ENG 1101 Final Course Reflection

Writing Task/Purpose
As you know, reflecting on your experiences/writing/thinking/learning has been a large and important part of our course. This final reflection is a cumulative, holistic reflection on your experiences in the course this semester, including your struggles, triumphs, and growth as a reader writer, thinker, and student, your reflections on the course materials (texts we read, course theme of happiness/well-being), use of class time, your experience in the Learning Community (similar course themes, collaboration on OpenLab and the Poster Session), our peer mentor, use of OpenLab, assignments, teaching style, exams, peer review, conferences with the professor, use of class time, etc. There is no “right” way to do this, though your reflection should be a thorough and thoughtful writing, and should be 1 1/2 – 2 pages, single-spaced.

This is an honest/substantive reflection, so you should discuss things you enjoyed and that you think went well in the course (and your participation it), and you should also feel free to “constructively” critique aspects of the course (including teaching methods, texts, assignments) you feel could be altered to better serve students in future semester. I take this feedback into account as I plan future courses/syllabi (and I will be teaching ENG 1101 many times in the future, and plan to teach courses again around the theme of happiness/well-being, so I am particularly interested in knowing your level of interest in/excitement about the course content and methods). I thank you in advice for your candid, constructive/helpful helpful evaluations of the course.

Due Date
This mandatory reflection is due no later than the start of our last class (10am) on Thursday, 12/18. Make sure to bring a printed copy to me in class and to e-mail me an electronic version (Word document) before the deadline (label it, “Jill Belli, Final Course Reflection”). If you do not submit both a printed and electronic copy by the deadline, you will receive no credit for the work. Late assignments will not be accepted.


This final course reflection is mandatory, and it will count as two additional blog grades (it will replace two missing blogs if you missed some blogs, and it will count as extra credit if already you did all of your blogs).

There are only two grades for this assignment (100 and 0). If you do this reflection completely (in terms of length and content) and thoughtfully, you will receive 100% (an “A”) for the assignment. If you do not turn in the assignment (or if it is too short/not fulfilling the purposes of the assignment), you will receive a “0.”