Hello everyone,

My name is Dulce Tepi, I am 18 years old but I’ll be turning 19 on November 19. I can be extremely shy at first but that fades away pretty quickly. I am the youngest of three. I have a pretty big, crazy and loving family including a beautiful white pitbull. I’ve lived in brooklyn most my life but I was born in a small town in Mexico. Some of my hobbies include reading, baking and spending time with the amazing people in my life.

My Pitbull, Piccolo

My Pitbull, Piccolo

Like anyone else I’ve changed my mind about a hundred times on what I want to do as a career. Since I was in middle school I decided that I wanted to be a pastry chef. Therefore when it was time to apply to high schools I chose a school in which I could make this possible. Thoughout my high school career I was already taught about the industry and given opportunities to hands on work. I worked as a pastry assistant for the last couple of summers in a catering company. Then went on to be a pastry intern at Union Square Cafe. I was offered a full time job but had to decline it since I wanted to focus on college. Although I wanted to become a pastry chef I figured I could always have that as a backup plan.

I got a preview of City Tech this summer so I’m pretty familiar to where everything is and where I can get help. My technology skills are pretty basic and almost non existing. Although I love to read my writing skills need a lot of improving. My biggest weakness in writing would probably be my digression as well as not transitioning well. If I had to rate my happiness like in the article right now I would probably be at a 7+. My expectations for this course are to improve my writing.

Jack’s Introduction

Hi, my name is Jack Hon. As a freshman in City Tech, I don’t feel like it. It’s not because I still feel like a high school student, its because I took a remedial class here for the summer. I basically know how to go to my classes in the Namn Building and the Midway Building. I already made a group of friends from my remedial class. We did our own study groups and have lunch together. I am usually shy as first, but really social after a few days. I am also part of the SEEK program in City Tech. They gave me a huge welcome to the college and I get to receive more benefits than regular students. Its includes tutoring for many subjects. Which I think I would need for my English course.

I don’t like writing. Essays and DBQ is not my strong suit. My weakness as a writer is when it comes to editing. My grammar needs work, I admitted. I also bad at getting started and knowing when to conclude. I mostly conclude too early leaving out many information that I could still put in. Lets put things in a positive direction, one of my hobby is creative writing. It’s the only writing I love to do. I had written three shorts stories and one play so far.  I want to become an author or a playwright one day. I however choose to major in Human Services just because I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket. I do want to become a social worker too or a case manager and work with kids.

When I comes to writing my short stories, I enjoy when I develop my characters. It usually doesn’t represent me, I try to develop them to be who I want to become or who I don’t want to become. If only writing a  essay is as fun as writing a story.  One thing I dislike is giving making the theme to the stories. It really hard for me to make my themes clearer so who ever is reading will understand it.

A lot if things makes me happy. Little things like watching T.V shows to getting an A on a test. I believe that a person can be happy as long as they stay positive. Even during the summer, taking a non-credit class in college. It not something to be happy about, but I stayed positive and made friends and get to know the college a little better. I was happy that I took it and not wait till the fall semester. I also got used to the amount of classwork and homework given out in college during the summer.

In this Eglish Comp course I hope to read more and maybe inspire me to write more in the future. I hope to be positive in this course and be happy and not stress out along the way like most other college student is.

Hope for a wonderful college life!

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