Class Notes 12/11/2014

Professor Belli Walked in and said with a very energetic voice, “Good Morning” The class couldn’t return the same enthusiasm. Then she said “Welcome to the last week of class”

First half of the class would consist of strictly continuing Research essay and revisions discussions. Second half will be the final exam (preparing in advance)

Sample exams over the weekend

The entire class on Tuesday will be devoted to the final exam.

Professor Belli Began taken questions from students about the research project and explains to students that the research paper can include media, photos, adds, YouTube videos, blogs etc. If it does something for your argument then its fine”

  • Footnotes/ Reminders

What’s footnotes?

A comment at the bottom of the page (Luz)


  • Try to use the skills you’ve been working on all semester
  • All the skills for the essay and final exam are applicable

Footnotes are a very good technique, widely used technique when writing about research


A four paged DETAILED document will be posted on open lab has helpful reminders and suggestions for structure, incorporation of sources, feedback that applies to the research essay it’s helpful for revisions towards the research project and any future essay’s especially argumentative essay’s.

In Text Citation

In text citation in parenthesis (author’s last name, page number) + work cited page (MLA Format, Alphabetical order) better to introduce the quote first

  • The point is to shape the readers response (signal, introducing, citation)

When in doubt incorporate a lot of information as possible

REMINDERS: Resource available posted under announcements library workshops a look multiple means of support available.

  1. Talk to a librarian (finds sources that are appropriate for you)


Professor Belli “ What I would like to do is take us through the format and logistics”


  1. Logistics, the exam will take place the last day of class Thursday, Dec.18. 2014 Begins at 10am sharp ends promptly at 11:15


Do not make it hard on yourself get sleep don’t stress out etc


You’ll be totally prepared by next Tuesday (practice exams are on the site)

10% of course grade Expects everyone to do well and pass it’s a way to bring up grades as well

DEPARTMENT RULE: If you fail you fail the course

  1. Blue book for exam and essay directions pick choice A or B

Going to work on actively reading the questions (main focus)

  • Professor Belli handed out the practice exam we took during the beginning of the semester and asked the class to take a moment to annotate the essay questions and gave us tips on how to break down the questions


  1. Understand what the question is asking you
  2. Think of a time (experience) discuss whether or not you agree

There are a numerous of questions related to each other work on extending the argument


About 5 paragraphs

Body paragraphs should be all three of the key points in the essay questions

Evidence “ text(article) + experiences can be written in first person or second IF YOU CANT THINK OF A SCENARIO MAKE IT UP



3 Practice exams strongly encourage every student to take part in its linked to the schedule and announcements

Hope everyone does well good luck guys 🙂 🙂 🙂