Parental involvement affects your future happiness/ Second research proposal

There are many factors in life that can have a positive or negative effect in achieving happiness. One of these factors is the absence of a parent during child development. In my research project I am going to explain with different sources how a child is affected in their life by the absence of a parent. In the research that I have made so far, I obtained results that indicate that the absence of a parent is very negative to a child’s development. When a parent is absent too often in their home, their children tend to acquire emotional distress. This will eventually lead them to depression and other diseases that may affect other aspects of their lives. Also, when a parent is involved more often in the child’s schooling, their children are triggered to be more successful and have more academic achievement. Moreover, I intend to do more research and make connections of how the characteristics that are developed in childhood affect a person in their adulthood. An example would be how due to a negative characteristic from a person such as: insecurity caused by parental absence, affect their life. If a person is insecure then he/she won’t be able to make important life decisions such as getting married or even just having enough confidence to believe in himself/herself to achieve economic success. Therefore, based on the research I have done so far I believe that a person’s characteristics are impacted greatly by parents. According to the characteristics developed in an individual, these will determine how the individual achieves happiness. The definition of happiness in this research paper will be: economic stability, emotional stability, and ability to maintain relationships. To acquire economic stability a person requires self-sufficiency, which means that it will involve the characteristics that were formed during child development in order to achieve this. Also, in order to achieve emotional stability the person will require these characteristics that were formed. By emotional stability I mean a person’s ability to maintain a strong character. Moreover, being able to maintain relationships such as love relationships will also require of these characteristics. In conclusion, the absence of a parent during child development can affect the individual later in life when trying to achieve happiness.

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This source explains how parental involvement in adolescence impacts a teenagers life. In further detail this website explains that when the amount of time parents are present at home affects the teenagers’ emotional health and can cause them emotional distress. Self- esteem is something that also gets affected due to exhibit of love and responsiveness from parents. Moreover, this source explains that when parents are more involved in the schooling of their teenagers they tend to have higher achievements. The source will help me to explain how an individual’s life can be impacted by the type of involvement from their parents.

“Father Absence, Father Deficit, Father Hunger.” Psychology Today: Health, Help, Happiness + Find a Therapist. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2014.

In this article, something that is emphasized is how the courts of the U.S don’t understand how essential it is for a child to have their fathers. It is important for a child to spend time and experiences with their father because otherwise the children will have difficulties adapting to society. Its been reported that children that don’t have a father have more issues in trying to form any kind of relationships and being social. This source will help me to narrow down my topic and focus on how specifically fathers are needed for a better child development. It will also help me to explain how the absence of a father can impact the behaviors of a child.

Fiona Macrae for the Daily Mail. “How Absence of a Loving Father Can Wreck a Child’s Life: New Study Shows Relationship with Both Parents Is Crucial.” Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 14 June 2012. Web. 17 Nov. 2014.

This source explains how a large part of the population of kids in America lack of a father figure and this affects all aspects of their life. Also it explains how if parents rejected individuals during their childhood, they felt more anxious and insecure: including more aggressive. Furthermore, this will help me to support the rest of my research regarding fathers and their absence in individual’s childhood. I think this article explains well and straight to the point how a father’s absence affects a child.