Happiness through apps.

I was interested in trying the apps. I was curious to how it worked and if it even helped at all. So I downloaded the app “Mappiness”. When I first got it it asked me to answer some questions about my personal happiness and also my money and my income. I didn’t expect to be asked about money, so that took me off guard. When I was finally done they asked me questions based on how happy, relaxed and awake I was on a scale from 1-10. Then I was asked what I was doing and to check off all that apply and also where I was. That was about it. I get a update everyday from the app telling me to do the same thing. After a couple of days I looked at it and noticed it starts to create a chart based on my happiness. The app said I was most happy when I was home and indoors, which is very true. To be fair the times when I was notified to update my happiness I was home and I was recently sick, so that could have something to do with it. The more I use the app I’m sure the more I will find out. So far the app is telling me things I already know, so it’s helpful to see my happiness being tracked but at the same time I already know what they are telling me so far. Maybe after a while it will tell me things I don’t know, after all I did just start the app.