Second Research Proposal

As I began to think more in depth of my topic I’ll be writing about in my research project I decided to change it around a bit and find a main point to direct my topic to. The topic of just belonging needs is too broad, and cannot make an argument out of it. My topic is going to be, belonging needs: the effect of not having interpersonal relationships and how it correlates with happiness. This topic interests me because I value the healthy relationships I’ve made throughout my life so far it’s made me who I am right now and I’m evolving as a person each and everyday because of these relationships. belonging needs are a reflection of the desire to be loved have friendships and being family oriented. To be accepted by others brings fourth a great feeling of importance. If an individual has never experienced love, love may not have no value to them rather than a person who has experienced love whether in a relationship or family based are able to love others. Individuals are motivated to keep these relationships because it has great value to them (satisfying that need). Interpersonal relationships are needed in order to grow as an individual. Happiness has a different meaning to every individual, every individual has different things that brings them happiness. The key to happiness are the bonds and close relationships that are made between an individual and others . Everyone deserves to feel like their accepted, loved, and that their important in an individual’s life. The need to belong increases satisfaction in personal relationships well-being and happiness. Think about the clothing you have on your back the shoes on your feet without the help of others such as the job you have in order to get the things you desire it wouldn’t be possible without interpersonal relationships, and you being of importance to the job you’ve acquired. Belonging helps us as humans to survive in the world which dates bck to the Neolithic age, individuals worked together in order to survive for example women were gatherers while men hunted animals. Humans wouldn’t be what they are today without belonging needs everyone needs someone.

Annotated bibliography:

The article, “Belonging: Why do we need a sense of belonging” by Li-Or, serves importance to my topic because it breaks down the question; Why do we need a sense of belonging?. How does belonging shape us a humans and gives me a new outlook on my topic. The article asks a variety of question relevant to my research project and gives thorough explanation of them all. Explaining why belonging needs are so important in order for and humans to get what they need and for them evolve. Li-Or states, ” This is one of the reasons people seek to spend time bonding with family, friends, hobby-buddies, sports fans, and religious congregations.Individuals seek relationships with others to be accepted and discover who they are as a person and have others support.

This article explains why humans are so motivated to have close relationships, close relationships are part of what makes us human. Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary explains thoroughly their hypothesis belongingness point by point in the article main points such as forming social bonds, Not breaking bonds, Cognition, Emotional high and lows, Consequences of deprivation, Partial deprivation, and Satiation and substitution. Individuals feel the need to be close connected to others being caring and affectionate “close relationships are major part of human behavior.

This word document illustrated the history of background belonging needs in society. Making to many point in society such as the sense of belonging amongst students,sense of belonging and student persistence. Belonging needs are referred to as the need for affection between individuals. Deci & Ryan suggests, ” the need for relatedness ecompasses a persons striving to relate to and care for others, to feel that those others are relating authentically to ones self, and care for others”. The sense of belonging in society is very important for the connections between humans bonds and close relationships rhat are developed brings out a positive healthy relationship as well as happiness. Each relationship an individual makes helps them develope who they are

How music affects teenagers behavior towards society

After a lot of thought and brainstorming I finally came to a decision that I wanted to my topic to be on something to about music. I knew it had to be really specific and precise so I continued to think about what area would I like to learn more about that has to deal with music. As I was on my way home a couple of days ago I saw a group of teenagers listening to rap music and they were behaving in a crazy and somewhat hostile manner. I then thought to myself I should research how music affects teenagers behavior towards society. sometimes music can have a bad or a good influence on people especially teenagers. In high school my friends were always listening to music and would go around saying quotes from the songs. For example Chris Brown wrote a song about females not being loyal, ever since then boys or guys would go around saying that girls aren’t loyal so don’t trust them.

When you look around most of the time when you see teenagers they are always listening to music. Everyone of them having their own personal preference of what style of music they like. Some of them you see are dressed in all black and listening to goth and others you may see are dressed with snap backs, Jordans and white tees listening to rap.

“How Music Affects Teens.” Teen Ink. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Nov. 2014.

After I finally figured out what I wanted my topic to be I started to do some research. It honestly didn’t take me much time to find article or website that I liked because I went through the first couple of them I found interest in this one. This article talks about how certain music can define who a person is. It says that you can tell a person’s mood by the type of music that they are listening too. I agree with that because when I’m sad I don’t listen to songs that would make me dance but I listen to songs that  are slow and depressing. What I mainly love about this article is that it says, teens hangout or cling to other teens who like the same style music as them. That is also true because you would hardly see a person who likes country music hanging out with somebody who likes rock. It’s not something that is done on purpose but it’s something that is done naturally. They wouldn’t do that because like article also states teens would always be disagreeing with watch genre of music is right or what genre music is wrong. As teens they may not know how to really express themselves in the right way at times. I know when I was a teen I always listened to music that had a con ection to my mood. If I was in a mood where I didn’t want to talk to anyone I would listen to rap music so loud that you wouldn’t be able to hear yourself talk. The article mentions that music helps teens show emotions and express there feelings in way they sometimes can’t so by themselves. This article was a little short but gave me a basic outlook on my topic. I feel that from here on I will find even more interesting articles about my topic.

It depends on what you believe.

The past week our class watched a video that explained the concept of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. In this video, the idea that is being portrayed is the law of attraction. Meaning, that whatever your thinking is, no matter who you are, whether is positive or negative: it will happen and you will have it. We also watched two parodies about this video. The first parody suggests that the words, music and tone of the original video are exaggerated with sophistication. Moreover, the experts that are shown in the original video are replaced by the first parody with people who are irrelevant to the topic. The second parody is making fun of the ideas of Rhonda Byrne that were presented by her in an Oprah show. This parody brings up the fact that Byrne is just a normal person who is not a scientist. Therefore, there is no reason for her to have credibility in her claims. Moreover, the parody focuses in challenging the idea of the law of attraction by showing examples of personal and public issues in which the law may not work.

I think that the concept of the law of attraction is true, to a certain extent. Our thoughts definitely have an influence in our actions. Therefore, whether you have positive or negative thoughts: your actions will be the same according to it. I agree with the first parody that emphasizes in the fact that the video of the secret is exaggerated with the presentation of the content. However, that is just a strategy that is used to sell. Whether the audience believes its content or not, it is all up do them. It’s like buying Proactive (or anything else). The commercials show that the product is for everyone but in real life it may not necessarily be true. Also, let’s keep in mind that there is something called the “Placebo effect” which is when an individual has improved in his health after receiving a “treatment” that may not necessarily cure the disease he has. This improved health is because the individual was TOLD that the treatment will cure him. The brain of the individual used the idea of the “treatment” that will cure him, and it healed itself. So, why wouldn’t there be a possibility that our way of thinking influences what happens in our lives, if our brain is so powerful. Our brain is the one that responds to things that happen. Whether our responses are good or bad, it’s up to us.

In the second parody, Pamela who was left by her husband wants him back. However, he doesn’t want her and Pamela does things that she assumes will be effective to get her husband back. These are competing desires. I think that in this case a person must acknowledge and respect the desires of others, and work around them to look for a way we can still satisfy our wants but without disrespecting other’s desires. Pamela could have set her mind to look for a different husband and maybe she would have found one that made her as or more happy. Moreover, when they use the example of Olessi, it exposes that using the law of attraction may be difficult in this situation. Which is true. However, the way it may be applied might be different. The issue might have started with negative thoughts and actions of people. The solution to the issue may not only require positive thoughts to the solution but also positive actions. Which is the same as how the problem started, with thoughts and actions of people. The difference in these two cases is that in one the law of attraction is used individually and the other as a community.

HUS questions: chapters 2 and 3

chapter 2

1. The techniques and solutions used to aid in the well being of clients who were distressed is very different then now. For example people who were mentally ill were considered to be caused by demons and evil spirits. To get rid of evil spirits holes were cut in the heads of the mentally ill; and the whole was where the evil spirits would be released from.

2. The evolution of the human well beings services, from the middle ages to present day by individuals, professionals and societ has changed drastically. Before the catholic church was responsible for providing human service care. Religious figuires such as st.thomas aquinas etc were one of the first human service professionals. Now people need to go to school and earn degrees to be considered a human service professional.

3. Obamas cares mission is to aid the well being of americans by providing health care that many people can afford. This will end with less deaths in the future due to people being able to get the health care that they need to get, which is something that they once couldnt getcall nor afford.

4. Social philosophies were promoted to aid in the well being of clients and society, for example those who suported socail darwinism called for the repeal of poor laws and insead support the human services.

5. The mental health movement promoted the well being of clients/society because those with mental issues would have good health due to everything sent to be delt by the state. Soon a seperation between those with mental issues and those with disablities.

6. The human service movement promoted the well being of clients/societ because a group was formed, which is now known as the mental health association. This group aims for the improvement of mental hospitals, arouse public concern and prevent disease.

7. Entitlement benefits promote the well being of individuals and society, because they make life easier for those who cant make means. Money being a issue in todays society; benefits make a huge difference in a positive way.

8. Legislation promotes the well being on  indivduals and society, for example the medicare prescription drug, improvement, and modernization act was passed to provide out patient prescription drug benefits for people on medicare.

chapter 3

1. The trends of technology, in the field of human services, are attempting to aid a clients well being. Technology is being expanded to help clients directly and indirectly. Being used in the areas of communication, information management, service delivery and professional development.

2. Techonlogy can promote well being in professional development for human  service workers and ultimately clients. Development in techonlogy is dynamic and continued to change in ways that are not normal.

3. Manage care is when information from a variety of sources and places, then organized the data into decision making a planning. This promotes client well being because service costs can be taken cared of. Insuring that the clients most times dont have to pay for the services that they recieve.

4. The limitations of managed care and how it can impact on well being are that setting limtations can mean that the client isnt getting the full extent of service that they should be getting. Therfore the well being of the client can be affected in negative ways since the client is not being given all services that are needed for that client.

5. Service delivery is they way the professional or human service worker will provide all the help and optinions that the client might and will need. This promotes well being because the client is given the best things that the client needs.

6. Human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well being of specific populations because it is important as a human service worker to be very diverse. A human service worker should not only be able to work with one type of groups but many.

7. Throughout the world many issues are happening causing people to suffer. Such as terrorism. Something hindering most people becuase of the fear that is put int he hearts of many. Ever since september 9 2001, the day many lives were lost. People fear an event like that might happen again.

8. The concept of “teaching a man to fish” promotes well being because a human service worker can help a client to a certain extent. Not doing everything for the client and making sure to learn to do things on their own is showing progress. This leads to the client becoming self sufficent and not having to always depend on other people to get things done.

9. Cultural competency can promote well being because it can help the ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with people from cultures andd different beliefs other than one’s own, based on various factors.