Peer Mentor Fall 2014

Hello students,

My name is Natalie Joefield and I will be your Peer Mentor for Fall 2014. I am a student just as you are in the Human Service major finishing up on my last year. I intend to further my studies to the graduate level in order to pursue my profession towards youth counseling/advocacy. I am very delighted and excited to experience being a peer mentor. I am very eager to meet each of you all and inform you about all the great things New York City College of Technology aka City Tech has to offer. My role is to be as much as a guide for you all towards your first year in college. I am willing to share as many experiences and information I have encountered throughout City Tech with you all. I am also intrigued to hear many different questions and thoughts about your first year as college freshman. However, I would love to go on about so much more, but I will make an end. I don’t want to let you all know too much, in fact I want to have the chance to broaden different thoughts when I come to the class. Lastly, I will say it is my pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you all and your professors.

Thank You In Advance!

P.S. See you all soon!