Cell phones: Physical effects on teenagers

In society so many teenagers use technology especially cell phones to text, look things up, FaceTime or use it for other video chats, and use it to call as well. Teenagers don’t understand how this could effect them for the future. Using cell phones has so many health effects on teenagers such as sleeping, eating and etc. Since back in the days when the cell phone came out it hadn’t been so big till it had been more and more modernized. Cell phones have become so big because their is so much to look at now besides just calling. For instance, if it has GPS, PDA, MPA capabilities. The cell phone has not only changed our world from being 24/7 but also different than history before us (The History of the Mobile Phone). Cell phones have become a part of everyone’s life and even more with teenagers. Many studies have been done on teenagers to show how cell phones effect teenagers physical health.

Teenagers want to be actively involved with societies new technologies like cell phones without knowing the physical consequences. So many factors lead to the physical effects on teenagers. Teenagers want to be involved with everything going on in the world so they are more prone to wanting to be on their phones. In an article called “Excessive Mobile Phone Use Affects Sleep in Teens” a study was done by Gaby Badre who took twenty-one  healthy subjects from ages 14-20 and different tests were done between two groups. Their was a control group and an experimental group in the control group they saw they made fewer calls and texts rather than the experimental group. Young teens who get to use their phones more are more restless, careless lifestyles, disrupted sleep, more stress and fatigue and etc. As stated in the article, “Addiction to cell phone is becoming common. Youngsters feel a group pressure to remain inter-connected and reachable round the clock. Children start to use mobile phones at an early stage of their life. There seem to be a connection between intensive use of cell phones and health compromising behaviour such as smoking, snuffing and use of alcohol” (Badre 1). You can see this with family members lately kids want tablets and cell phones and are constantly on it. More and more teenagers want cell phones to be like everyone else. Teenagers can have these long lasting affects if they don’t start to cut down on using their cell phones.

Serious physical affects teenagers should become aware of but are not really paying attention to it. Their are beyond so many affects technology like cell phones can cause on a teenagers physical body and they aren’t aware of. Their are problems with sleep being disrupted, wrist and fingers suffering, falling grades and etc. The main cause of cramping in fingers is from texting which teenagers do so much of it. In an article, “Here’s What A Constantly Plugged-In Life Is Doing To Kids’ Bodies” it stated, average teen sends 3,417 texts a month, which is about seven an hour” (3). This is beyond excessive and it only keeps getting worse with the newer generation of kids and the more advanced technology is becoming. Teenagers don’t become aware of how often they text it is really bad as was stated in the article Texting May Be Taking a Toll Hafner stated, “They do it late at night when their parents are asleep. They do it in restaurants and while crossing busy streets. They do it in the classroom with their hands behind their back. They do it so much their thumbs hurt” (1). Not being aware of how much you use your phone has begun to be a huge problem with younger teens. The more advance things are getting the more teenagers will begin to get involved.

Teenagers use on cellphones can only get worse with no adult encouragement. Teenagers are constantly connected to the media and much more through their phones. Constant use on their cellphones with no one to tell them otherwise at all times. Kids younger than thirteen shouldn’t have these big phones right away they could start of with something small to use for just calls. Adults getting their children all these new technological devices at a young age is getting them used to the worse already an possible affects as they get older.

Second Draft Proposal

So as I still decided to keep looking on about my topic technology and the effects it has on teenagers health various articles came up about this topic. Many things having to do with their sleep, paying attention in class, body posture and etc. This topic is very controversial because so many teenagers are constantly using technology for every little thing such as, looking up a contact, searching through Google, playing video games, texting someone and etc. How bad your health can become can also determine your happiness/well-being because if you don’t have a good health most likely you won’t be so happy about much in life. Although, many good things can come out from using technology such as, learning how to socialize more, teaching kids in an engaging way and etc.This is a topic that can be viewed from two different point of views in a good way in which it can teach kids or disrupt their health. I’m interested in this topic because nowadays technology is used for so many things but how much teenagers use it we don’t really know the effects it can have on us and I want to find these kinds of things out. I want to find out the statistics and facts about technology and the effects it produces on teenagers. So many little things can effect us from using technology so much. How you use the computer can affect your body posture. When using the computer you should be at a desk and use a chair or something that can help support your back to be straight. When texting this could lead to anxiety, falling grades, and etc because you’re not paying attention to the important things but always want to be texting. We are constantly seeing how much teenagers are on their technological devices not knowing the effects these things has on them.

Hafner, Katie. “Texting May Be Taking a Toll.” The New York Times 25 May 2009. Web. 17 Nov. 2014. <http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/26/health/26teen.html?_r=0>.

This article had to do with all the studies done on teenagers about technology and the health effects. This article mentions the types of effects it has on teenagers such as distraction in school, falling grades, sleep deprivation and etc. Also by how much you text would begin to result in cramping in your thumbs. Just like when you write a lot nonstop your hand begins to hurt. Many teenagers are becoming very attentive to their phones only even while eating out, walking in busy streets and late at night when their parents have fallen asleep. They are becoming more obsessed with wanting to answer their phones. Like mentioned in the article teenagers are also becoming less aware about things because they are more interested in answering their phone right away when they feel it vibrate or light up. Basically, the more you begin to use your phones and other technological devices you’re doing more harm to yourself rather than another person.

Clinton, Chelsea, and James Steyer. “Is the Internet hurting children?.” CNN 21 05 2012, n. pag. Web. 16 Nov. 2014. <http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/21/opinion/clinton-steyer-internet-kids/>.

Beginning from a very young age children are becoming more aware about technology because they are introduced to it by their parents. So many kids are spending more time with their technological devices than with their parents. So much media and technology is impacting teenagers lives. They are having limited attention span, lower comprehension, poor focus and etc. It has become so complex this topic that we really don’t understand these effects. Things I didn’t know that technology could effect in so much. This article also mentions how all of this technology has even changed the way we think and feel about ourselves. So much technology is like already doing this. Also this article mentions how much technology could be changing our education, help advance our democracy and etc in the near future. In the article a researcher at Harvard says, “we have no choice but to engage with this new reality and work to ensure that it affects our kids in healthy, responsible ways”(Gardner 3). Even though kids are involved with technology it should be used in a positive way as well.

“Here’s What A Constantly Plugged-In life Is Doing To Kids’ Bodies .” Huffington Post 17 10 2013, n. pag. Web. 16 Nov. 2014. <http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/17/teens-on-screens_n_4101758.html>.

This article is all about these negative effects technology has on teenagers such as, hunched over, fingers and wrist suffering, sight could be affected, sleep is disrupted, losing bit of hearing, and brains are different. So many effects of using technology and teenagers are not stopping from using less of it. Although, this article mentions these effects and ways in which the teenager can change this a little more. For each topic mentioned about the effects they mention a brief description about why teenagers sight might be affected or sleep disrupted. Than they mention how you could reduce these effects. The effects of sleeping being disrupted is from so much light the brain confuses so you stay up later. Things you could do to reduce that would be getting at least your 9.25 hours of sleep or making a plan with your parents of no phone after 11pm. All the other topics were just like this in a way letting you ways you could reduce and be more healthy for your life.

Technology effects on Teens and Social Behavior

I chose to look up about how technology effects teenagers. Many different things came up about how it could effect their health and behavior. The reason I decided to choose this topic is because lately a lot of teenagers have cell phones use the computer a lot and etc. I want to find about how all this technology can effect us as teenagers. Since I myself am a teenager still I would like to know how technology effects us. Since so many articles came up about this topic their must be a lot of information that I don’t know about just yet. This topic should interest so many people because their are so many teens in this class and in the world that could learn from all these effects. They could also maybe learn how to prevent these effects by maybe using less of it.

I can mostly talk about how technology effects health in teenagers to make the topic less broad. I hope to address questions like how is it that technology effects our health. Is there ways in which we could reduce our use of technology by getting involved in other things. Can we get severe health issues in the long term by using so much technology. I want to learn what causes these health issues how can we really be affected so much by technology in this kind of way. My argument is actually just a statement or fact. There is no possible way in which we could argue against this. This is just stating something not really giving an opposing view. So should it be more of a argumentative research essay so like that you can have views on whether technology could really effect our health or also help us.

“Teens’ Excessive Use Of Texting, Social Media Linked To Risky Behavior.” Annals Of The American Psychotherapy Association 13.4 (2010): 8. Academic Search Complete. Web. 12 Nov. 2014.

This article I found showed studies and statistics in which they mention how technology effects the health of these teenagers. They explain how using more technology could probably result more in teenagers smoking, drinking, fighting, and having sexual contact. I guess the more technology you use you get more involved with the internet and texting and learning new things that you than want to go ahead and try. They also have reported how using more technology students spend about three hours per school day which could lead to higher levels of stress, depression, suicide and etc. They give you good statistics in which we could learn how much teenagers are not being productive towards trying to stop this epidemic of health risks. From this you could learn how much teenagers really spend their time on technology rather than on school work. All of the really bad health risks people can get from smoking and drinking teenagers are starting because of technology.

Happy Happy Happy Apps!

So as I looked through all of these apps I saw a common trend which started to be tracking people’s happiness. For most of the apps it tries to see how happy you are the mood you’re in what kind of people surround you and etc in order to obtain statistics on people. They want to see the kind of things that make people happy to than see how they can help. But each app wants to find ways in which they help people become happier for their everyday life. I liked that each app lets you know how happy you might be and tracks everything for you so you can know how happy healthy you might be or just plain happy. They want to help you keep on track with your happiness so they send you alerts when to add your mood and etc.

For instance an app I downloaded to try the “Happify” one started off asking so many questions from your age? to do you think you’re in a serious relationship? or are you a picasso or accountant kind of person? they ask all these questions to know how you feel about yourself and what you think about happy. When you signup than you can do different task. Like one I chose where you stop comparing yourself to others than you might pick an activity i chose one and they showed me three different tasks. The first was Not That Into You the second Love What You Have and the third You Decide How! So I went to choose Love What You Have. This task would help me combat negative bias, reduce feelings of sadness or hopelessness and feel better about life. So far from just looking at this app and the kind of task they might have you do or what the activity will help you get through it seems like they really want to help your life be more happy and healthy.

They want to focus on how each person can become healthier with their lifestyle choice and through each app like the “Headspace” which tries to meditate with you you can have a healthier mind. I like each app finds ways they can help with each person. They’ll give activities that can help the mind they might soothe you with music or pictures they all want to know what really makes people happy. These apps want you to track your happiness and learn how you can change the way you think and your attitude such as the “Live Happy” these apps want you too change for the better.

I downloaded that app that I mentioned because I do want to see how this can affect my happiness or actually do make me happier. I am the kind of person to get mad easily I can be disrespectful or catch attitude. My mother has always said I’ve been like that to since little and I do want to change that. It doesn’t look good in a young girl to act like that anyways. I want to change and have a positive attitude always or find ways to forget things and not get mad.

My own world from inside of my bedroom

I’ve never really thought about what my happiest place could be but if I had to choose and what I could think of it would be my bedroom. My room is the type that is very cozy and a normal sized room not too big and not too small. When I thought about what could be my happiest place I automatically thought my room because it is a place where I can think about anything. I can act a certain way and be really loud put music up or watch whatever I want.

Sorry for the mess but as you can see around the room.

Sorry for the mess but as you can see around the room.


When I need to cry it is a place where I can do that because it’s my room. I can lock my door if I don’t want anyone to bother me. I have my own privacy to do as I please to change with no one around or sleep naked if I wanted to. I can do as I please in my room because it is mine and my place of relaxation. There is no bed more comfortable than mine I feel. I love to just through things around if I want or anything.

Just another one of something on the wall. Being decorative ha!

Just another one of something on the wall. Being decorative ha!

This is my happy place because I can be by myself put things around my room that I might like that could make me happy. It’s just a place that I know is mine and will always make me happy. Before when I was younger I had to share a room with my brother because my grandmother lived with us when I was getting older I always wanted my own room already to have my privacy and etc. After I’ve gotten my own room it is the best. It makes me happy because it’s just a place where I can do me without no one seeing just for me.

Thinking Positive Can It Really Get You What You Want

Each website I visited mentioned there way of what people should do in order to really be happy. Instead of thinking happy and positive thoughts and imagine that by doing this you will get the things you desire like “The Secret” says people should actually do things where they can be happy. Things that would make people actually happy for instance, on the website “Happier” towards the bottom they explained things of what people should do like spend money on experiences and not things, do things for others and etc. These things can stimulate you and really make you happy and to this website they want you to follow these things because they believe that sharing with others and focusing on the positive aspects of your life will make you happier, productive, and healthier. Their point in everything is to get people to be happy. In another website I looked at called “Happify” the website uses various ways in which they will make people happy. They have daily activities that could correlate with people’s goals to make them more peaceful, productive, and motivated to do more in their life. Also, using apps in which they have activities or games that could change their life habits. They want to increase happiness in everyone people quoted that they feel more energized, changed their negative thoughts, given a different perspective and etc.

This next website I saw “Hedonometer” was made to show how people felt about different things such as their happiness towards a lot of topics in the world and it was shown that a lot of people are averaged about what they are happy and not happy about. The kind of words people said showed the difference of how much more happy they could be than a few days ago or how much sadder they could be. A lot is recorded and shows the kinds of things people say upon something that occurred to show how they feel. The last website I looked at was “World Well-Being Project” this website shows us different aspects which people decided to test on. They take many words from different social websites to see how people respond to different language and how happy they are and what makes them happy. And what kinds of things people could think more about depending on their environment.

All these websites made me think that maybe it is better to try and have good self esteem or try and do things that can make you happy. I know for instance with myself I can be a cranky person easily or get in a bad mood. I mostly always have negative energy because I think how bad I might do in a test or getting late to school. I rarely think positive about things. But I can agree on that doing things with other people can make you happy and be healthier because when I spend time with my family or boyfriend I can have a different mood and have a nice time and create memories I will remember. These websites didn’t make us think that by doing these things you will automatically be happy but if you want to be happier and energetic you should try these things. To try and see how it can change you and how you can become happier and more positive about your life. You actually have to try these activities and advice’s if you want to be happier.

Can thinking something really come true or not?

While we watched these videos about “The Secret” and these parodies it got me thinking about how can by you thinking positive things it can actually come true. I have had this feeling before that when things aren’t going well in the morning I keep feeling like nothing will. When I start thinking I’m going to be late somewhere everything starts going slow the bus takes long or the train. I start getting these negative thoughts so around me I feel everything doesn’t go well.

The film “The Secret” I don’t think is entirely true because just because you focus on something so much doesn’t really mean that you will get it right away. You have to work hard for what you want things can’t just come easy to you. I feel like by what you do with your life surrounding yourself with good people and doing things for others good fortune can come for you. Like it was said in the film “Law of attraction obedient when you think real hard on something you want you’ll get it think something bad you’ll get that to. It’s all about how you think and your surrounding that let you accomplish things.

The parodies that we saw in class are showing us that just because these people say that your thoughts cause feeling or that thoughts become things you shouldn’t always believe what they say. The Oprah parody is a depiction of Rhonda Byrne is seen as like this dumb idea. Instead of actually thinking something you think it will come to you. You should actually be thinking about the consequences that come from this. Like the women that did one of the sketches she believed so much I will get my husband again and instead got a restraining order for being crazy.Or that by thinking thoughts is not just gonna help you get something but what you actually do about it can make a difference. Also showing us that if you want something go out and buy it. Their telling us the opposite of “The Secret” that just because you think something it can come true. Instead you have to do something about your life to get the material things you want or anything you really want in life. The parodies show the truth behind “The Secret” and make us think that it’s not by what you think but what you do.

When you want something you go through several stages and obstacles in your life to get what you want. You either take the help you get and really work hard and study for what you want to do in life and get all the things you want. It’s almost like when you make a wish on your birthday it’s by what you can maybe do to get what you wished for rather than believing you’ll just get whatever you wished for handed to you.

Chapter 4

1. Describe the three models of service delivery in terms of how each impact well-being to either individuals, families and/ or communities. a.Medical b. Public Health c. Human Services

The medical model is for clients who have an illness and come to human service workers for prescription to treatment or cure the point to medical model is trying to get the patient back to their normal state. The public health model examines people to find an approach to prevent diseases, injury etc . Human Services model will help people be able to solve their problems. And try to make the best of their well-being and quality of life.

2. Describe how Philippe Pinel impacted the well-being of those with mental illness.

He impacted the well-being of those with mental illness because he didn’t see it as them being possessed by demons or anything but as a sickness. He said they should be diagnosed as mentally ill and to be treated as patients by physicians. He removed all the inhumane things done on human for having a disorder.

3. Describe how the psychodynamic model promoted the well-being of the human service profession.

The psychodynamic model promoted well-being of the human service profession because the professionals speak with their clients and let them get anything of their mind. They can have the right to speak freely. Than all of this lets the professional determine how to help them and what are the causes of their problems.

4. Describe how medications promoted the well-being of those with mental illnesses. 

Medications promoted the well-being of those with mental illnesses because their has been medicine for various illnesses. Such as Psychiatric drugs, Antipsychotic drugs, Antidepressant drugs and antianxiety drugs. Each drugs works for different illnesses each patient might have. For instance, Antipsychotic drugs are for patients who might have schizophrenia or depressive psychosis. Each medication works for the patient with the illness.

5. Describe how electroschock treatment can promote the well-being of a person with severe depression, catatonic states.

Electroshock promoted well-being because it would leave the patient unconscious and when they woke they might tend to have memory loss. With so much treatment after a while the problems of patients began to go away. It was most effective for those patients with depression.

6. Describe how the “strengths based” model approach promotes the well-being of clients/society.

The “strengths based” model approach promotes the well-being of clients/society because it makes each client think about their past problems and helps them to learn from them and not make that mistake again. And also to find out if they might need still need help such as their basic needs.


Reflection on First Draft

Since I have never written an argumentative essay this process was hard for me. It was difficult trying to think of a good way to begin my introduction and make a thesis. While I read the other two essays of my peers one I knew right away what she was talking about and how she backed up what she argued. I saw the way she did this by giving examples and giving her opinion on it. The other essay I read was a little more difficult to understand because it didn’t pick a side really so I got to see how the things he said made him seem like he was picking both sides of whether buying happiness or suffering really makes you happy. So these essays both gave me and different view of how you can tell more of the side you pick.

The feedback I got on my essay so far was some commas I need to add also to add more opinion to my essay and experience. Even if it’s not my own experience but like that I can show how I’m arguing more for one side. While I read the other people’s essay I had to look for if they spoke in first, second or third person and whether it was in present tense or past tense. When I was in class I noticed I was making those mistakes as well and was speaking in second person. I feel that the way my paragraphs were organized that the next paragraph build on the one before. I do need to fix my topic sentences to be able to give the main idea but as well the significance. I feel that my topic sentences were to straightforward or didn’t really sum up anything from the paragraph. In class I would like to look at my introduction and conclusion.

My introduction “Is happiness a factor of how we really should be or how society thinks people should be and act? Happiness is not only brought through your experiences but the experience of other people as well. When you give to other people you share experiences with them and yourself. But also with happiness comes suffering as was stated in the article “What Suffering Does” by David Brook he states that “Often, physical or social suffering can give people an outsider’s perspective, an attuned awareness of what other outsiders are enduring”. Through suffering you get to reveal more and more stuff about yourself. Happiness is really brought by sharing with others in your experiences and relating to others to share that happiness and well-being and doing this through suffering.”

My conclusion “Suffering can bring more than just pain with suffering comes happiness and relief. You become relieved to know that you have done something better that you learn more about yourself. That your well-being is going to be good because although through the suffering there was a lot to deal with you still manage to try and make things better for yourself. You start to become more aware of how you should go about things. Suffering brings you to get more involved in your surroundings. Without suffering there wouldn’t be stability in life because everyone would just follow what they think should be right. They would follow how society thinks people should be.”

I feel I made my point clear that through suffering you can get happiness. I feel you can get my point of what I’m trying to say. You can get my argument that i’m trying to make. To revise for my final essay I will be rereading my topic sentences to see if it makes sense and makes my point for each paragraph. I will reread my essay out loud to see if anything sounds weird. And I will get someone to read my essay over.

Chapter 2 & 3 questions

Chapter 2

1. Describe the techniques and solutions used to aid in the well-being of clients who were in distress.

The kind of techniques used on clients to help them with their distress was in trephining the skull which would supposedly allow evil spirits to escape because that’s what they thought people had who were sick. Also through religious practice they exorcized the spirits in them. They also chained, beat, and starved the people and etc.

2. Describe the evolution of human well-being services, from the middle ages to present day by individuals, professionals and society.

During the middle ages people received more help from institutions like orphanages and churches. And after a while the needy got more help from hospitals that became more of an aid toward them. And their there was the insane asylums which played a big part in putting people with disabilities in there.

3. Describe how Obama-Care’s mission is to aid the well-being of Americans.

Obama-care aids the well-being of Americans by giving them access to to affordable health insurance for those people who can’t afford high paid health insurance.

4. Describe how social philosophies were promoted to aid in the well-being of clients/society.

Three philosophies that promoted in the well-being of clients/society was individualism, Laissez-faire and Social Darwinism. Individualism helped clients learn from their failure and how to work hard for things they want. Laissez-faire was to help yourself the less governing the better. Lastly Social Darwinism which was basically everyone for themselves. The stronger and fit would survive but the weak wouldn’t.

5. Describe how the mental health movement promoted the well-being of clients/society.

After a man realized the cruelty upon mental institutions and such he sought out to change that. With the Mental Health Association this would improve mental hospitals, bring awareness and prevent diseases. By doing this they provided education on causes, diagnosis and etc.

6. Describe how the human service movement promoted the well-being of clients/society. 

The human service movement promotes well-being of clients by trying to make clients speak for themselves and actually try and care for the clients directly. And to create a movement in the 1970’s called National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) which was to have leadership to help disadvantaged persons.

7. Describe how entitlement benefits (Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare) promote the well-being of individuals/society.

Medicare gives health insurance for those over 65 years old and also those who might have disabilities with kidney failure. Medicaid helps those who can’t afford to pay for medical care. Lastly Welfare is given as public aid to those who might need some assistance and help.

8. Describe how legislation promotes the well-being of individuals/society.

Legislation promotes well-being of individuals/society because different laws were passed. One such as The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) which provided prescription drug benefits for those on medicare. Also the Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (CFBCI) which better helped community organizations to give better service in human services.

Chapter 3

1. Describe how the trends of technology, in the field of human services, are attempting to aid a client’s well-being.

The trends of technology attempt to aid in the client’s well-being because it’s used for communication, service delivery and professional development. Also used to provide service faster and better efficiently.

2. Describe how technology can promote well-being in professional development for human service workers and ultimately clients.

Technology promotes well-being in professional development by being able to learn about populations being served and how to better access the best practice. Using CDs and DVDs for research is easy to have access quickly to information. Also programs are available that teach various things like problem solving, rehabilitation counseling, decision making etc. Also having audio and video which better helps the professional access. And lastly online educational programs which provide access to higher education in human services and other areas.

3. Describe what managed care is, and how it promotes client well-being.

Manage care is used to integrate information from different places and than organize the information in order to be able to facilitate planning, decision making and reporting. This promotes well-being for the client because everything is ready and organized to better help the client efficiently.

4. Describe some of the limitations of managed care and how it can impact on well-being.

Some limitations on managed care can be the access you might not get on lower level of care. And also of how much you can help the clients enough and whether a viewer might say different so you have to listen to that.

5. Describe what service delivery means and how it promotes well-being.

Service delivery means how much the professional gives toward the client. How much good service they give toward the client can be in how much they care through mental health services or technology etc. This promotes the well-being of clients because they understand that they are getting all the help they can get.

6. Describe how human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well-being of specific populations. 

human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well-being of specific populations by learning being knowledgeable about the cultures and communities of which they practice. They don’t discriminate they find the best way to help different groups. Doesn’t matter race, gender, religion, ethnicity etc they don’t pay attention to that.

7. Describe how what is happening internationally promotes or hinders the well-being of US citizens.

Internationally global population is beginning to increase. So with the population growing their is scarce resources such as health care, education, poverty etc. Another big thing is international migration. More are coming due to climate change, natural disasters, political upheaval etc. So it is becoming very hard in the field of human services.

8. Describe how the concept of “teaching a man to fish” promotes well-being.

The concept “teaching a man to fish” promotes well-being because you are giving a hand to that person. You are teaching them everything you know so he can learn how to fish well. Same thing with clients you teach them how they can better their lives. “Teaching a man to fish” promotes well-being because it also shows that you give your time to help that person.

9. Describe how cultural competency can promote well-being.

Cultural competency can promote well-being because you learn things that can better help the clients. You will have knowledge and know how to respond and understand better of the client’s needs. Helping different cultural groups can give you a different understanding.