Class Notes 12/11/2014

Professor Belli Walked in and said with a very energetic voice, “Good Morning” The class couldn’t return the same enthusiasm. Then she said “Welcome to the last week of class”

First half of the class would consist of strictly continuing Research essay and revisions discussions. Second half will be the final exam (preparing in advance)

Sample exams over the weekend

The entire class on Tuesday will be devoted to the final exam.

Professor Belli Began taken questions from students about the research project and explains to students that the research paper can include media, photos, adds, YouTube videos, blogs etc. If it does something for your argument then its fine”

  • Footnotes/ Reminders

What’s footnotes?

A comment at the bottom of the page (Luz)


  • Try to use the skills you’ve been working on all semester
  • All the skills for the essay and final exam are applicable

Footnotes are a very good technique, widely used technique when writing about research


A four paged DETAILED document will be posted on open lab has helpful reminders and suggestions for structure, incorporation of sources, feedback that applies to the research essay it’s helpful for revisions towards the research project and any future essay’s especially argumentative essay’s.

In Text Citation

In text citation in parenthesis (author’s last name, page number) + work cited page (MLA Format, Alphabetical order) better to introduce the quote first

  • The point is to shape the readers response (signal, introducing, citation)

When in doubt incorporate a lot of information as possible

REMINDERS: Resource available posted under announcements library workshops a look multiple means of support available.

  1. Talk to a librarian (finds sources that are appropriate for you)


Professor Belli “ What I would like to do is take us through the format and logistics”


  1. Logistics, the exam will take place the last day of class Thursday, Dec.18. 2014 Begins at 10am sharp ends promptly at 11:15


Do not make it hard on yourself get sleep don’t stress out etc


You’ll be totally prepared by next Tuesday (practice exams are on the site)

10% of course grade Expects everyone to do well and pass it’s a way to bring up grades as well

DEPARTMENT RULE: If you fail you fail the course

  1. Blue book for exam and essay directions pick choice A or B

Going to work on actively reading the questions (main focus)

  • Professor Belli handed out the practice exam we took during the beginning of the semester and asked the class to take a moment to annotate the essay questions and gave us tips on how to break down the questions


  1. Understand what the question is asking you
  2. Think of a time (experience) discuss whether or not you agree

There are a numerous of questions related to each other work on extending the argument


About 5 paragraphs

Body paragraphs should be all three of the key points in the essay questions

Evidence “ text(article) + experiences can be written in first person or second IF YOU CANT THINK OF A SCENARIO MAKE IT UP



3 Practice exams strongly encourage every student to take part in its linked to the schedule and announcements

Hope everyone does well good luck guys 🙂 🙂 🙂

Class notes 12/09/14

Professor Belli started the class with some reminders:
→ Submit Cover letters for First Draft of Research Essay. This will be useful for Professor Belli to know what she can help you with.
→ No Final Drafts will be accepted without Works Cited or Cover letter (1-2 pages)
→ FINAL Draft of Research Essay will be December 16th at 10:00 am. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Followed by these reminders, Professor Belli asked us to re-read our first draft of the research essay and do some free writing. We had to write about what are the major issues do we have in our essays, what are the next steps that we need to take to finish it and what is it that is blocking us from completing this task.

Some suggestions from Professor Belli for us to fix in our essays:
Transitions/topic sentence
Incorporation of research
Signal/introduce quotes.

After the suggestions above, Professor Belli made us rip out three pieces of paper and write in each one of them one thing that is being an issue in our essay, a next step we will take to fix our essay and something that is blocking us from completing the essay. After that, three people collected the pieces of paper, went in front of the class and read out loud each paper meanwhile Professor Belli wrote on the board what each of the small papers said. The results:

Writing the essay
Orden of ideas
Topic sentences
English Class
Incorporating sources
Write research
Works cited

Next Steps:
More Research
Finish topic/send for feedback
re-read/ proofread
Add more
Finish revision
Writing it
Incorporating feedback
Topic sentences

Time management
Negative thoughts
Fear of failure
Personal life
Lack of time
Feeling stuffed
Lack of concentration
Professor Belli

Some TIPS of how to make your research essay be successful:
Integration: integrate your sources effectively and ethically.
Synthesis: bring the essay together, connecting with each other the facts that you find and your argument.
Analysis: break down the information you provide for your readers.

Introducing quotes:
Make sure you don’t just throw in quotes without introducing them, citing them or analyzing them appropriately. Also, REMEMBER to contextualize your sources, meaning that you need to include in your paragraphs what is it that makes credible the person who you acquired the information from.

*When you paraphrase make sure that you also give credit to the source you got the information from.

Look at Signal Phrases (Links are in the schedule)
Signal phrases are to introduce your source.
Indicate where source material comes from.
Shapes your reader’s response to a source through appropriate word choice.

Good luck to everyone finishing their essay!

Class notes 12/4/14


First Draft

– Essays we’ll be returned with comments on Tuesday

– Work without a work cited page will not be graded
Background Paragraph

– Most research intensive
– Broad overview of the topic
– Most in text citations
– You should be gathering your ideas and facts
– State what is relevant to you

*Narrow down and make your topic clear

****The back ground paragraph is not about the topic it’s focused on the argument

The sources you use in your final draft are not limited to the ones submitted on the annotated bibliography

When writing your essay look back at the introduction and background paragraph of your first draft and gather ideas from both to make a better final background paragraph.

It is important to review your work and maybe do some more peer reviewing over the next week.

December 2: Class notes

• Final Draft of research proposal and annotated bibliographies due in portfolio

• First Draft of research essay due

Speaking on the remainder of the semester: a lot of the work is bulked up and left for the ending of the course so that we have the opportunity to produce better work because of the progress we’ve made. There are also a lot of chances to bring up your grade. If feeling stressed/overwhelmed see Professor Belli.

• What’s left of our semester

– 12/4: Peer review comments (might get comments from prof. Belli)

– 12/9: Writing workshop (all comments from prof. Belli will be recieved)

-12/11: Writing workshop

-12/16: Final draft of research essay. Party. Review on finals & practice for the final exam.

Final 10%   Essay 20%   Proposal/Annotations 10%

You can use the rest of this time to go to prof. Belli during her office hours and check on updated work or visit learning center.

If you don’t turn in a first draft to the research essay, you will not be able to receive feedback from Prof. Belli nor your peers. You can still come in to ask about the project but no direct feedback.

• Getting into peer review groups

Group 1

Lily, Dominique and Indira

Group 2

Marie, Jocelyn and Tinika

Group 3

Kelsey, Jack and Arlene

Group 4

Mirna, Carina, Greys and Jacob

Group 5

Tanaye, Lucy, Dulce and Natasha

• Discussion on peer review

Peer review is very important. If you don’t do it completely and thoughtfully you will get a grade lower. If you come come late or don’t show up at all, you also get a grade lower. 

* Do not skip final comment! Most important part where you share what your thoughts were. Also make sure to have a works cited page.

Final grades are non-negotiable.

IF you truly believe there is an error, then email the professor.

Final exams are not returned, the school keeps them.

Final drafts are returned to you on thursday 12/18 with a letter grade, if you want to discuss the grade and how you got it, see professor Belli.

At the end of the course we will be writing a reflection of the course.

Prof. Belli: What were somethings you struggled with during this essay?

Class: Focused/narrowed down, defining terms, research, 3rd person, not all facts and citations.

Your research should continue even though the annotated bibliographies have been turned in.

* Experiences aren’t supposed to be incorporated but if you really wish to include one, speak to the professor.

Color coding: everything that sounds the same is highlighted so that they can be grouped together.

Often peoples ideas are jumbled together, so if it is color coded it can help the person put the same ideas together and regroup them. (could also do this on your own papers while doing peer review) Think about how to expand your own papers and ideas.

11/25/14 Class notes

Peer review of research essay pre-drafts

  1. Introduction: key terms, focus/ limit topic, arguement
  2. Background info: relevant? complete?
  3. Body paragraphs: topic sentences/claims; incorporation of sources/ transitions
  4. in text citations/ works cited
  • bring ideas from articles to incorporate into paragraphs
  • final draft of proposal should be precise with essay intro
  • background info: info readers need to understand essay
  • background info should really be focused in last draft
  • research should help to be well rounded expertise

vocabulary                                                                                                                       orient- sense of whats going on

  • orient reader to topic
  • cant assume readers understand topic
  • decide what info is absolutely important

intro- introduction to entire essay and topic

Everyone try to make second paragraph of first full draft to be background

  • set stage
  • give readers info to understand topic
  • clarification of key terms

introduce and signal quotes (analyze or support claim) no comma between name and date. Introduce and define topic. last sentence is thesis statement.

repetition in body paragraphs

  • make sure main idea isn’t the same in each paragraph
  • your argument is the way you connect
  • analyze sources


  • work cited pg
  • in text citations

Class Notes 11/13

First off, let me apologize for my late post. I completely forgot about it and just got reminded by Professor Belli for the second time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I hope everyone met with Professor Belli for there conference about our research projects. That  was time for us to go to her with any questions, concerns ideas and suggestions that you might have had. If you missed your conference it was considered as an absence!

Continue to focus on your topics. Any texts are accepted once you can raw a reference to your topic and it is supportive.

Make sure to define all terms and parameters in your proposal and paper. Explain any new information you might have mentioned.

Research project must have

-work cited page

-annotated bibliography

-six to eight pages of research

-cover page

(read the research project page under assignments for any further information.



-Always cite

-When you write word for word (w/out credit) use quotations

-summarizing, paraphrase, quotations must all be cited otherwise considered as plagiarism.

To cite a rephrased idea of an author use an in text citation. Ex. (Belli 15)

Language- if you copy the word order it is considered plagiarism.

When in doubt cite. It is better to over cite than to not cite at all.

Due Dates

Tues 11/25 Pre draft of research project. (introduction and first three body paragraphs)

Tues 12/2 Final Draft of Research Proposal and 6 Annotated Sources

Class notes 11/20/14

Sources and Annotations

We all started with a topic that was to broad and with time we have tried to narrow it down to be more specific.


A large part of the research paper is research. Try to research as much as possible, at least look at 12 sources that have to do with your topic to help in the process of getting informed. Most of the research you have looked at may not even make it into your essay, which is fine because it does not have to. It is just for you to gain knowledge on the topic.

The goal of research was to find out the important points on the topic.Be come experts in the topic therefore we are able to ask questions and narrow down to an specific aspect of the topic.

Browsing the web

The primary source engine we all usually go to is Google which is a place to start to look for information and which also helps to go more in depth. When searching a topic on Google we find that a lot of results pop up on the topic that are probably not any good use for the research paper.

Browse websites and articles, if there are links click on links they will refer you to further information about the topic.

Wikipedia is a good place to go. A lot of people are scared to use Wikipedia because it is known for not being accurate, but then again a lot of things posted on the internet aren’t. Therefore, you should always do further research and compare the information you have found to see if it is credible. NOT to cite but to just learn background information. When you go to Wikipedia a scroll all the way down you will find a lot of links and references that could lead to important articles.

A good way to narrow down the search results are by going to which in fact the results found in Google scholar are more credible because they have been reviewed. To access some article you may have to pay but please do not pay. If you feel like that article might be helpful for your topic first check the school library website, which might have the same article for free!

Evaluating a source 

Step 1: read it

Step 2: ask yourself: Is it useful?

Step 3: Is it credible?

To find out if it is credible ask yourself:

– Who is the author? It should have an author, if it doesn’t then you probably should not use it. How to find the author? Go to the about page. In the about page you will find a lot of information about who wrote the article, there view on the article, and when it was published.

– Where was it published? Knowing where it was published also helps you know if it is credible for example if the article is from the New York Times or if the article comes from a website that ends in .gov then you would know that those articles are credible.

– How current is the article? It is important to ask yourself this because you may need different research for your topic. For example, if your topic is on how modern technology affects individuals then, you will need current information about technology and the affects it has.

– Determine what the view point of the topic is being represented. This could make a big difference in your research. You need to show that you are aware of the view point.

– Determine the effectiveness of the topic.

Annotated Bibliography 

We have already completed two drafts.

If there are any more questions on what the annotated bibliography should have or be please read the assignment, which could be found on the schedule.

10% of the grade is the annotated bibliography and the proposal.

Each annotation should be 150 words. Which should include a brief overall summary of the article, the main idea, and the significance of the article. The summary part should be the longest part of the annotation and the rest should be an explanation of why the article is important and how does it help your paper evolve. In the summary do not write “the article says or talks about” the article can not speak. You could use other words such as: explains,reveals, states, argues, expresses, shows, describes, and many more.

Evaluation: show the understanding of your source. Ask yourself: Why is this important for your paper? Why is it useful? What is the viewpoint?

The annotated bibliography should be in:

  • Alphabetical order
  • Single spaced
  • In third person
  • In MLA citation

The finial annotated bibliography should have 6 UPDATED SOURCES. If you have changed your topic as you have narrowed it down do not forget to go back and change your annotations!

We have a couple more days until the semester is over so lets finish strong! We could all do it! 🙂


Class notes 11/18

Research Proposal Presentations

The goal of today was to get feedback on your proposal.

The key of the presentation was to explain your topic, what specifically will you be studying, what is the relevance of your topic to you and others, show the research you found and answer questions.


Her topic had to do with how certain music can affect teenagers. In her research she found more negative research such as how violent music affects teenagers. She related to her own relationship with music and how much she loves it.

Her topic needs to be narrowed down to the type of music and if she wants to focus on the positive or negative impact music has on teenagers.


Her topic is positive psychology and how people arent assisted in achieving happiness. She talked about how doctors just give their patients pills instead of focusing on how to improve their happiness. She also discusses also how doctors misdiagnosis patients. She also brought up a interesting point of how doctors only ask two questions and tell if you are depressed or not and if you are your are just given medicine. She related her topic to her little cousin and how he deals with the same thing. She discussed a lot of things in one topic but it was able to be narrowed down to “Overuse and mistreatment of medicine by doctors”

Some comments were how doctors may have a different definition of happiness and what it takes to achieve it


Her topic is the affect an incarcerated parent has on the well-being of a child. She wants to focus on how it affects a child’s education. There are negative and positive to the topic but she hopes to focus on finding positive research since parents are incarcerated maybe it will motivate the child.  She also discusses how it affects a child overall, such as mental issues, PTSD, anger issues etc. which can affect their education. A question was brought up about the age group and she decided to choose children in elementary school.


Topic is the positive affects of technology on kids. Research shows it improves the way of thinking and brain development. After doing research she believes technology has a positive affect.

During Greys presentation Professor Belli asked us all to write this down:


Back to Greys presentation she was asked what specific technology she was going to use and the specific age group. She wants to focus on video but needs to narrow it down to the age group.


Topic is how happiness is found more in third world countries then in developed countries. Her research compares things such as freedom and economy. She found a article that shows the Top 10 countries that are the happiest as well. She wants to also compare the lifestyles in different countries such as comparing New York to India. She was given a lot of comments of narrowing down her topic. She needs to narrow down which countries and lifestyles because it sounds as if she wants to research all of it which can be too much. Also to looking at different countries there are other factors such as religion, culture and race. She just needs to narrow down her topic more to specifics.


Topic is if strict parents/Tiger parents have a good impact on a child’s education and success later in life or if its just a stereotype. Strict parents in Chinese culture are known as tiger parents. It was said that he needs to inform his readers abut what the Chinese conception of happiness is. During the questioning Professor Belli brought of the question, What information does my reader have to know? The reader needs to know exactly what your talking about in order to understand it. Jack needs to explain the Chinese culture conception of happiness in order to better understand his topic.


Topic is how the absence of a parent can affect the life of a child. Research showed fathers have a bigger impact on the child. A child’s personality is something that can be affected by the absence of a parent. She knows she wants to focus on the father and on abandonment.


Topic is well-being on children in foster care. These children deal with things such as anxiety, stress and feelings of confusion. There is a lot of negative aspects on foster care. She needs to narrow down what kind of foster care she will be focusing on and the age of the children. She should discuss foster care more and how the system works so the reader can know more about it.

*Become and expert on the big picture of your topic.


Topic is how technology affects your emotions, specifically social networking. She wasn’t sure on the type of technology she was focusing on, first she discussed social networking but then brought up apps. She needs to narrow down her topic to the technology being used and the specific people. She finally said the topic she really wants to focus on which is Why is it so important to feel we need all these forms of technology? 


Meetings with Professor Belli are coming up.

THURSDAY: Peer review on as well as discussing annotations/citations and how to incorporate sources as well as discussing plagiarism. ESSAY #2 IS DUE.

*Key is to make connections among your various points. Biggest grade is how well you are proving your point and the structure.

Openlab is looking for a student blogger. It starts next semester and it is a paid position. Applications are due December 1st.









Brief Class Notes 11/11/2014

Announcements for Essay 2:

– For individual feedback from Professor Belli, make an appointment for Wednesday or Thursday.

-Every essay needs a tittle. (Specifically a two part tittle with a colon ( : ))

-Work cited page: make sure to have one for the final draft. (All the sources used HAVE to be cited including the apps)

-The essay is 3-4 FULL pages. It has to be a fully developed essay.

-Cover letters should be fully revised with a reflection of the whole process took to write the final draft. (Mention changes, meeting with the Professor and writing what you worked on, etc.) Also a short cover letter won’t give you full points.

-Remember to edit and proofread. (Professor Belli is looking for a well polished essay and if not done, points will be taken off)

-Even though you might be talking about a different number of apps, make sure that your not just summarizing the apps but you need transitions and you need to show how & why all these apps fit together in your argument.

-Also review the Essay 1 assignment because it is relevant to Essay 2.

Announcement for the Research Essay:

-You have your choice of topic and it has to have something to do with well-being/happiness but you have full liberty on your topic.

-The first draft of the research proposal is due Wednesday night at 12am because it is a blog. It is the hardest part of the essay but it is a really important process to go through. (Professor Belli wants a 100% participation on the blogging this week because if its not done, you’re going to fall really far behind in class)

-In addition to the proposal, you also have to write an annotated source. This is an annotated bibliography in which you have to annotate the sources you used. It is important because it makes the reader know what were the sources about and it also forces you to think about the sources you are using. When doing it, you have to have the summaries of the sources and you have to have a critical evaluation. Remember to do both.

-Mandatory individual conference next week with the Professor about the research paper. It is to make sure that you’re on the right track on your essay. (Look at the time available and pick choices on the sign-up sheet that will be given on Thursday)

-Read the assignment carefully.

-Remember that the essay is 30% worth of your final grade.

I hope I covered everything and that you can understand what I wrote. Farewell!

Class Notes Nov.6

Todays class was held in the library. We went over basic services that are available and for the most part free. We were also given a brief tour and were shown how to uses references within the City Tech Library Website.

                                                                      1st Floor

Activating you library card

  • Can get you books
  • Access to computers which are located all around the library. Including the multimedia lab up the stairs towards the back of the library near the exit sign.
  • You can also print up to 25 copies per day 

Copy Machine

  • Is the only service that is not free
  • It cost $1 to purchase copy card
  • 10 cents per copy

“Reference Desk” Where librarians are located

They can help with

  • Research
  • Finding references
  • Detecting plagiarism

                                                                              2nd Floor (quite place)

  • Outlets are available along the walls and some between book selves
  • Group study rooms are available with 3 or more people( ask librarian for key)
  • Class room space available as well



  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Good internet/research sources

City Tech Library Website

  • Why is Google a good search engine ?



  • Why not ?

– Anyone can edit it

– Sources aren’t reliable

– People make mistakes its only natural

What can you find in the library that you cant find on Google ?

  • Free books/text books are available (some for 2 hour periods in library use only)
  • Its part of tuition use it !
  • It is legal

Essay Topics

  • If your topic is too general you will be overwhelmed with hundreds of results
  • Narrow down your topic
  • Be specific !


  • Every book has a call number ( Letter followed by number on the side of the book)
  • You can find books by

-Looking it up on library website

-Ask a librarian

– Look it up on iPads around the library

  • Why are book a better reference?

– They are written on one specific topic unlike general articles

Library Catalog

  • Use specific key words
  • you will receive irrelevant answers if key word is too general


  • Search for book
  • Click on the book you want then


  • Can download full book or specific chapters
  • You can also Email wanted chapters or entire book

Subject Headings

Gives you different words to look up according to the topic you are already searching. Its sort of the synonyms of the topic.

More Results

In order to get more results from other than the City Tech library

at the bottom left corner Click LOCATIONS Select ALL CUNY LIBARIES

  • If the book you need is located at a different CUNY school you can have it delivered to a location near you (if its not City Tech)


  • You will need

– A library number which is located at the bottom left corner of you City Tech ID

  • You will receive an email at your City Tech email when the book has arrived

Data Basis ( When writing a research paper)


select DATABASES (articles & more)


Type in KEY WORD and begin your search

  • ABSTRACT: gives a 3-4 sentence description on article/book

Source Types

  • You are able to chose where you receive articles/books from ( magazines, academic journals etc.)
  • You can also limit the publication dates to more current or older texts


  • To cite your source look on the right side of you screen and click on CITE once you have selected this a list of formats, including MLA, are available Copy and Paste into your paper ( some of the formats might be incorrect recheck formatting on Openlab )


Serendipity– When something happens almost by accident