Second Proposal

After giving it some thought , the proposal of the topic chosen, has definitely made a turn around. Realizing that my source last time listed doesn’t really have to do with what I had stated, I decided to pursue that lead instead. The topic I decided to choose now is happiness in marriages, how to obtain it and how to keep it. There are several factors that make up a marriage, trust, communication, love and desire for one another. How does one achieve happiness in a marriage is the question in play. Many people to keep a marriage happy, you need communication while other say it’s keeping the romance alive. In this research project I intend to research and define what a marriage is, why people get married, how does well-being of people factor into everything. It is interesting to see the different kinds of marriages, for example there are some people who are married to more than one person why could that be? Is one person not enough for them, do they not satisfy them?
This topic interest me because I’ve always said that I would never get married, but after reading in an article that married people are more happier than the single person, I began to question why. In sociology there’s a famous figure that’s always talked about, by the name Emile Durkheim, who wrote a book on suicide, exposing the number of people who committed suicide between two larger groups Protestants and Catholics. He also found that people who were married were less likely to commit suicide, marriage probably kept them from it, so maybe marriage does aid us in our well-being. In this project I plan to use books, articles and even videos. I think it is important to take a closer look at Durkheim’s book, statistics on marriages, articles on how to keep a healthy marriage, and what marriage even really is. I think marriage on its own is a big topic but well-being in marriages is an outlet from it. I think it’s the right topic to choose because some of us are planning to get married in our future that is if we aren’t already. I think it’s important to discuss the benefits of being married and why its good for us to in the future get married. I believe my argument would be that it is beneficial for a person to consider marriage and some day in the future get married.

This video is a speech given by Jenna McCarthy where she speaks about the topic of marriage. In a comedic style she explains the ins and outs of marriage. She also speaks on her own personal experience. She answers the question on why married people are so happy, or at least why they appear to be. She lists some reasons why people seem to be happier, and how a person could prevent a divorce.
This is an article found in psychology today that speaks on the troubles of marriages. Barreca speaks on her own experiences , she’s been married for 23 years. She states that getting married and staying happily married is a sensitive topic. She has her own views on marriage that she feels aren’t recognized as they should be. For example that couples should celebrate their anniversaries and be proud of themselves for staying married, always in big ways. She doesn’t believe in the gifts advertised people should give to each other every 10 or 15 years.
This article is more of a to do list to keep a marriage alive & well. It recognizes flaws that are often seen in troubled marriages, lacking in something like communication, romance, or problems. It offers 11 friendly tips on how to keep a marriage going. Being married for a long time is something to be proud of because it’s a hard thing to do. Many people get divorced but appraisement for the people who decide to stick it out even in the hard times should be made.