Apps for me

This past week has been pretty stressful. I was busy planning a party for my little brother. So when this happy apps assignment I thought oh great something to add to my load. I went through the list of apps and decided to focus on two specifically. I downloaded T2 mood tracker and GPS for the soul. T2 Mood tracker is an app that basically graphs some of your emotions you have daily. From you input every day, so you are able to see your feelings and how they’ve gone up or down. You can notice certain patterns and changes. There are 6 major categories , Anxiety, Depression, General well-being, head injury , PTS, and stress. In each existing category there are sub questions to follow. Giving you a scale between two extremes such as hopeful, to hopeless, unsafe to safe, panicked to content and asking you to rate yourself on where you believe you fall into on that spectrum. I found this pretty difficult, because they were such extremes, it really made me question myself, and I thought maybe if they had other categories or some mid-way kind of thing that would also be helpful. For instance instead of just having two categories having something like, a little, a lot, middle etc. After using this app for 4 days my results were all over the place. I guess that’s kinds true, I was all over the place this weekend. I had some ups and downs, I was at a point extremely content and then I also felt sort of sad. And the graph does represent that. Although I think I’m going to delete it , I don’t find it useful at all. Honestly its burden to be answering all those questions every single day, its repetitive and instead of being helpful it just becomes a task.
The second app I chose to look at was GPS for the soul. I also didn’t have a clue what this app was going to be about , but the app’s name caught my attention. I also downloaded this app on Thursday. On Friday I was beginning to feel a lot of stress and I decided to open the app and sure enough it was a pleasant surprise. The app offers small inspirational type of slideshows/videos. These different tracks are aimed to help you out during some tough times. Its sort of like having yoga on your phone. I opened up a couple of guides “ Finding Calm during the times of change” , the sound that comes along with each guide are very peaceful and make you feel relaxed. On Saturday I got into an argument with someone and I didn’t know how to handle the situation I automatically went to my phone. My first thought was to post something on my social media but just as I was about to open up my Facebook I saw the app and I opened it up instead. There I opened the guide called “Breathe In, Breathe Out, Smile” the name sounded extremely corny but I thought sure why not. And after reading the little messages and replaying it a couple of times it actually did help change my mood. So do I think that these kinds of apps work, sometimes, if your desperate enough . But then again I don’t think I can tell from only a couple of days, I’d have to use them for at least a month to really see .

Happiness apps

There is literally an app available for everything. There are apps to help you find the nearest starbucks to apps that deliver food right to your door. With these apps you are able to get anything you need with in minutes. It is even arguable if such apps make us lazy or if they are actually designed for convenience. If you’re an extremely busy mother that can barely make it to the market for tonight’s dinner or a disable person who isn’t even able to make it down the block these apps are life savers. Apps that can help you study for a huge exam or even apps that can keep you entertained are available with in a few clicks of your phone.

So of course there has to be apps available to track your happiness. Or to even promote happiness and well-being. It might have seemed somewhat silly a few years ago to have your phone ask how you’re feeling at that very moment or to even have it tell you who you’re the happiest with. But now a days that something typical and available with apps such as Mappiness. With Mappiness researches from the London School of Economics are able to track you anonymously through GPS. They are also able to graph your happiness out with just answering a few questions a few times a day. Their primary interest is to figure out how your environment affects your happiness.

But not only are you able to use apps alone but you can use these apps more socially with groups of friends with what’s called a buddy system. With the app called Headspace you are able to share your experience and other fun content with your friends what have similar interests. Headspace focuses on treating your head right through techniques that fulfill their mission of a healthier, happier world one phone at a time. Within this app there are techniques available to deal with stress, relationships and even creativity. This app even uses ethos to establish their reputation by using Emma Watson as a sponsor she states how genus this app is. They also use other former anonymous clients that speak on how amazing this app is.

Apps & all the other interesting things.

After looking through all of the apps and checking them out. I signed up for most and try to test my happiness earlier today on happily first, but that didn’t give me much info at all on my happiness it wanted me to sign up to see how Im feeling. Then I looked at the other apps and downloaded especial and in-flow because those were the main apps that caught my eye and the others I signed up and played around with them especially headspace because it was more about meditation and relaxation which I didn’t understand how to work. Then I played around with espereal and it was cool although I didn’t have any friends, but I was playing with the mood changer and I saw what all of the colors meant, one color meant jay-z which I thought was cool and weird at the same time because why does the app have a mood feeling as if their Jay-z.

Then as I waited for in-flow to down load I played around with it and the way that works is it goes buy face expression based on how someone is feeling whether it is sad,happy, or angry at the time I downloaded it and was doing my homework I was feeling ok and calm at the time. Then they track it on a line graph by the date and I’m supposed to track how I am feeling for the week, then it will tell me what is my mood through the day whether it changes or stay the same. Which I thought was cool and it gives you advice as well such as taking a shower, donating, and exercising to make you feel more happier during the day?

Also I have received numerous emails from all the apps and so far I enjoy them because I am bored half of the time and I play around with them. I think I have to understand how to work them more, most of them consist of a lot of reading to get to the next step and some apps did, some didn’t I want to get straight to the point with the app. Also I thought some apps I didn’t like that you had to use Facebook in order to signup and I am a person who don’t trust apps and I don’t use Facebook and the type of apps that ask for access for your Facebook I dont know why they did and don’t see the point, but overall they were cool and most of them you needed to pay something in order to get the full access of the app or the website. Overall trying something knew on my phone wasn’t a bad experience and looking at something different on the internet was fun and different as well and made me think more about happiness anyhow release stress more and cool out more instead of overthinking things and getting myself worked up and listening more.

Do apps really help figure out your happiness ?

In my opinion apps do not tell whether or not your are happy. Maybe I didn’t use the apps in the correct way but they didn’t work for me. But the most common app that a lot of people seem to go after is to track their mood and see whether or not the app can figure out how happy they may be. I tried out the T2 Mood Track and it wasn’t successful, you basically just put in your moods and nothing happens. It just shows up on a scale and the way they changed over the days kind of like keeping a chart of how much weight you lost every few weeks. Another app I tried was the Expereal and I was kind of not excited about it because of the fact  that the only way to login in was to login with your facebook account. You also had to put a picture and give access to your pictures and basically everything on your phone. So I don’t think that apps can figure out how happy you are, maybe the apps I tried out didn’t work for me or I didn’t use them correctly but they weren’t very helpful. It was more of just me putting information into my phone. I also noticed that some apps that were listed only worked on androids which sucked because when I looked at the information it looked that it would have probably worked better than the other apps. Another thing is that the apps that you had to pay for looked more interesting obviously than the free ones because they might actually work if you really have to pay for it right ?

Happiness through apps.

I was interested in trying the apps. I was curious to how it worked and if it even helped at all. So I downloaded the app “Mappiness”. When I first got it it asked me to answer some questions about my personal happiness and also my money and my income. I didn’t expect to be asked about money, so that took me off guard. When I was finally done they asked me questions based on how happy, relaxed and awake I was on a scale from 1-10. Then I was asked what I was doing and to check off all that apply and also where I was. That was about it. I get a update everyday from the app telling me to do the same thing. After a couple of days I looked at it and noticed it starts to create a chart based on my happiness. The app said I was most happy when I was home and indoors, which is very true. To be fair the times when I was notified to update my happiness I was home and I was recently sick, so that could have something to do with it. The more I use the app I’m sure the more I will find out. So far the app is telling me things I already know, so it’s helpful to see my happiness being tracked but at the same time I already know what they are telling me so far. Maybe after a while it will tell me things I don’t know, after all I did just start the app.

Keep Up with Your Happiness Apps

I’ve tried to track many things in life; time, periods, appointments etc. but never my mood or happiness. But hey its possible. After a couple days with three different mood trackers I found some good qualities that these apps hold. The obvious is that the apps asks you how do you feel throughout the day. It would ask a couple questions about the mood you are in currently. Most apps ask with who you are and what you are doing as well.

Something i enjoyed about the app is the constant reminders throughout the day. This is because it almost feels as if someone actually cares to ask about them. ll Also that it is people friendly. When i say this i mean that the app ask questions in a nice way.

Happy Happy Happy Apps!

So as I looked through all of these apps I saw a common trend which started to be tracking people’s happiness. For most of the apps it tries to see how happy you are the mood you’re in what kind of people surround you and etc in order to obtain statistics on people. They want to see the kind of things that make people happy to than see how they can help. But each app wants to find ways in which they help people become happier for their everyday life. I liked that each app lets you know how happy you might be and tracks everything for you so you can know how happy healthy you might be or just plain happy. They want to help you keep on track with your happiness so they send you alerts when to add your mood and etc.

For instance an app I downloaded to try the “Happify” one started off asking so many questions from your age? to do you think you’re in a serious relationship? or are you a picasso or accountant kind of person? they ask all these questions to know how you feel about yourself and what you think about happy. When you signup than you can do different task. Like one I chose where you stop comparing yourself to others than you might pick an activity i chose one and they showed me three different tasks. The first was Not That Into You the second Love What You Have and the third You Decide How! So I went to choose Love What You Have. This task would help me combat negative bias, reduce feelings of sadness or hopelessness and feel better about life. So far from just looking at this app and the kind of task they might have you do or what the activity will help you get through it seems like they really want to help your life be more happy and healthy.

They want to focus on how each person can become healthier with their lifestyle choice and through each app like the “Headspace” which tries to meditate with you you can have a healthier mind. I like each app finds ways they can help with each person. They’ll give activities that can help the mind they might soothe you with music or pictures they all want to know what really makes people happy. These apps want you to track your happiness and learn how you can change the way you think and your attitude such as the “Live Happy” these apps want you too change for the better.

I downloaded that app that I mentioned because I do want to see how this can affect my happiness or actually do make me happier. I am the kind of person to get mad easily I can be disrespectful or catch attitude. My mother has always said I’ve been like that to since little and I do want to change that. It doesn’t look good in a young girl to act like that anyways. I want to change and have a positive attitude always or find ways to forget things and not get mad.

Apps help but not really.

My thoughts about these happiness apps are a little diverse. In one side I think they are might be good to collect data such as a person’s location where they live, their gender, ethnicity etc. and see how that affects their wellbeing. Meaning, if they have economic stability, enough resources provided by the government and so on. However, I also think that the apps are not enough for a person to reach happiness. Yes, it gives some tips of what can be done to feel better at the moment. Although, it doesn’t give you exact processes that would help you solve the problems that may be affecting your happiness. Here are some thoughts about some of the apps:

“Track your happiness” is the app that makes you take a survey at the beginning asking you about general information about yourself, like gender, ethnicity, age etc. then this app sends you surveys to your email where at the beginning of the day, the middle and at night. In each of these surveys there are about 15 questions that ask you what you are doing, how do you feel, etc. At the end of each survey this app collects the data and graphs it in correlation with your happiness and activities accordingly. I think this app is not so helpful to improve a person’s happiness but more like to collect information of how people’s happiness is affected by their environment and daily activities.

“Happy habits” is an app that you can download to your phone and this app contains a series of activities that you can do to increase your level of happiness at the moment. I first took the survey with 119 questions, which at the end gave me a detailed summary of what are my characteristics as a person and how i could improve in them to be happy. The summary about the characteristics measured them from low, average and high. The characteristics measured were: optimism, illness susceptibility, locus of control, compassion, trusting of others, affiliation, pleasantness, emotional stability, conscientiousness, assertiveness, self-confidence, gratefulness, approval seeking, and playfulness. Mines ended up being sort of accurate I would say, and the advice that they give is realistic. Asides from the test this app contains information that educates people about cognitive psychology, which is the approach the application takes. Moreover, they have meditation techniques and activities that are in fact relaxing and help improve happiness. I have tried meditation before and I can say that after it I would always end up relaxed and feeling fresh in mind and body.

Emotion sense app claimed that they were going to collect data from my phone including my location, texts, calls and more. When I read this, I immediately went back and did not agree to the terms and conditions. I already don’t trust facebook and some other websites that have my private information. I obviously wouldn’t like another app to get this private information from me. I would feel very uncomfortable with someone reading my messages or spying on my calls. Not that I have anything bad or embarrassing to hide but I just like the fact that I can keep some things to myself.

Happiness Apps

Happiness has been an ongoing topic, constant promotions, tracking individuals happiness. Websites and apps have been created in order to improve/ helps ones happiness and show the ideal path to happiness.

Most of the apps were a bit boring and not interesting at all as i clicked on each one and downloaded i felt as if it was a waste most of the apps only asked a series of questions. In my opinion the app “Happify” is the most efficient app in achieving happiness. After downloading happify it instantly tells you how to find the right track for you, complete track activities and games on the go. It also asks a series of questions to get to know you after you finish, it sets up a track that best fits you, and how it will benefit you. Happify helps with positive thinking , it sets goals and allows you to achieve them. With these games  and activities it can help achieve happiness one day at a time.

I used to believe there was something wrong with tracking individuals happiness but i now see that it can be very beneficial. I thought that completing survey’s weren’t as affective but completely these survey’s honestly can help you towards becoming more happy.i

hAPPiness Tracking and Promoting

In Flow and GPS 4 The Soul are some interesting apps that has the same purposes. It’s purpose to track happiness and promote it. How does it work(?), one might ask. Does it work(?) or is it all a scam for your money(?) At first I was wasn’t really surprise about all these tracking and promoting happiness apps. There are millions of apps being developed right now as I am writing this blog.  I was however, annoyed when I first downloaded the apps. It’s basically ask me what I am doing and How I am feeling doing it. This is what most of the apps asked me to do. However I came across Happify. It is unlike the other apps. It better and much fun then just asking me questions.

In happily, It looks more developed and more efficient due to it having activities for us to do. One of the game, have us clicking on hot air balloons with positive words to make them go up and if we clicked a negative word, the balloon would go down. It’s quite a learning tool too. I played the game and as the level goes up, the words became outside my vocabulary. I learnt a feel positive words and also some negative words. Happify is free for it user, however for full access, a 15 dollars fee each month is required.

This tracking and promoting happiness reminds me about the first article we read for this class. I remember myself disagree with the fact that the government is trying to track people happiness , but agree that they trying to promote happiness however by picking sides. Since these apps are self-help apps that a user are willing to download it, I am fine with them tracking ones happiness.