Response to , ” The Secret”

So during the week we watched a brief clip of the film , ” The Secret ” . Also watched two video parodies based on the film too . Honestly Im still confused as to what the secret is , the film makes it seem like the law of attraction is the secret but it still brings questions . The two videos make fun of the fact that the secret is just common sense to things we already know in life . What I would like to know is how the author , Rhonda Byrne , came about with this so call secret . I have to agree with the parodies , Rhonda Byrne seems like she just rewords certain common sense situations and making them sound like it’s a formula that has to be followed . For example , in the SNL parody the comedians joke on how a man is wealthy and has an expensive house because he has wealthy parents . As to what the film said the man was wealthy because he focused his energy and thoughts on it and the universe made it happen . Which in my opinion thats a little far fetched . Still the secret kinda gets to you and makes you rethink the decisions you’ve made .