My happy place :)

This was hard. To choose one happy place that I have out of all the places that make me happy. But if I had to choose one it would have to be … Times square. Before you say how can times square be your happy place? It’s so loud etc. But a happy place isn’t just somewhere quiet or peaceful it’s just a place that makes you happy. Times square makes me happy. The bright lights and all the people crowded together walking through the streets. The yellow cabs passing through the streets. This is what new York city is about. Times sqaute brings me back to my child hood. Going to the city with my family and we would always go to times square only at night. That’s when the city really came alive. Overall i love the excitement Times Square brings. Sometimes seems overwhelming becuase their is so many things to do. But I love it. The lights flashing and the bright billboards everywhere you look!

My Escape

Living in a big city such as New York City there are various areas for me that brings me happiness. The area that stands out the most to me is central park. The environment and just being around nature calms me. Central park is such a beautiful park there’s a large amount of areas where i can just relax not having to worry about being bothered, either sitting on a bench or laying my blanket out on the grass to read a book. If I happen to be having a hard day sitting in the park to clear my mind allows my stress and worries to diminish, its my way of escaping all of the troubles in the world such as my work load for my college courses. I’m a nature person I love to be around nature such as flowers, grass, and picnic settings. Even when the season’s change the vibe of central park will never change for me, that happy feeling will never disappear.

Sitting in central park on a warm summer day reading a book while the winds blows is very relaxing. A huge factor for me in my happiness is being relaxed, satisfied and completely calm and content. Being able to be taken to a complete different place not having to worry about anything and just feeling free,it amazes me that one special place can do that for me. Nothing matters the moment I’m ┬áthere because the only feeling i have is happiness I’m not feeling sad, depressed, nor angry it takes me to a different world.

Although, central park is my happy place I’m not the only one I’ve noticed on days that I’ve been there that many people seemed very happy as well. From children running around playing enjoying the weather, Individuals training for a marathon, street performers dancing, and couples taking their first steps into marriage. Central park is such an amazing, beautiful, peaceful environment.

a tale of two cities, or not

In Bill De Blasio’s primary victory speech his family plays a huge part.┬áDe Blasio’s┬ádaughter ,Chiara, started of the speech. She talks about her admiration for her father and highlighting three crucial factors of his success , including family. De Blasio uses pathos then when┬áreferring to 9/11 ” the worst days of the city’s history” 18:25. He says although tragedy struck on that day “we saw a united city” 10:28 and that “the values we saw on that day are the values we must rededicate ourselves to” 10:57. He also starts introducing his main focuses stop and frisk, taxes, and education. De Blasio uses a ” tale of two cities” to show the separation among the wealthy and people on the┬ábrink of the poverty line. De Blasio highlights equality and that like in 9/11 no one should be left behind.┬áDe Blasio also points┬áout the injustice of police┬ábrutality and how stop and frisk ” makes communities and police less safe” 16:38. He states that although there are doubt of his ambition ” we are New Yorker…..thinking big isn’t new to us…it is why this place id great”15:10. He believes that we ” shouldn’t settle for the status quo”.

In Joe Lhota’s speech he briefly thanks his family and mentions his parents struggle in his up bringing. He mentions his family’s┬árole in the community as fire fighters, police men ect. But his main focuses were┬áhis support for stop and frisk, education and his experience. He states that Bill De Blasios ” a tale of two cities” is dividing our city and that “although we are five boroughs we are one city” 6:32. Unlike De Blasio, Lhota believes that thanks to stop and frisk our streets are safer ” I support the NYPD and believe that stop, question and frisk should continue” 8:58. Lhota also touches on his plan to reduce taxes and help small businesses grow. he continues with his determination to improve the school systems to give ” we need high standards that are balanced with great teachers and teacher┬átraining…..more than just teaching for a test” 11:38.

Both candidates touch on┬áthe areas that need improvement and that have caused a great deal of controversy.┬áStop and frisk has become one of the most talked about policies. Debates on whether its effective or just degrading have rose over the┬áyears with plenty of deaths and major lawsuits the bad have overcome the good intentions of the policy. Also the crucial topic if education was brought up and the lack of it. As Lhota stated we need higher stand but with that come better teacher training and better schools. Although both men have different visions of the city’s well-being they both have the same intentions with different outcomes

Visions Of Well Being Of NY

In the 2 victory speeches┬áthat were presented on YouTube of both Bill De Blasio and & Joe Lhota, You see that they were both thankful for the fact that they have a chance against making a change for the city of New York. Each of these candidates┬áfor mayor had a different approach that had to do with specifically how they would change the living for people in NYC and the educational system in NYC. In the Bill De Blasio video in the time length of 15:35-16:40, He states that NYC is a huge city and that the city has gone through to much to go backwards as a city and should go forward and how different NYC is a different city & he knows that there is a long road of ahead of making a change in the city. But however he thinks that the city should think big as a city and that change is desired and should be simulated always into everything in NY. He doesn’t want to settle for anything. He was very vague in everything he said. He made sure to mention that to mention the police problems of “Stop And Frisk” not making it a safe place for both the new Yorkers and the NYPD. As you can see through the time of 17:00-17:45 he knows and realizes that NYC can change and move as a community and also knows that he cares about the happiness of everybody that lives in NY and wants to try and talk about more of the problems that people deal with in the city rather than the problems in political office. As for however Joe Lhota sounded more of the opposite. Ironically enough he is a republican. I think he spoke more about his office rather than the city itself. Yes he talks about how much value the city should have but I don’t think he went in depth more like the way Bill did on the happiness of the people in NYC. For example, 18:00-19:00 mark of the video with Joe Lhota. He states that we should all just try and support the NYPD because they are just trying to protect the┬ácity but however they don’t make the people feel entirely safe according to Bill De Blassio because of things like the “Stop & Frisk” rule that is around.

So the differences that I see in-between both of these candidates is hat both of them have a different type of vision. They both have different types of leadership. However one believes in helping the people more than the other. Like I believed in the beginning that just because Joe is a republican he would talk more about himself and not the people’s desires and changes in the city and that Bill would talk more about changing the city for the better of the peoples happiness rather than him just building off this opportunity to gain his name more attention. In my Opinion it just seems like Bill was more of a mayor than Joe Lhota was as far as speech’s go. Being mayor means putting the city in order and in big city’s like NYC or LA it means a lot to be a leader for the people and not just for yourself because you have to support in making the city a place to be living in. Like making it affordable to live in the cities and making it a safe place by lowering the crime and also making jobs easier for people to have and find. So I just think that one has a more clear vision for the people living in the city while another has a clear vision of just the city itself.