Response to film/parodies “The Secret”

This week we watched a film called “The Secret” and two parodies based on the film. The original film, “The Secret” was about the law of attraction. To sum it up it’s basically about how you become what you think about most. One attracts the things in their life whether they are good or bad. You become what you attract, if your happy good things will happen, if your angry or upset bad things will happen. Whatever someone is thinking or feeling today is planning their future. I don’t believe this to be true, but honestly when I watched the film I wanted it to be true. I wanted it to be true because it sounded so easy and simple. Think good thoughts and you will be happy. But no matter how good it sounds it’s not realistic. How can one think good thoughts all the time and just because we are putting good thoughts out there does not mean we are attracting those good things, whatever they may be. This film basically states if we think it we can have it.

We watched two parodies based on the film, the first was a SNL skit about an interview on the Oprah Winfrey show with Rhonda Bryne as the guest and someone who believes they have been helped by “The Secret”. First off everyone is being made fun of in this skit. Oprah is someone who can what she wants in the blink of an eye and in the skit she says how she thought of herself eating something in a hot air ballon and then she made a call and it happened and says how it was her thinking it that made it happen. Constantly in the skit the woman playing Oprah says “The Secret” really loud and every time she does everyone claps. It shows how “The Secret” was all hype and not really something that works.

The last parody we watched was 24 calamity parody about “The Secret”. In this parody they are making fun of the actual people in the original film. They show how the people were talking and doing things a certain way to make it seem like what they were saying is true. The people in the parody pretend as if they know what they’re talking about by the way their talking but it doesn’t make any sense at all. This parody even brings to life how in the original video they had quotes flashing and being whispered because they are important and in the parody they make fun of it and shows how that just tries to make it sound important or make it seem like it’s true because of that. Overall I believe the parodies to be on point and I do not believe “The Secret” to be true.