Do apps really help figure out your happiness ?

In my opinion apps do not tell whether or not your are happy. Maybe I didn’t use the apps in the correct way but they didn’t work for me. But the most common app that a lot of people seem to go after is to track their mood and see whether or not the app can figure out how happy they may be. I tried out the T2 Mood Track and it wasn’t successful, you basically just put in your moods and nothing happens. It just shows up on a scale and the way they changed over the days kind of like keeping a chart of how much weight you lost every few weeks. Another app I tried was the Expereal and I was kind of not excited about it because of the fact  that the only way to login in was to login with your facebook account. You also had to put a picture and give access to your pictures and basically everything on your phone. So I don’t think that apps can figure out how happy you are, maybe the apps I tried out didn’t work for me or I didn’t use them correctly but they weren’t very helpful. It was more of just me putting information into my phone. I also noticed that some apps that were listed only worked on androids which sucked because when I looked at the information it looked that it would have probably worked better than the other apps. Another thing is that the apps that you had to pay for looked more interesting obviously than the free ones because they might actually work if you really have to pay for it right ?