a tale of two cities, or not

In Bill De Blasio’s primary victory speech his family plays a huge part. De Blasio’s daughter ,Chiara, started of the speech. She talks about her admiration for her father and highlighting three crucial factors of his success , including family. De Blasio uses pathos then when referring to 9/11 ” the worst days of the city’s history” 18:25. He says although tragedy struck on that day “we saw a united city” 10:28 and that “the values we saw on that day are the values we must rededicate ourselves to” 10:57. He also starts introducing his main focuses stop and frisk, taxes, and education. De Blasio uses a ” tale of two cities” to show the separation among the wealthy and people on the brink of the poverty line. De Blasio highlights equality and that like in 9/11 no one should be left behind. De Blasio also points out the injustice of police brutality and how stop and frisk ” makes communities and police less safe” 16:38. He states that although there are doubt of his ambition ” we are New Yorker…..thinking big isn’t new to us…it is why this place id great”15:10. He believes that we ” shouldn’t settle for the status quo”.

In Joe Lhota’s speech he briefly thanks his family and mentions his parents struggle in his up bringing. He mentions his family’s role in the community as fire fighters, police men ect. But his main focuses were his support for stop and frisk, education and his experience. He states that Bill De Blasios ” a tale of two cities” is dividing our city and that “although we are five boroughs we are one city” 6:32. Unlike De Blasio, Lhota believes that thanks to stop and frisk our streets are safer ” I support the NYPD and believe that stop, question and frisk should continue” 8:58. Lhota also touches on his plan to reduce taxes and help small businesses grow. he continues with his determination to improve the school systems to give ” we need high standards that are balanced with great teachers and teacher training…..more than just teaching for a test” 11:38.

Both candidates touch on the areas that need improvement and that have caused a great deal of controversy. Stop and frisk has become one of the most talked about policies. Debates on whether its effective or just degrading have rose over the years with plenty of deaths and major lawsuits the bad have overcome the good intentions of the policy. Also the crucial topic if education was brought up and the lack of it. As Lhota stated we need higher stand but with that come better teacher training and better schools. Although both men have different visions of the city’s well-being they both have the same intentions with different outcomes

Visions of Well-being for NYC

As you may have seen in both videos of the Victory speeches by Democratic nominee Bill De Blasio and Republican nominee Joe Lhota ; they both want to make a change for New Yorkers and they have different ways in doing so.

Beginning with Bill De Blasio, he made his victory speech as one of the nominees in Brooklyn where he is from while the others did theirs in Manhattan where it is usually taken place. Bill De Blasio started of his speech by remembering and event that united all New Yorkers at one point which was for 9/11(10:15-11:00). He wants people from New York to help each other out in rough times and to stick together like how they once did. Another thing that Bill De Blasio stated in his speech was “The Tale of Two Cities” and how its divided between the wealthy people and the poor people(11:35-12:00). He explains that hospitals are being replaced for condos and how policing has turned into racial profiling and how mothers and fathers are being afraid that their children aren’t getting the education they need. He continuously repeats that New Yorkers cannot afford to take anymore risk.

Joe Lhota started off his victory speech telling the people of New York about his family and how his parents worked hard to get what they wanted. He supports the NYPD because of the history his family has in it. (3:00-3:20) He believes that issues,vision,principles and experience brought him to victory and that New York City is the city of opportunity. Joe Lhota wants everyone to have the same opportunity he had given the fact that his family struggled just as anyone else. He brought up what Bill De Blasio said in his speech about the tale of two cities and he believes thats just something that is being used to tear the city down and create bancrupcy and that he won’t let the city be divided rather unite the city (5:30-6:00). Joe Lhota jus wants the city to be untied and not be divided, and he thanks NYPD for helping bring down crime rates and supports Stop and Frisk which totally contradicts what Bill De Blasio believes about that.

Obviously these two men have two different opinions and have their own way to which they  believe can make a change to New York City. They both believe that families have a big take in this and helps them move forward but Bill De Blasio really keeps family in the change but Joe Lhota just focuses on change and moving forward not being held back and reinforcing education.

In Bill De Blasio’s primary victory speech he discusses various points in making NYC a better place for it’s citizens. He refers to current dilemmas that need to be addressed and solved. De Blasio mentions how pro active policing became racial profiling, the wealthy rebounded from the great recession while half of New York citizens are living in poverty and parents fearing their children will not be able to obtain a college education. He wants to make New York a better place to live and get it back to where it used to be if not better. He believes there was a time when New Yorkers supported each other and helped each other through any circumstances. September 11, was a primary example. It was mentioned how people helped one another without any questions asked or economic stability, race or anything else being relevant as compared to now where luxury condos are replacing community hospitals. De Blasio also believes all children should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential and that their chance is being taken away from them. It is also mentioned how the wealthy who make half a million dollars or more are being asked to pay a little more in taxes to fund after school programs and pre-k but that they believe too much is being asked of them but De Blasio disagrees and goes on to mention why it’s necessary and is in fact important. The last point made was stop and frisk. Young African american people or people of color in general being stopped without cause and how it is unsafe for the victims and unsafe for the police.

De Blasio uses pathos throughout his speech when referring to 911. During his speech he refers back to the tragedy and people’s loved ones. He sympathizes with them which makes his audience believe he understands their grief and is on their side. He uses logos when speaking about the wealthy and the poor. While the rich is living comfortably the poor is struggling to make a living and provide proper education and future for their children. Ethos is applied when he constantly mentions how he himself is a New Yorker and knows how we feel. He mentions how others believe we are asking for too much but we are aiming high because “we are New Yorkers” and are born thinking big. He strokes the audiences ego by saying we are proud citizens of the greatest city in the greatest county on earth, and we make it great.

De Blasio is for the poor, he is trying to make a change in how they live and have equal opportunities as the wealthy. He believes New York can go back to being a city where everyone cares for one another and have each other’s shoulders to lean on. That is the city he is trying to re-create and re-establish. With tackling the current problems that burdens New Yorkers and solving them it will eventually equal to our well-being and happiness. In Joe Lhota’s primary victory speech he speaks on unifying the city and making the public and government go hand in hand. He believes that everyone in the city has more in common than differences. When speaking about the common desires of the people he mentions safe streets, proper education for children for a better future, good paying jobs to secure food and shelter for their families and strong quality life. Lhota believes that New York is on a good route and wants to continue going that way. Crime is at historic lows, economy is expanding and large industries are providing good paying job which is everything everyone is rooting for. Throughout his speech he makes sure that the audience is aware of the other parties in what he believes are mistakes. He believes that stop and frisk should continue and that New Yorkers should be strongly supportive of the NYPD in order to have safer streets. He also goes for children having a good strong education but believes parents should be participating in the process. Lhota states that he can bring the city together so that we can have a stronger foundation and get things done.

Lhota uses pathos when referring to everyone having more in common than differences. By him saying this the people then start to feel as if they all want the same things and really are united. He uses logos when stop & frisk is brought up. He states that stop & frisk must continue and that the NYPD should be fully supported on it to keep our streets safe. The NYPD doesn’t have to stop and frisk in order for the streets to be safe, there are other ways. Lastly, ethos is applied when Lhota mentions that New Yorkers are unlike any other people in this world and have spirit, drive and are unstoppable. He appeals to their characters by telling them how great they are.

Lhota is for the middle class. He wants the city and government to be united and work together to make New York a better place to live and grow. Lhota wants the people to participate and feel like their voices are being heard by making monthly meetings where the public speaks on improvements needed to make New York a better place. So the public and government work together instead of against each other. He also believes in strengthening the education system and the NYPD.