Technology effects on Teens and Social Behavior

I chose to look up about how technology effects teenagers. Many different things came up about how it could effect their health and behavior. The reason I decided to choose this topic is because lately a lot of teenagers have cell phones use the computer a lot and etc. I want to find about how all this technology can effect us as teenagers. Since I myself am a teenager still I would like to know how technology effects us. Since so many articles came up about this topic their must be a lot of information that I don’t know about just yet. This topic should interest so many people because their are so many teens in this class and in the world that could learn from all these effects. They could also maybe learn how to prevent these effects by maybe using less of it.

I can mostly talk about how technology effects health in teenagers to make the topic less broad. I hope to address questions like how is it that technology effects our health. Is there ways in which we could reduce our use of technology by getting involved in other things. Can we get severe health issues in the long term by using so much technology. I want to learn what causes these health issues how can we really be affected so much by technology in this kind of way. My argument is actually just a statement or fact. There is no possible way in which we could argue against this. This is just stating something not really giving an opposing view. So should it be more of a argumentative research essay so like that you can have views on whether technology could really effect our health or also help us.

“Teens’ Excessive Use Of Texting, Social Media Linked To Risky Behavior.” Annals Of The American Psychotherapy Association 13.4 (2010): 8. Academic Search Complete. Web. 12 Nov. 2014.

This article I found showed studies and statistics in which they mention how technology effects the health of these teenagers. They explain how using more technology could probably result more in teenagers smoking, drinking, fighting, and having sexual contact. I guess the more technology you use you get more involved with the internet and texting and learning new things that you than want to go ahead and try. They also have reported how using more technology students spend about three hours per school day which could lead to higher levels of stress, depression, suicide and etc. They give you good statistics in which we could learn how much teenagers are not being productive towards trying to stop this epidemic of health risks. From this you could learn how much teenagers really spend their time on technology rather than on school work. All of the really bad health risks people can get from smoking and drinking teenagers are starting because of technology.