The Effects Of Being Positive

“Want to know a secret?,” Rhonda Byrne might ask her readers and many others who want something. On Tuesday, I don’t actually understand the secret since we only saw like the first twenty minute of the documentary and the fact that I was kind of unproductive that day.  I eventually got the idea of the secret is to be positive and positivity will lead to what we desire. On Thursday, I arrive to class hoping we don’t have to do much. I just didn’t feel like going the first place. I thought about it for a few minutes and I decided to go. After a few minutes in class, I was told that we will watch a SNL skit. I love SNL, I watch it every Saturday or on demand if I can’t watch it that day. In the SNL skit, Byrne is impersonated as someone who lives in her own little world. It’s seem to be a fantasy where thinking positive leads to what we desire. The funny thing is that the skit is about Oprah giving interviewing Byrne and a reader of the book, “The Secret.” The reader use the secret in her life, but is it actually working? Well, she seems confident, but I feel like she isn’t being realistic. She is in process of a divorce and due to Byrne’s secret, you got to be positive. The reader really want to save her marriage and apparently staying positive is doing her no good.

In my opinion, I disagree with the “Secret” The reason why is that Byrne used many examples related to someone being rich. Let say I am a billionaire and I want a buy a mansion to live in during the summer time only, then I could get that if I be positive. I also believe that thinking you want something doesn’t mean that I can get it. I want a 4.0 GPA. I know for sure I can’t get that. I could stay positive, but that wouldn’t help me get it. I would eventually be upset if I didn’t get that GPA, even though I was so positivity and confident that I would get it.

Due to the fact of my unproductiveness in class on Tuesday, I can say I regret that. I feel like I didn’t take in all the information from the documentary but only took in the SNL skit and the other parody information leading to what I believe in what Byrne meant when talking about the secret. I know that parody is meant to take something serious and make it funny. That why maybe I interpret the “secret” wrong. I hope I am well prepare on Tuesday for further discussion on this topic and hope to get a more detail idea of the secret.