a tale of two cities, or not

In Bill De Blasio’s primary victory speech his family plays a huge part.Ā De Blasio’sĀ daughter ,Chiara, started of the speech. She talks about her admiration for her father and highlighting three crucial factors of his success , including family. De Blasio uses pathos then whenĀ referring to 9/11 ” the worst days of the city’s history” 18:25. He says although tragedy struck on that day “we saw a united city” 10:28 and that “the values we saw on that day are the values we must rededicate ourselves to” 10:57. He also starts introducing his main focuses stop and frisk, taxes, and education. De Blasio uses a ” tale of two cities” to show the separation among the wealthy and people on theĀ brink of the poverty line. De Blasio highlights equality and that like in 9/11 no one should be left behind.Ā De Blasio also pointsĀ out the injustice of policeĀ brutality and how stop and frisk ” makes communities and police less safe” 16:38. He states that although there are doubt of his ambition ” we are New Yorker…..thinking big isn’t new to us…it is why this place id great”15:10. He believes that we ” shouldn’t settle for the status quo”.

In Joe Lhota’s speech he briefly thanks his family and mentions his parents struggle in his up bringing. He mentions his family’sĀ role in the community as fire fighters, police men ect. But his main focuses wereĀ his support for stop and frisk, education and his experience. He states that Bill De Blasios ” a tale of two cities” is dividing our city and that “although we are five boroughs we are one city” 6:32. Unlike De Blasio, Lhota believes that thanks to stop and frisk our streets are safer ” I support the NYPD and believe that stop, question and frisk should continue” 8:58. Lhota also touches on his plan to reduce taxes and help small businesses grow. he continues with his determination to improve the school systems to give ” we need high standards that are balanced with great teachers and teacherĀ training…..more than just teaching for a test” 11:38.

Both candidates touch onĀ the areas that need improvement and that have caused a great deal of controversy.Ā Stop and frisk has become one of the most talked about policies. Debates on whether its effective or just degrading have rose over theĀ years with plenty of deaths and major lawsuits the bad have overcome the good intentions of the policy. Also the crucial topic if education was brought up and the lack of it. As Lhota stated we need higher stand but with that come better teacher training and better schools. Although both men have different visions of the city’s well-being they both have the same intentions with different outcomes