Can thinking something really come true or not?

While we watched these videos about “The Secret” and these parodies it got me thinking about how can by you thinking positive things it can actually come true. I have had this feeling before that when things aren’t going well in the morning I keep feeling like nothing will. When I start thinking I’m going to be late somewhere everything starts going slow the bus takes long or the train. I start getting these negative thoughts so around me I feel everything doesn’t go well.

The film “The Secret” I don’t think is entirely true because just because you focus on something so much doesn’t really mean that you will get it right away. You have to work hard for what you want things can’t just come easy to you. I feel like by what you do with your life surrounding yourself with good people and doing things for others good fortune can come for you. Like it was said in the film “Law of attraction obedient when you think real hard on something you want you’ll get it think something bad you’ll get that to. It’s all about how you think and your surrounding that let you accomplish things.

The parodies that we saw in class are showing us that just because these people say that your thoughts cause feeling or that thoughts become things you shouldn’t always believe what they say. The Oprah parody is a depiction of Rhonda Byrne is seen as like this dumb idea. Instead of actually thinking something you think it will come to you. You should actually be thinking about the consequences that come from this. Like the women that did one of the sketches she believed so much I will get my husband again and instead got a restraining order for being crazy.Or that by thinking thoughts is not just gonna help you get something but what you actually do about it can make a difference. Also showing us that if you want something go out and buy it. Their telling us the opposite of “The Secret” that just because you think something it can come true. Instead you have to do something about your life to get the material things you want or anything you really want in life. The parodies show the truth behind “The Secret” and make us think that it’s not by what you think but what you do.

When you want something you go through several stages and obstacles in your life to get what you want. You either take the help you get and really work hard and study for what you want to do in life and get all the things you want. It’s almost like when you make a wish on your birthday it’s by what you can maybe do to get what you wished for rather than believing you’ll just get whatever you wished for handed to you.