Controlling the Unvierse with One Thought

In class we watched the first 20 minutes of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne where mainly introduced the law of attraction. Rhonda Byrne starts of the video by saying that she researched history to find out about the secret. The video mentioned that applying the secret could bring an individual happiness, health, and wealth. There are many experts in the video such as philosopher, metaphysician, entrepreneur, visionary, and author that talk about their thoughts about the secret. They all agreed that the secret could change an individual’s life depending their thoughts. The video mentioned that no matter where you are or who you are the law of attraction follows you. The law of attraction is that whatever an individual thinks about that will happen. If there are negative thoughts then negative things will happen in their life. They described the law of attraction in three words which are thoughts become things.The film gave several examples of how the secret has affected people. For instance the lady that wanted the necklace she saw on display. As she looked at the necklace she concentrated on thinking positive and imagining herself wearing it. After time has passed by she receives the same necklace from a guy. With this example they wanted to show how thinking positive thoughts attract the things a person desires.

In class we also watched two parody films that in a way made fun of the film “The Secret”. One parody that we watched was SNL Oprah The Secret which is a mockery of Oprah’s talk show. In this video Rhonda Byrne was always smiling portraying that she was happy because she found the secret and applies it to her life. She also mentions that she was not a doctor or a scientist but yet she found this amazing and life changing secret. Pamela which is one of the people that believe in the secret said that the secret has changed her life for the better. She claims that the secret helped her when her husband left her for another woman. She started to have positive thoughts of her husband coming back which resulted her in getting a restriction order. Byrne asks her if her and her husband are back together, she answered no but then that was thinking negative. Pamela changed her answer and said they were together which is not true. Therefore, that proved that the secret is just a way of lying to yourself rather than being realistic about the problem.

In my opinion I don’t think that the law of attraction is true because it is impossible to control the universe just with thoughts. Of course that thinking positive is always a good thing it does change the way an individual sees things and changes the mood of a person. A person that thinks negative is going to feel sad rather than a person that thinks positive which will have a happy life because they are not bring themselves down. Thoughts have a strong affect in a person’s mood but has no effect in getting the things an individual wants. For instance, if an individual wants to become a chief they can’t just think about it and magically become a chief. They will have to work hard and learn the basic skills need to become a chief. The individual will have to practice and be dedicated in order to achieve their goal. It is impossible to just sit down and start thinking about becoming a chief and the next morning have all the knowledge needed. If that was the case why would people even bother to go to school or work, everyone will just think of what they want and get it. The universe obviously does not work like that because then everyone will have a perfect life.As humans there are emotions involved. A person can’t always be happy because it is normal not to be pleased by everything or to have a bad day. Negative emotions help an individual understand and appreciate the good things in life.



“The Secret” or Common Knowledge

In our last two classes we took a look at something called “ The secret”. Rhonda Byrnes is credited for revealing this secret or further developing it. She believes she has a discovery of her own. She creates a film to showcase this secret, with several people giving her support for this idea and theory. Some of these people include visionaries, who speak about how the law of attraction works. What the law believes is that if you think good things and have positive thoughts than good things will come to you, but if bad things happen to you it is because you have called them on upon yourself. In other words a good attitude can get you a long way, basically hours are spent speaking on this law trying to convince the audience that they are missing out on something and really need it in their life.
We also watched parodies of the secret. Although these were funny to watch there were some ideas brought to our attention. For example the fact that Rhonda Byrne isn’t a scientist, she didn’t really discover anything. These ideas are considered to be common knowledge for people. We know that good vibes and good attitudes lead to good things. If a person has a negative look on their life well than there only attracting bad things to themselves. They have the power to change their lives and make decisions on what to do.
I think it’s up to each person to choose what they believe in. The Secret can be compared to a religion. People believe in it because they choose to and based off of this they make certain decisions differently. Honestly When I first saw the secret I thought, this isn’t really a secret at all. Maybe the term was new, because it was to me I didn’t know what the Law of attraction was considered to be. But that’s basically it. Just a new title. Besides that I think we all kind of knew some of the information shared in the first 20 minutes of The Secret . Also I think it can be compared to seminars, where there’s a person telling you what you already know but since you paid money to hear it , it makes more sense to you now. I think that’s what the secret is. Something that is dolled up and made to look really intriguing and smart. Even in the actual video everything is set up carefully, the backgrounds the fonts, the titles of the professions. Or how about the whole whispering thing, its appealing to an audience because it sparks curiosity. It appeals to an audience egos, pathos, and logos, using peoples experiences with the secret. Having smart looking people talk about the secret , makes it more appealing to the brain, we think because they look a certain way or sound a certain way we believe it to be true and makes it easier for us to believe. The fact that they look the way they do alone establishes credibility.

Response to film/parodies “The Secret”

This week we watched a film called “The Secret” and two parodies based on the film. The original film, “The Secret” was about the law of attraction. To sum it up it’s basically about how you become what you think about most. One attracts the things in their life whether they are good or bad. You become what you attract, if your happy good things will happen, if your angry or upset bad things will happen. Whatever someone is thinking or feeling today is planning their future. I don’t believe this to be true, but honestly when I watched the film I wanted it to be true. I wanted it to be true because it sounded so easy and simple. Think good thoughts and you will be happy. But no matter how good it sounds it’s not realistic. How can one think good thoughts all the time and just because we are putting good thoughts out there does not mean we are attracting those good things, whatever they may be. This film basically states if we think it we can have it.

We watched two parodies based on the film, the first was a SNL skit about an interview on the Oprah Winfrey show with Rhonda Bryne as the guest and someone who believes they have been helped by “The Secret”. First off everyone is being made fun of in this skit. Oprah is someone who can what she wants in the blink of an eye and in the skit she says how she thought of herself eating something in a hot air ballon and then she made a call and it happened and says how it was her thinking it that made it happen. Constantly in the skit the woman playing Oprah says “The Secret” really loud and every time she does everyone claps. It shows how “The Secret” was all hype and not really something that works.

The last parody we watched was 24 calamity parody about “The Secret”. In this parody they are making fun of the actual people in the original film. They show how the people were talking and doing things a certain way to make it seem like what they were saying is true. The people in the parody pretend as if they know what they’re talking about by the way their talking but it doesn’t make any sense at all. This parody even brings to life how in the original video they had quotes flashing and being whispered because they are important and in the parody they make fun of it and shows how that just tries to make it sound important or make it seem like it’s true because of that. Overall I believe the parodies to be on point and I do not believe “The Secret” to be true.

Response to , ” The Secret”

So during the week we watched a brief clip of the film , ” The Secret ” . Also watched two video parodies based on the film too . Honestly Im still confused as to what the secret is , the film makes it seem like the law of attraction is the secret but it still brings questions . The two videos make fun of the fact that the secret is just common sense to things we already know in life . What I would like to know is how the author , Rhonda Byrne , came about with this so call secret . I have to agree with the parodies , Rhonda Byrne seems like she just rewords certain common sense situations and making them sound like it’s a formula that has to be followed . For example , in the SNL parody the comedians joke on how a man is wealthy and has an expensive house because he has wealthy parents . As to what the film said the man was wealthy because he focused his energy and thoughts on it and the universe made it happen . Which in my opinion thats a little far fetched . Still the secret kinda gets to you and makes you rethink the decisions you’ve made .

The Secret and The Law Of Attraction

During the last two sessions last week we watched three videos one on “The Secret” and two parodies about the secret. From watching “The secret” 20 minute video a lot of questions aroused that i needed answers to. Various claims were made but there was no supportive evidence to back up these claims that were made.Rhonda Bryne not once was present in the video yet she had visionary people etc backing up the theory of the secret and the law of attraction. To persuade people into buying into her theory. The law of attraction will give you what you want every time. You become what you attract the most, you become what you think about the most. Whatever your thinking and feeling creates your future/ creates your life. Rhonda Bryne is stating that for example if you consistently think of a fancy car all day and night it will appear in your drive way in the morning which isn’t logical, very unlikely. If there’s something an individual desire or wants they have to take the steps  into making it a reality ( go and get it).I understand the message of the video ” the secret” but i do not necessarily agree with it. The parodies were against the message of the secret  making jokes of it the secret is one big joke. Society and Life isn’t based on thoughts not everyone gets what they want every time just because they thought of it life does work that way. Life is like the roll of dice you never know what your going to get .

It depends on what you believe.

The past week our class watched a video that explained the concept of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. In this video, the idea that is being portrayed is the law of attraction. Meaning, that whatever your thinking is, no matter who you are, whether is positive or negative: it will happen and you will have it. We also watched two parodies about this video. The first parody suggests that the words, music and tone of the original video are exaggerated with sophistication. Moreover, the experts that are shown in the original video are replaced by the first parody with people who are irrelevant to the topic. The second parody is making fun of the ideas of Rhonda Byrne that were presented by her in an Oprah show. This parody brings up the fact that Byrne is just a normal person who is not a scientist. Therefore, there is no reason for her to have credibility in her claims. Moreover, the parody focuses in challenging the idea of the law of attraction by showing examples of personal and public issues in which the law may not work.

I think that the concept of the law of attraction is true, to a certain extent. Our thoughts definitely have an influence in our actions. Therefore, whether you have positive or negative thoughts: your actions will be the same according to it. I agree with the first parody that emphasizes in the fact that the video of the secret is exaggerated with the presentation of the content. However, that is just a strategy that is used to sell. Whether the audience believes its content or not, it is all up do them. It’s like buying Proactive (or anything else). The commercials show that the product is for everyone but in real life it may not necessarily be true. Also, let’s keep in mind that there is something called the “Placebo effect” which is when an individual has improved in his health after receiving a “treatment” that may not necessarily cure the disease he has. This improved health is because the individual was TOLD that the treatment will cure him. The brain of the individual used the idea of the “treatment” that will cure him, and it healed itself. So, why wouldn’t there be a possibility that our way of thinking influences what happens in our lives, if our brain is so powerful. Our brain is the one that responds to things that happen. Whether our responses are good or bad, it’s up to us.

In the second parody, Pamela who was left by her husband wants him back. However, he doesn’t want her and Pamela does things that she assumes will be effective to get her husband back. These are competing desires. I think that in this case a person must acknowledge and respect the desires of others, and work around them to look for a way we can still satisfy our wants but without disrespecting other’s desires. Pamela could have set her mind to look for a different husband and maybe she would have found one that made her as or more happy. Moreover, when they use the example of Olessi, it exposes that using the law of attraction may be difficult in this situation. Which is true. However, the way it may be applied might be different. The issue might have started with negative thoughts and actions of people. The solution to the issue may not only require positive thoughts to the solution but also positive actions. Which is the same as how the problem started, with thoughts and actions of people. The difference in these two cases is that in one the law of attraction is used individually and the other as a community.

The Secret

In class we watched and discussed a documentary novel called, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. The whole concept of her novel is about how people hold their own happiness in their minds. Of course some people will agree while others beg to differ. Although there are different ways to take this new information in, I don’t believe it’s possible. In my opinion I don’t think it’s realistic to achieve happiness just from changing your thoughts. Happy thoughts won’t solve your troubles, although thinking about more positive things will lighten up your mood more than thinking about negative things that will obviously do the opposite. Thinking about rainbows and butterflies won’t pay your bills, put food on your table or get you out of debt. Byrne’s believes that through thinking positively you can control your destiny. I for one think that what’s meant to be will happen and find it’s way with or without our approval or thought on it. If that were the case I’m sure people wouldn’t be as sad as they are, people with depression have happy thoughts and are still depressed. In the documentary they also claim that people attract what happens to them. If a person goes through a traumatic experience such as losing a parent due to cancer, they attracted this tragedy? Should they have had a happier thought to prevent it? Not everything that goes on around you happens because of whats on in your mind. Monitoring them won’t determine whether you’re happy, mad, sad or whatever the case may be.

We also got to see two parodies of the documentary. Although they were both insinuating the same idea of how it was funny that people thought our minds control the universe, they also showed how the people that spoke throughout the documentary hid behind these fancy titles and job descriptions. They made really bold claims but didn’t support it in any way. They thought that their job titles would give them enough credibility to make those claims and assumptions but without supporting their selves they were just people declaring opinions. In the Saturday Night Live parody with Oprah Winfrey they show Oprah, Rhonda Byrne and a believer who uses this method. She goes on to explain how her and her husband had separated due to him being interested in a younger woman. She tells everyone how she starts to think positive thoughts how she’s going to get her husband back. The woman ended up with a restraining order and awaiting trial. Which brings back my idea on how just thinking positive thoughts can’t solve all of a person’s problems. If a person is currently feeling down thinking more positive thoughts can help bring up their mood but it will not bring them ultimate success and happiness. It’s more of a temporary mood lifter. In the second parody they shed more light on the speakers and how in the documentary they make them seem more educated or or entitled than they really are. They show how they are just ordinary people making speculations instead of showing proof of what they are saying.

response to the “secret” and parodies

I understood the message of the film “the secret” but I do not agree. “what you think is what will happen?” “law of attraction” people dying from natural causes, I doubt they thought about actually suffering and dying that way. okay “yes’ you should always have a positive mindset at all times but that doesn’t mean that everything in life will coincide with your thoughts.This is life!!! you expect the unexpected. Everything bad that’s happened in my life, wasn’t even a thought. I didn’t want to attract those things but they’ve happened. and what about the good things that I’ve been thinking about my whole life, well they haven’t happened. Am I to be blamed because I didn’t think positive enough?!

The SNL sketch confirmed everything that I’ve been thinking about the “secret”. Its a big Joke!! Pamela Hedley seemed delusional trying to use the “secret” to get back with her husband. Rhonda Byrne seemed as if she was the puppet master, pulling on the strings, letting Pamela think that she was actually in the right state of mind, committing foolery because it was all done in positive thinking. Thinking positive about Pamela actually getting back with her husband caused her to do negative acts, thus getting a case held against her. So positive thinking should include acting accordingly. Not do whatever by all means. The character Olessi from Sudan ate the book, so i really didn’t understand his role in the film. The book should be made a parody of because its a load of crap; inaccurate and unrealistic.

The Post 24 Calamity introduced that everything is a cause and effect. but things separate us by class, social, economic and race etc… Everything is blatantly obvious. You want something, you go get it. that simple. The tittle of the characters were totally contracted to the knowledge of what we see on the screen then what we expect. Nothing had a connection. So called experts making claims but they weren’t experts at all. Using fancy labels to seem as though they had more knowledge than they actually had. again introducing that “The Secret” is a load of crap. cockamamie ideas presented by people who think they know what they’re talking about because of their educational tittle and or background.

The Effects Of Being Positive

“Want to know a secret?,” Rhonda Byrne might ask her readers and many others who want something. On Tuesday, I don’t actually understand the secret since we only saw like the first twenty minute of the documentary and the fact that I was kind of unproductive that day.  I eventually got the idea of the secret is to be positive and positivity will lead to what we desire. On Thursday, I arrive to class hoping we don’t have to do much. I just didn’t feel like going the first place. I thought about it for a few minutes and I decided to go. After a few minutes in class, I was told that we will watch a SNL skit. I love SNL, I watch it every Saturday or on demand if I can’t watch it that day. In the SNL skit, Byrne is impersonated as someone who lives in her own little world. It’s seem to be a fantasy where thinking positive leads to what we desire. The funny thing is that the skit is about Oprah giving interviewing Byrne and a reader of the book, “The Secret.” The reader use the secret in her life, but is it actually working? Well, she seems confident, but I feel like she isn’t being realistic. She is in process of a divorce and due to Byrne’s secret, you got to be positive. The reader really want to save her marriage and apparently staying positive is doing her no good.

In my opinion, I disagree with the “Secret” The reason why is that Byrne used many examples related to someone being rich. Let say I am a billionaire and I want a buy a mansion to live in during the summer time only, then I could get that if I be positive. I also believe that thinking you want something doesn’t mean that I can get it. I want a 4.0 GPA. I know for sure I can’t get that. I could stay positive, but that wouldn’t help me get it. I would eventually be upset if I didn’t get that GPA, even though I was so positivity and confident that I would get it.

Due to the fact of my unproductiveness in class on Tuesday, I can say I regret that. I feel like I didn’t take in all the information from the documentary but only took in the SNL skit and the other parody information leading to what I believe in what Byrne meant when talking about the secret. I know that parody is meant to take something serious and make it funny. That why maybe I interpret the “secret” wrong. I hope I am well prepare on Tuesday for further discussion on this topic and hope to get a more detail idea of the secret.

Can thinking something really come true or not?

While we watched these videos about “The Secret” and these parodies it got me thinking about how can by you thinking positive things it can actually come true. I have had this feeling before that when things aren’t going well in the morning I keep feeling like nothing will. When I start thinking I’m going to be late somewhere everything starts going slow the bus takes long or the train. I start getting these negative thoughts so around me I feel everything doesn’t go well.

The film “The Secret” I don’t think is entirely true because just because you focus on something so much doesn’t really mean that you will get it right away. You have to work hard for what you want things can’t just come easy to you. I feel like by what you do with your life surrounding yourself with good people and doing things for others good fortune can come for you. Like it was said in the film “Law of attraction obedient when you think real hard on something you want you’ll get it think something bad you’ll get that to. It’s all about how you think and your surrounding that let you accomplish things.

The parodies that we saw in class are showing us that just because these people say that your thoughts cause feeling or that thoughts become things you shouldn’t always believe what they say. The Oprah parody is a depiction of Rhonda Byrne is seen as like this dumb idea. Instead of actually thinking something you think it will come to you. You should actually be thinking about the consequences that come from this. Like the women that did one of the sketches she believed so much I will get my husband again and instead got a restraining order for being crazy.Or that by thinking thoughts is not just gonna help you get something but what you actually do about it can make a difference. Also showing us that if you want something go out and buy it. Their telling us the opposite of “The Secret” that just because you think something it can come true. Instead you have to do something about your life to get the material things you want or anything you really want in life. The parodies show the truth behind “The Secret” and make us think that it’s not by what you think but what you do.

When you want something you go through several stages and obstacles in your life to get what you want. You either take the help you get and really work hard and study for what you want to do in life and get all the things you want. It’s almost like when you make a wish on your birthday it’s by what you can maybe do to get what you wished for rather than believing you’ll just get whatever you wished for handed to you.