ENG 1101 Essay 2

Essay #2: analysis of/response to “digital happiness”

In class and on OpenLab you have been using close reading to questions and ideas about a number of texts dealing with happiness/well-being in relation to technology, digital spaces, apps, big data, social media, networks, etc  For this second formal essay, you will build on this work, using analysis to write a 3 – 4 page argumentative/thesis-driven essay that presents a thesis (argument) about your response to/analysis of these texts and uses subsequent claims/evidence from the texts and your own experiences to explore and support this point.

Due Dates
Use the ideas we have discussed in class (group work, class discussion, freewriting, workshops) and on OpenLab to brainstorm topics/arguments for your essay.

  • Th 11/6: First Draft due (bring four printed copies to class and e-mail file of First Draft to Professor Belli)
  • Tu 11/11: In-Class Peer Review (or each essay, print out and complete the peer review assignment on that paper and bring in that completed document plus draft with marginal comments)
  • Tu 11/18: Final Draft due (bring Essay #2 “portfolio” folder to class and e-mail file of Final Draft to Professor Belli)

For the final “portfolio” that you bring to class on Tu 11/18, include your Final Draft with revised Cover Letter, first draft with Cover Letter, any pre-drafts (print out your relevant blogs) &/or freewriting, the peer review comments (the comments your group members gave you on your essay), and any feedback/comments from me (if you scheduled an in-person conference with me). Make sure each draft is stapled, and that all materials are submitted in a folder, with the final draft/Cover Letter on the top.

Essay #2 is worth 10% of your overall course grade. Your final draft is what is ultimately graded. However, since you we are working on this essay in stages and since you are turning in a portfolio, the “process” counts for a large part of this final grade: your pre-drafts, revision, and reflection (as presented in your Cover Letters) are all considered as part of this “process.” You can/should revise throughout this entire process; however, there will be no opportunities for revision once the final draft is submitted.

Late work will not be accepted and will receive no credit. If you do not turn in a complete, thoughtful first draft on time, you also forfeit your right to any feedback on your essay from me (either written feedback or conferencing with me during my office hours) and your peers (for peer review).

*Plagiarism, in all forms, will not be tolerated. Any essay that plagiarizes will automatically fail. Refer to City Tech’s Policy on Academic Integrity on the syllabus for more specific details on plagiarism.

Feedback and Peer Review
For this second essay, we will be workshopping your first drafts as a class and in small peer review groups (I will provide comments orally to student during these times). If you would like to discuss your ideas or drafts more fully, please schedule an appointment to see me during my office hours.

More detailed guidelines will be provided in class and are on the Peer Review page. But make sure you bring four stapled, printed copies of your work to class the day first drafts are due (Th 11/6). Peer review will give you a wider audience for your writing and helpful feedback for revision. Peer review counts towards your Course Participation grade (worth 15% of your overall course site).

Please refer to the information on Argument, Structure, Organization, Cover Letters, Helpful Hings in the Essay 1 Assignment as well as the Writing Resources, our In-Class Workshops, and the Peer Review document. All the work that we have done this semester will help you to write/revise this second essay.