Research paper: Pre-daft

Many different cultures has their own parenting style. Many would believe that the Chinese way of parenting can be crude, especially to Americans. Chinese parents have high expectations for their children. The expectations of their child getting straight A’s, learning the violin or the piano had many non-Asians defining them as tiger parents. Tiger parents seems to be unloving, strict, and controlling, they do have a connection and relationship with their children. Children doesn’t have to be from the age of five to fourteen, Chinese parents use this term in context of his or her sons and daughter no matter their age. The thirty-five year old Chinese male will still be refer as a child to their parents. Chinese parents expressed love differently then the Americans. Instead of verbally expressing love to their child or with loving gestures like hugs, tiger parents shows their love and communicate by making their favorite dish for dinner, engage in their child’s education progress, and even by what other may see of controlling. These communications and show of love fulfilled the child’s happiness as much as any parenting style would.

Tiger parents do not verbally use the phrase, “I love you” or give out loving gestures like hugs and so as their children. In “Do Asian-American Parents Push Their Kids?”, Kathy Seal expressed, “Westerners who don’t see Asian-American parents hugging and kissing their children or praise them in words may think them cold.” However, it is not that they don’t love them, but they want to the child to know who has authority. It can be compare to an individual won’t be saying phrases like “I love you” to his or her employer. For the child, the show of love and communication is quite similar. Children tend to show their love without the use of words nor using loving gestures. Even though the phrases like “I love you” and loving gestures are not ban from the relationship, however one can say this show of love can happen once in a blue moon.

Instead of the use of words and loving gestures, tiger parents show their love by doing simple tasks that the child loves. One thing the child expect their tiger parents to do is to be “guan” (Seal 1) In other words, Although children would out tiger parents feels that when they are being questioned and told what to do may seems annoying to them, children with tiger parents love the be controlled and demanded from their tiger parents. The children feels and know that the parent care about them. It is what these children is used to and they understand the the meaning of “ guan” as the parents giving them attention. (Seal 1) In a American Television show; Family Guy, an episode shows how westerner see Asian parents; an Asian parents are portray as a not loving towards their child. The Asian dad walks into his son room and ask, “Are you a doctor yet?” and the son replied, “No dad, I’m twelve.” The father then response, “Talk to me when you a doctor.” However the truth behind that is the tiger dad cares about the son and want him to be live up to his potentials.

The tiger parents show of love and communication of controlling and demanding involves with the child success. Many children with non-tiger parents might see the stress that the children of tiger parent has. This is one big purpose of why tiger parents are tiger parents. The want of their children to be successful when they are in their education, jobs, and overall their life. Success to tiger parents on their children would be the child being on the top of his or her class, having gold medals on different academic subjects, and having an full score on the exam. The success of the child doesn’t end there, as for the “children” that are in their adulthood, success involve the child getting married, having kids, being self-sufficient and be able to help out other family members.



work cited

Seal, Kathy. “Asian-American Parents: Pushy or Perfect?” Pacific Standard. N.p., 18 Jan. 2011. Web. 24 Nov. 2014.

“Family Guy – Asian Family.” YouTube. YouTube, 14 Jan. 2011. Web. 24 Nov. 2014.


Research Proposal (2): Tiger parents effects on Chinese American Children

According to the urban dictionary, Tiger parenting is “A mother who is overly strict with her child in order to foster an academically competitive spirit.This form of upbringing is intended to direct a child towards financially successful careers at the potential risk of feeling emotionally unfulfilled and/or socially inept.” Many of their parent will defend their parenting style by saying it is for the best of their children. The purpose of this essay is to address what is “tiger parents” and how that could work on child however one may argue that it will leads to children being pressured, in result, child with tiger parents can impact negatively in their child’s happiness. Questions this paper would consider including is that is tiger-parenting really works in a child grades in school(?), What is the term of success means to these type of parents(?), and are children raise by these type of parenting style liked to be raise this way after they grow up(?). The Chinese are putting their children in high standards leading to stressfulness. Chinese children are expected to have above average grades, attend in school activities, learn both English and Chinese, etc. While during the teen years, the expectation has increased into finding a part time job, studying more, having a high SAT score, etc.

Annotated Bibliography:

This article provide information needed about Asian-American parents being a tiger mom. Which is a keyword used in this proposal. It seems to be opposing my idea, which can be great to use as a counterpoint. It mentions how my ideas are just stereotypes rather than the real thing.

This source talks about tiger moms and if it is effected or not. The article proofs that it is  real. This source gives me information about it, then base on the information, i would argue how it won’t work on every children.

Amy Chua is an author of an book (Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother)  that helps me with my research. She was raise by strict Chinese immigrants. This link leads to an about page of Amy Chu. I also plan to use the book as my source too. I however don’t know how to site that yet.

Research Proposal

America is the home of many different ethical  minorities. The minorities seem to be growing in America. These minorities include Asian Americans and Hispanics. These 2nd generation immigrants suffer from different barriers that leads them to a lack of financial well-being. The barriers include the lack of education, negative stereotypes, and family dynamics. The lack of education is impacted by procrastination and the drop out of school. Many Hispanics and Asian American miss out in college because the need to work to support their family. These minorities are being racial profiled in jobs interviews and questionnaire. Asian Americans and Hispanics are judge because of the pigment of their skin, or where do they look like they are from. Most of these second generation immigrants are experiencing different family dynamics situations. Situations include living in a single parent family. This paper is to research how and why the financial well-being of Asian America and Hispanic is the definition for their happiness, however due to negative stereotypes, family dynamics, and lack of education, these minorities are limited to achieving financial well-being even in present day America.


Annotated Bibliography:

Reidenbach, Luke, and Christian E. Weller. “The State of Minorities in the Economy.” Name. N.p., 15 Jan. 2010. Web. 12 Nov. 2014.

“The State of Minorities in Economy” pointed out statistics and facts about different types of minorities including Asian American, African American, and Hispanics in employments, incomes, etc. The statistic shows that the minorities income and employment rates are decreasing. It also shows that there are a huge gap between the minorities and the White Americans when coming to having financial well-being.  It provides what are the barriers.

hAPPiness Tracking and Promoting

In Flow and GPS 4 The Soul are some interesting apps that has the same purposes. It’s purpose to track happiness and promote it. How does it work(?), one might ask. Does it work(?) or is it all a scam for your money(?) At first I was wasn’t really surprise about all these tracking and promoting happiness apps. There are millions of apps being developed right now as I am writing this blog.  I was however, annoyed when I first downloaded the apps. It’s basically ask me what I am doing and How I am feeling doing it. This is what most of the apps asked me to do. However I came across Happify. It is unlike the other apps. It better and much fun then just asking me questions.

In happily, It looks more developed and more efficient due to it having activities for us to do. One of the game, have us clicking on hot air balloons with positive words to make them go up and if we clicked a negative word, the balloon would go down. It’s quite a learning tool too. I played the game and as the level goes up, the words became outside my vocabulary. I learnt a feel positive words and also some negative words. Happify is free for it user, however for full access, a 15 dollars fee each month is required.

This tracking and promoting happiness reminds me about the first article we read for this class. I remember myself disagree with the fact that the government is trying to track people happiness , but agree that they trying to promote happiness however by picking sides. Since these apps are self-help apps that a user are willing to download it, I am fine with them tracking ones happiness.



The Boardwalk of Coney Island



It’s so difficult as a New Yorker to pick a favorite place in New York City. It is much easier for a tourist to pick one. Places in New York seems really normal to me now since I have been here since the day I was born. If I was a tourist I could just name Time Square or any other tourist hotspots. However, I am not a tourist and I don’t want to write about a place everyone knows. I finally come across my childhood life while picking a place as my favorite. The Coney Island Boardwalk is my favorite place to be when I was a child and even now.

The local food is over price, but I still enjoy it. The boardwalk is filled with different small restaurant with old wooden tables for us to sit and eat. I especially enjoy the clam bar where I can see them actually open the shell. I enjoy eating calms while watching the scene of the beach. My favorite place for clams when I’m at the boardwalk is Paul’s Daughter. I love it cause that place have been around since I was a kid and the boss is still the same. He still sit behind the stand and greet the customers every time I go there. They also have a lot more food than just the great raw calms. They got this amazing funnel cake and other coney island signatures like hot dogs I remember a time when I was hanging out with my friends at the Coney Island broad walk, we went to this ice cream shop and we all got different types of ice cream. I then went to another shop and got cheese fries. I love the food.

The boardwalk of Coney Island had been around for many years and even before I was born. I enjoy the old look. It feels like there is history and not just something that is made two years ago. sometimes I wonder how is it like if it is the 1900 broadway looks like compare to the 2014 one. I hope to see the same and also expect the differences.

The summer is filled with fireworks. During the summer. Every Friday, there is fireworks for like 15 minutes. I can just stand on the Coney Island boardwalk and expect a wonderful visual display of colors shooting up the sky.

Walking on the boardwalk, you can also spot a lot of entertainment. People sing and people dancing. It is really festival everyday at the broad walk.

During the winter time, it might not be the best time to be, but I went and I found how delighted it can be when it just a few people. It cold but yet really calming listening to the ocean waves.

In conclusion, the boardwalk of Coney Island has history, food, festivals and much more. It’s a place to be when it hot, it’s a place to be when you want to eat, and a place to hang out with friends and family.

Class note: Tuesday October 30th 2014

On Tuesday October 30th, 2014, our English class had been quite a rapid session due to hectic timing issues and a massive load of information needed to be giving out from our professor. After a quick attendance, we determined who would be do class notes for the future class meets. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Tuesday Nov. 4th: DulceThursday Nov 6th: Library session (Meet in the front of the library) : Carina

Tuesday Nov 11th: Peer review for essay two

Thursday Nov. 13th: Tinika

Tuesday Nov 18th: Indira

Thursday Nov 20th: Natasha

Tuesday Nov. 25th: Jacob

Thursday 27th: Thanksgiving (No class meet: YESSSS)

Tuesday Dec 2nd (Research paper daft one is due) : Arlene

Thursday Dec 4th: Mirna

Tuesday Dec. 9th: (Revision for Research paper) (Sorry I don’t remember who will be taking class note for this date)

Thursday: Dec. 11th: Dominique



To make class more productive and less chaotic, professor mention some simple rules to follow.

1) Raise you hands before we ask a question

2) Maintain respect for both the professor and your peers when having an open discussion.

The focus of today class: 

⇒ The Problem with Positive Thinking 

⇒Continuing the decision on “The Secret”the-happiness-project

⇒ Digital happiness and related topics 

Professor Beli shared a book to look into:

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Problem with Positive Thinking Open Discussion:

The class mention many ideas involving the article.

“Problems can come out of positive thinking.” (referring to Pg 2 Ph 3)

“You are not as productive as you should be.” (referring to Pg 2 Ph3)

“Positive thinking is pleasurable but doesn’t mean it’s good for us.” (Pg 3 Ph 2)

“Need realism” (Pg 2 Ph 3 to Pg 3 Ph 6)

This article is like “Why Conservatives Are happier Than Liberals“by Arthur C.Brooks because it both gives a shocking conclusion to what we thought was truth but it really isn’t.

Reasonable wish vs. Fantasies

Passing a class (R)

Getting a job (R)

losing a few pounds (R)

Obtaining a degree without going to college (F)

World domination (F)

Open decision on “The Secret” (Pt: 2): 

Biography: Story of someone’s life

Root word: Aphy : write  Bio: life

The back of the book “The Secret” also contain short biography of the people in the book not just the author.

Digital Happiness Discussion 

In a view of the homework due today, we were supposed to browse though the websites and the apps and blog about them.

Happier: Tracks one happiness and provide courses to boost one’s area in needed; including sleep, self confidences, etc.

We talked a little about how positive psychology from the 1999 by Martin Seligman have impacted today’s world in many different environment.

Hedonmeter: Provide us with a graph of when do tweeters are usually are happy and it has been found that during holidays, there are usually more happy tweets.

Other importants discussions: 

Sentiment analysais: Opinion mining

example: product of Amazon,

Companies looking for overall reviews


Please check Schedule for more detailed information

Tuesday: Two different blogs are due: Favorite place in NYC and Response to apps

Thursday: Essay two draft is due.

(Please look in schedule for a better understanding.)

Things to think about: 

What interest you for research paper?

Does ‘science-based” works?

Think about questions related to measurement of happiness, values, how is happiness defined?

Tips before class meet on Tuesday: 

We must be well-inform and well-prepare for this class meet. (We should be prepare every class meet)

Play around with the website for more understanding or even download the app if you could to have a fuller understanding what it is.

Print out anything that is needed to be printed out.

There will or will not be a quiz. When Professor Beli said this, she actually means there will be one.


Have a Happy Halloween. Ok let me get started with my blog!


In the app store: Happiness

In the tech world today, we can basically do anything. We have social networks. Just to name two we have Facebook and Twitter. We have apps on our phone. In fact more than one million of apps are being develop a day. This is why there isn’t no surprise, when happiness is also a purpose for an app. We have apps for everything now, for shopping, games, workouts, etc. So happiness got to be part of such a huge library of apps. However, are people just making money of it or just want society to be happy(?)

The app “Happier” is what the developers called a “course”. To me it’s a marketing skill. Since I happen to read how the course works, it’s seem kind of like youtube. It is just basically watching videos each day. The video often contains a lesson. However, to actually be in the “Course, one’s must pay $4.99. It’s a costly app, with such normal content to me. The app giving a free trail is just to lure us into to paying for it.

To actually gain more information, I downloaded the app to see what the fuss is all about. I just don’t see, but want to see how it actually works or how they claimed it works. After signing up, it tells me to pick an area of focus. I can see how people could actually like that because they want to focus on their own problems rather then focusing on a broader subject. I picked “mind” as my focus to see what happens.  The it gave me a list of courses. There are courses for meditation, stress, sleep, yoga, etc. It actually provides free courses. I picked the sleep Deep & Dream sweet course. It provides a seven day relaxing bedtime mediation to help my sleep. Each course has a host, and my course host gave me my intro lesson. After a few glimpse I went to my first lesson. i was led to watching my first video What a waste of my three minutes. It was boring to me making kind of unhappy. How ironic that I feel this way.  However the video did taught me something. If I want a great sleep, everyday before I sleep I should have a ritual. It could be anything. It could be drinking a cup of milk or water or turn off all electronics, etc. In another app called “Happify” it’s basically the same concept of “Happier”, but it does includes actitives and games that are “science-based happiness”. See what they did(?) To me it’s another marketing technique.

In the Hedonometer, it shows a graph of twitter in it’s happiness times. It has concluded the many tweeted happily during the holidays while the someone death decreased the happier tweets. Social network is like a primarily source track happiness even daily.

In conclusion, when it comes to tech, many people use the word happiness lure people into taking some cash out of their pockets. It’s just many want to be happy, stress-free, etc. People will actually willing to pay for this emotion. It also be tracked from social networks from all parts of the world. Happiness in some ways became the purpose of everything today.

The Effects Of Being Positive

“Want to know a secret?,” Rhonda Byrne might ask her readers and many others who want something. On Tuesday, I don’t actually understand the secret since we only saw like the first twenty minute of the documentary and the fact that I was kind of unproductive that day.  I eventually got the idea of the secret is to be positive and positivity will lead to what we desire. On Thursday, I arrive to class hoping we don’t have to do much. I just didn’t feel like going the first place. I thought about it for a few minutes and I decided to go. After a few minutes in class, I was told that we will watch a SNL skit. I love SNL, I watch it every Saturday or on demand if I can’t watch it that day. In the SNL skit, Byrne is impersonated as someone who lives in her own little world. It’s seem to be a fantasy where thinking positive leads to what we desire. The funny thing is that the skit is about Oprah giving interviewing Byrne and a reader of the book, “The Secret.” The reader use the secret in her life, but is it actually working? Well, she seems confident, but I feel like she isn’t being realistic. She is in process of a divorce and due to Byrne’s secret, you got to be positive. The reader really want to save her marriage and apparently staying positive is doing her no good.

In my opinion, I disagree with the “Secret” The reason why is that Byrne used many examples related to someone being rich. Let say I am a billionaire and I want a buy a mansion to live in during the summer time only, then I could get that if I be positive. I also believe that thinking you want something doesn’t mean that I can get it. I want a 4.0 GPA. I know for sure I can’t get that. I could stay positive, but that wouldn’t help me get it. I would eventually be upset if I didn’t get that GPA, even though I was so positivity and confident that I would get it.

Due to the fact of my unproductiveness in class on Tuesday, I can say I regret that. I feel like I didn’t take in all the information from the documentary but only took in the SNL skit and the other parody information leading to what I believe in what Byrne meant when talking about the secret. I know that parody is meant to take something serious and make it funny. That why maybe I interpret the “secret” wrong. I hope I am well prepare on Tuesday for further discussion on this topic and hope to get a more detail idea of the secret.

Feedbacks To a Better Essay

Writing the first essay of college can be really difficult. It’d required many revisions and many thinking. In class, I had received a few suggestion to make the essay better. However, I felt a little down after receiving both my peers and professor intake on my essay. I was shocked, I though my first daft was pretty good. I didn’t stop. I just relaxed for one hour and before I know it, I start working on my essay again. I deleted many sentences I don’t need. I then started to write on paper what I can do to make the thesis more stand out. I wrote down the thesis three times with different wording. I then started to write down my argument points. I then type my argument points and looking over the article to find quotes that relates to what I saying. I didn’t do everything in one day. The next morning (today) I worked on it more. Since a class was canceled I had time to work on it fully without rushing. This is when I got my 2nd daft. I plan to basically edit my 2nd daft for my final daft. One big struggle I have are grammar problems. I hope I can work on that before the I have to hand in my final daft.

In the middle of my revision, I just can’t think of any more to add to my essay. I still need like 1/4 of the page left to be filled. I was so blocked out. So, I started writing my cover letter, just to make me type something rather then just sitting there looking at the 1/4 of the page that is blank. At a point I was thinking, this is how I’m going to hand it in like that. Its was 6pm and I am still in the school lunchroom, typing my essay while my friends eat onion rings. I then finally had my thoughts and I put them in the essay.

I learn that sometimes in writing, not just in an essay, but in writing a novel too that a writer’s block can occur, but it’s only for a while. I would eventually know what I want to put in, and continue with writing. I also learn that writing ideas in points can help me translate those ideas into paragraphs and lastly into a full essay. Lastly but not least, I also learn that you might think your writing a perfectly done, but in other eyes, they might not understand your arguement/thesis clearly enough, or they might think that there are some things that they feel like they can be taken out, but I don’t want too. It’s sometimes hard to use the “backspace” button when it comes to writing.

Since, I learn a lot from the process for this essay, I plan to write my next essay the same way. Writing down points, points about the points and then develop it into an essay.  I actually really proud of my 2nd daft. I hope to revise and edit it one last time before Tuesday.




2) Describe the evolution of human well-being services, from the middle ages to present day by individuals, professionals, and society.

Back in the days, many thought that mental illness was a result of evil spirits. Until the 1500’s The church aids the people in needs. Institutions for the orphans, the poor, the elderlies, and people with disabilities are formed. During the 19th century, changes were occurring with the increasing of immigration, industrialization, and urbanization. It however led to poverty. Public assistance was needed.

3) Describe how Obama-Care’s mission is to aid the well-being of Americans.

Obama-Care also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s mission is to aid the well-being of American by reforming the American health care system.

4) Describe how social philosophies were promoted to aid in the well being of clients/society.

Social Philosophies like laissez-faire and social darwinism had impact the aid of well-beings of clients and the society. Laissez-faire is a concept that government will take little responsibility to those in needs. While social darwinism is the belief that the the fittest will survive, but the unfits won’t. These social philosophies negativity impacts the beliefs of human services.

5) Describe how the mental health movement promoted to aid in the well-being of clients/society.

The mental health movement helped the well-being of clients and society with their creation of the National Mental health Act of 1946. The national organization for human services educators form a standard preparation of workers in the human services field.

6)Describe how the human service movement promoted the well-being of clients and society.

The human service movement promoted the well-being of clients and society. Since the 1960, the field had grew by the increasing training programs, and mental health services. During the 1970’s organizations of professional human services are introduced to society.

7) Describe how entitlement benefits (Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare) promote the well-being of individuals/society.

The entitlement benefits promotes the well-being of individuals and society. Medicare promotes well-being of the individuals and society by giving health insurance for the people over the age of 65. Medicaid gives funds to states to help them provide citizens with care of hospitals and medical. While Welfare is a government program that helps the poor and the unemployed.

8) Describe how legislation promotes the well-being of individual/society.

legislation promotes the well-being of individual and society in the 21st century by passing the The Medicare Prescription Drug Act and many more to provide medication for outpatients for people on Medicare, Part D. Legislation also brought more faith-based humans service organizations and agencies.


Describe how the trends of technology, in the field of human services, are attempting to aid a client’s well-being.

Technology has impacted the human service field. Communications with clients are expanded with the use of technology. Organizing paperwork/ documents are easily managed using technology. It is also used in area of professional development.
2) Describe how technology can promote well-being in professional development for human services and ultimately clients.

Technology can promote the well-being in professional development for human services by the use of programs that helps professionals with problem solving, counseling, crisis counseling, etc. Another way tech is use in human service professional development is the use of podcasting. It’s like a subscription of audio or video on human service worker trainings. Eventually these development is used to promote the well-being of clients.

3) Describe what managed care is, and how it promotes clients well-being.

Manage care is a procedure that is made to manage resources, and the service in the health care and mental health areas. It promotes the well-being of clients because clients also plan the services needed for themselves with the professional.

4) Describe some of the limitations of managed care and how it can impact on well-being.

However, managed care limits the client’s services to the lowest level of care. The professional might consider hospitalization to improve one’s mental health, but the viewer might ask if the client can be treated at home. If a professional recommended the clients to see a therapist for six weeks, the managed care reviewer would say a month is good enough.

5) Describe what service delivery means and how it promotes well-being.

Service delivery is the delivery of the professional to the clients of services. Sevices promotes the well-bring of the clients. Services can be mental health services, disability services, etc. It’s an important task of the professional to provide the best service delivery that they and the agency can.

6) Describe how human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well-being of specific populations.

Human services pay attention to various groups in order to promote well-being of specific population by having an knowledge of their culture and traditions and beliefs to provide and deliver useful services to the clients. Groups doesn’t just mean ethics groups, but religion, sexual orientation, etc.

7) Describe how what is happening internationally promotes or hinder the well-being of US citizens.

One thing happening internationally is immigration to different countries to improve their own well-being or the families. This led to many people that needed services in the human services field. Another is the increase of population in various developing countries which expanded the services needed for many people. In the US, there are many minorities that needed services provided from the professionals.
8) Describe how the concept of “teaching a man to fish” promotes well-being.

Being a human service worker is not to help the client. It’s to empower the clients to help themselves. We can’t just give them the fish. We need to teach them to fish themselves. This way the well-being of the client would still be well even after the client got discharged.

9) Describe how cultural competency can promote well-being.

The cultural competency promote well-being because the knowledge of different cultures is also part of professional development. Working with different minorities can impact the well-being of people that doesn’t get the opportunities like others do. It’s also nice to have knowledge of different culture personally.