you go on a date nowadays you have to look them up online and see who they are and see their social media. It can affect our dating life. These websites helped me get a better understand of different way social media and technology can affect love.

Research project part 2 (updated version)

The topic of my research project is how happiness is found more in third world countries compared to developed countries. Many people go from their home land to a well-developed country looking for ways to make more money and be more successful, these people call this the American dream.  This topic is interesting to me because many people say they want to live the “American dream”, but at the same time they then want to go on vacation and/or retire somewhere else. Many people hear happiness and they turn to money, materialistic things and etc. Happiness is not just the possessions you may have, but it is more of what, other than possessions, will make you truly happy. People would fall in love with money and working and forget to give attention to their families. Many people who believe money makes an individual truly happy are the ones who wake up hating their jobs and treating others with a bad attitude. These individuals are not truly happy because they do not take the time off to relax and release stress with their families or close friends. When an individual is truly happy they will be at peace with themselves. To wake up and love what you do throughout the day, love the person oneself is, and love the people who surrounds oneself, is truly being happy.  This interests me and it should interest others as well because it can teach others that happiness is achieved in the smallest matter. In the smallest matter meaning being satisfied with where and how one lives, with the job one has, and being satisfied with the people who spends time with one and etc. Individuals do not necessarily need to have the biggest house nor the newest car in the market. These things are great satisfying goods of course; but as long as an individual has supporting and caring people around them they will be happy.


Some of the resources I will be using will be a documentary movie called “happy” and a post from Forbes staff called “The Happiest (And Saddest) Countries in the World”. Both these resources are relevant to my project because it backs up my idea. Some of the questions I will be addressing are Does the “American Dream” really make people happy? What do they do that makes them happy/happier? Who are they mostly around with? Do people in 3rd world countries work harder or less than people in the U.S? Does this contribute to their happiness?


Annotated Works Cited


Christopher Helman. “The Happiest (And Saddest) Countries in the World” Forbes

C.H. 9 January, 2013 WEB!/ (prosperity index)

This post talks about the different countries they have analyzed throughout the years. They use a “prosperity index” by Legatum Institute to figure out and rank the different countries in the world. This index ranks countries according to economy, health, personal freedom and etc. The index shows that small countries like (Norway) can be small and not so developed but have very happy people. It goes to show that happiness is not attained by working more hours but by having more hours with close friends and family.


Darius20190, “Developing countries much happier than first world countries” LiveLeak.

Darius0190, 31 July, 2014 WEB


This blog talks about how developing countries are happier than developed countries. It shows that people who are part of countries that are not so wealthy, tend to be happier because these individuals know more than money and materialistic possessions. “People in poor countries can find joy in the moral satisfaction that often is not available to citizens of the developed countries.” (Darius0190)


Happy directed by Roko Belic, produced by Eiji Han Shimizu, Frances Reid, Tom Shadyac, edited by Vivian Hillgrove. 2011

This documentary movie asks people from the city what being happy is to them and if they are really happy. It also questions people from third world countries (like India) if they are happy. Some interviews/ documentaries are of how people live in these countries. Also it shows what individuals do and who these individuals surround themselves with. The interviews done explores a variety of people all over the world to be able to come to the conclusion of who are happier. The movie proves how people can have nothing and still feel satisfied and happy with how they are living.


Second Research Proposal

As I began to think more in depth of my topic I’ll be writing about in my research project I decided to change it around a bit and find a main point to direct my topic to. The topic of just belonging needs is too broad, and cannot make an argument out of it. My topic is going to be, belonging needs: the effect of not having interpersonal relationships and how it correlates with happiness. This topic interests me because I value the healthy relationships I’ve made throughout my life so far it’s made me who I am right now and I’m evolving as a person each and everyday because of these relationships. belonging needs are a reflection of the desire to be loved have friendships and being family oriented. To be accepted by others brings fourth a great feeling of importance. If an individual has never experienced love, love may not have no value to them rather than a person who has experienced love whether in a relationship or family based are able to love others. Individuals are motivated to keep these relationships because it has great value to them (satisfying that need). Interpersonal relationships are needed in order to grow as an individual. Happiness has a different meaning to every individual, every individual has different things that brings them happiness. The key to happiness are the bonds and close relationships that are made between an individual and others . Everyone deserves to feel like their accepted, loved, and that their important in an individual’s life. The need to belong increases satisfaction in personal relationships well-being and happiness. Think about the clothing you have on your back the shoes on your feet without the help of others such as the job you have in order to get the things you desire it wouldn’t be possible without interpersonal relationships, and you being of importance to the job you’ve acquired. Belonging helps us as humans to survive in the world which dates bck to the Neolithic age, individuals worked together in order to survive for example women were gatherers while men hunted animals. Humans wouldn’t be what they are today without belonging needs everyone needs someone.

Annotated bibliography:

The article, “Belonging: Why do we need a sense of belonging” by Li-Or, serves importance to my topic because it breaks down the question; Why do we need a sense of belonging?. How does belonging shape us a humans and gives me a new outlook on my topic. The article asks a variety of question relevant to my research project and gives thorough explanation of them all. Explaining why belonging needs are so important in order for and humans to get what they need and for them evolve. Li-Or states, ” This is one of the reasons people seek to spend time bonding with family, friends, hobby-buddies, sports fans, and religious congregations.Individuals seek relationships with others to be accepted and discover who they are as a person and have others support.

This article explains why humans are so motivated to have close relationships, close relationships are part of what makes us human. Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary explains thoroughly their hypothesis belongingness point by point in the article main points such as forming social bonds, Not breaking bonds, Cognition, Emotional high and lows, Consequences of deprivation, Partial deprivation, and Satiation and substitution. Individuals feel the need to be close connected to others being caring and affectionate “close relationships are major part of human behavior.

This word document illustrated the history of background belonging needs in society. Making to many point in society such as the sense of belonging amongst students,sense of belonging and student persistence. Belonging needs are referred to as the need for affection between individuals. Deci & Ryan suggests, ” the need for relatedness ecompasses a persons striving to relate to and care for others, to feel that those others are relating authentically to ones self, and care for others”. The sense of belonging in society is very important for the connections between humans bonds and close relationships rhat are developed brings out a positive healthy relationship as well as happiness. Each relationship an individual makes helps them develope who they are

second draft research proposal

So at first my research topic was about the negative effects of technology , but after wards I realized that my project was supposed to be about well being and happiness . Negative doesn’t scream happiness so I switched negative to positive and instead of society it’s the children . So now my topic is the many positive effects technology has on children . Effects like motivating kids to learn , find help for things like homework , and even change the ways children think about things . For example in the website , ” Psychology today ” , shows an article written by Jim Taylor which discusses how technology is changing the way children think and focus . Taylor expresses the idea of how technology can be beneficial because children minds are still developing  . Another source I found was an article ,” Your Wired kid ” , written by Annie Murphy Paul . In her article Paul mentions how scientist have conducted test and that it has actually been proven that kids who play games on the internet or even a video game console , reflexes improve and so does there ability to stay focused . These are just some of the examples of why Im doing this topic , to inform readers that technology and technology advancement helps a child’s well being and helps them build skills that can improve their learning development all of which are positive effects .

This website is the article I wrote about , Your Wired kid , written by Annie Murphy Paul . This article is about the misinterpretation about video games . Meaning that video games aren’t all bad it can actually benefit your child’s mind . It can give sharper vision and also the ability to be a better multitasker.

This is an article written by , Jim Taylor , that shows ways on how technology can actually help with brain development depending on the technology the child is exposed to and also at what age .

Now this website which I did not mention in my proposal but found interesting to read is an article written by , Hutinger Patricia L. etc. , that is based on assistive technology helping children with disability’s . Two year studies were conducted on this subject with children who had already 2 to 10 years of experience with this kind of technology assistence.

Research Proposal (2): Tiger parents effects on Chinese American Children

According to the urban dictionary, Tiger parenting is “A mother who is overly strict with her child in order to foster an academically competitive spirit.This form of upbringing is intended to direct a child towards financially successful careers at the potential risk of feeling emotionally unfulfilled and/or socially inept.” Many of their parent will defend their parenting style by saying it is for the best of their children. The purpose of this essay is to address what is “tiger parents” and how that could work on child however one may argue that it will leads to children being pressured, in result, child with tiger parents can impact negatively in their child’s happiness. Questions this paper would consider including is that is tiger-parenting really works in a child grades in school(?), What is the term of success means to these type of parents(?), and are children raise by these type of parenting style liked to be raise this way after they grow up(?). The Chinese are putting their children in high standards leading to stressfulness. Chinese children are expected to have above average grades, attend in school activities, learn both English and Chinese, etc. While during the teen years, the expectation has increased into finding a part time job, studying more, having a high SAT score, etc.

Annotated Bibliography:

This article provide information needed about Asian-American parents being a tiger mom. Which is a keyword used in this proposal. It seems to be opposing my idea, which can be great to use as a counterpoint. It mentions how my ideas are just stereotypes rather than the real thing.

This source talks about tiger moms and if it is effected or not. The article proofs that it is  real. This source gives me information about it, then base on the information, i would argue how it won’t work on every children.

Amy Chua is an author of an book (Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother)  that helps me with my research. She was raise by strict Chinese immigrants. This link leads to an about page of Amy Chu. I also plan to use the book as my source too. I however don’t know how to site that yet.