Response to The Secret & Paradise Parodise

In class we watched the video “ The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne  and watched the parodies about the secret to our happiness and the law of attraction. I thought the film was interesting and engaging but I think it was based more on opinions then facts, because although she was having experts come in and tell us why we think and feel the way we do. We never had a chance for her to exactly say  why she feel that we attract what we think of most and she thinks we control our own happiness. She had more visionary, authors and more people helping her opinion  be more convincible but I didn’t  agree with her statement because I do think we can measure our happiness because if we don’t like how certain things are going whether it is with school, work, relationships you can fix it so we wont be unhappy or feel a certain way.

The parodies I thought didm’t make sense and they were trying to be funny rather than make it convincible for the watchers because I honestly was confused while watching them , but the “ The secret “ I understood it very well and the point they were trying to prove in the video because it reminded me of a philosophers I learned in high school who were ancient Greeks and Romans which was meant to make people happier by teaching them to control their negative emotions and stated “ dont get mad over things you can’t control “ which Byrne is saying that thoughts become things and when we have these thoughts we want certain things, but can’t get it for some reason, for example when it’s raining and you don’t want it to rain you cannot be mad because we can’t control the weather. Therefore this connects to what Byrne is saying because she thinks that what we think is in our future and our thoughts and feelings is what we attract because  its what we are thinking. Although  that can be somewhat true but not a fact because everyone thinks about different things.

Also the authors discuss that what we think now is creating our future, which I dont agree with because we think a lot and  we have a lot of thoughts going on in our mind that we can’t control, for example we can hate a person so much and wish not to think about them or have feelings for them, but we cant control what I mind thinks because in our hearts we care for the person.  However I understood Byrne point but it needs to be more accurate for viewers to agree then disagree because instead of having visionaries and authors make her point believable she should speak to readers to make it clear for viewers.