introduction to my life

Hello everyone I’m a little late but my name is Jacob Garcia. I am 19 years old and I don’t really speak nor write well so bear with me. I’m majoring in human services just like all of you. after college I hope to become a firefighter. I am currently working two jobs after school so I’m very busy person. I was a varsity AA baseball captain for my high school team but could not peruse my dream to play college ball due to injury, and financial difficulties. This summer I drove down to Florida with my brother and had a blast! I love the out doors , cooking , and eating most of all!

There are many things I wish I could change about me and do better in. first I had an accident years back an now I stutter really bad. I  wish I could be able to focus more on my schooling but I cant. I have a bad temper and wish I could be more relaxed. I feel that my human service courses will help me as a person with my problems and that may help me further understand others. I want to leave college being not just a high performer but a top performer… for those of you who don’t know a high performer does really great and only cares about making themselves better, but a top performer will master something and use that to encourage others and teach others to do it better. so what do I want to be when I leave college?… I want to become a top performer.