Research essay Pre-Draft

Sexuality: Can be based on what you like and how you feel

When a mother is pregnant she is able to see the gender of her child when she is four months. We were all born either a boy, girl or twins. We were all born into this world to be who we want and achieve things that we want in life. Naturally when beginning to like someone a girl will like a guy and a guy will like a girl, but that isn’t always true. Some were born to like the same sex and not be approved by society because they are gay. Which, isn’t fair because we should be able to like who we want and should be comfortable in our own skin without being judged?  The point is that gay people should be able to be accepted by society whether they are gay, bisexual, lesbian, or queer.  Society shouldn’t judge or disapprove of what someones likes or wants to be. Everyone was born in the world for a reason and now that there is a lot of LGBTQ people in the world makes it  more comfortable for others to come out and be open without others feeling any type of way towards them.

After revising my question I first stated why are gay people happier than straight people ?  When researching this question I came to a consensus that gay people yes they are happy people not saying that heterosexual aren’t,but researching this topic helped me with the general about gay couples and straight couples. It didn’t help me get to an actual provident of my question. After doing more research I changed my question to something more reasonable and can be debated which is why are gay people more comfortable than heterosexual couples.  Based on an article “ Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youths’ Perceptions of Their High School Environments and Comfort in School “ by Diane E.Elze states that students who are gay, lesbian and bisexual were victimize in school because of what they were. Elze states that“ their perceptions of stigmatization, and their social integration with heterosexual peers as openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual people contributed to their feelings of comfort in school” ( Elze, pg. 1 ) .  Therefore in order for them to feel more comfortable and open people will have to accept the fact that there are people who are going to be what they want no matter of what others think.

Although this article was short and not much information details, it had a lot of information based on gay, lesbian  Elze point was to make sure that the students in the high school were being supportive “ The author suggests that interventions should aim at reducing stigmatization and creating supportive peer environments in schools for gay, lesbian, and bisexual students. Therefore, she wants LGB students to be protected and get the best supports and advisement from faculty. She was able to state the problem, then gave resolutions on how to solve them in order to make it better and comfortable for LGB students to go to school.

After reading this article I came to the conclusion that, not only is gay people comfortable with one another. There more connected with one each other. Although homosexuals may not  have the most supports from others. Now in society it is very supportive and acceptable, and normal to people from before because not many accepted the fact of being gay, families, schools didn’t accept the fact of blacks and white dating each other. Therefore it’s legal for homosexual couples to get married in the united states and other states as well.  After researching more on my topic I found that most people had different attitude toward a lesbian couple rather than a gay men couple, because not many believed that gay men couples were accurate or real until more start to come out, just as much females came out about their sexuality.

Work Cited:

Elze, Diana E. “Children & Schools.” Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youths’ Perceptions of Their High School Environments and Comfort in School. N.p., Nov.-Dec. 2001. Web. 25 Nov. 2014.

Herek, Gregory M. “Public Opinion Quarterly.” Gender Gaps in Public Opinion about Lesbians and Gay Men. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2014.

Second Proposal

After getting more depth into my topic  it wasn’t as I hard as I thought it would be because our main topic in our class that we are focusing on is happiness. In high school my english class did a topic on happiness, therefore what we are doing in class isn’t brand new to me because I was recently doing this project right before I graduated. Generally I’m choosing my topic “ why gay people are happier than straight people “ ? Because it’s a topic that can be fought for many reasons and have many opinions, but state facts as to why gay people are happier than straight people . Researched  I have done and read generally come to a sense that gay people are more likely happier than straight  people because,  there more honest with each other and coming out into the world to be accepted from society. Although some may disagree, but LGBTQ has taken a role in societies because now gay marriage is legal in some states, but it’s legal in New York City. Which is city that has to fight a lot for something they want and it happened? Because they’re more free within themselves. As I introduce in my first proposal as to why I think they are happier than straight. Then I will talk about research I found and how it supports my thesis because based on researched I found gay people are more open, honest, experimental with one another and not carrying a burden on their shoulder just because their gay. There able to express themselves in their own way and be judged.As I continue to research more into my topic are gay people happier than straight people?  A general consensus is that know one sits down and decide that they are gay. Study shows that it starts at a young age such as 12 years old until you turn 17 and  actually have an understanding of what they like ,but doesn’t mean that they  are born with a prefix orientation, unlike heterosexual  study showed more instability in their love life and percentage of their unleveled happiness over all doesn’t compare to gay people happiness.

Annotated Bibliography:

This source  is just a short article that talks about how couples in the UK are more happier than straight people.  Also they discuss how men are more positive and happier rather than heterosexuals because they have a more positive thinking when it comes to their relationship. Tanaye Happiness movie.mp4 (4).m

This is a movie I made in high school and I have 3 sources that supports my thesis and I have an interviews with people who are gay and they voice their opinion on happiness and if they think gay people are happy than straight people? Also I came to a general consensus as to why I think gay people are happier than straight people because they can be honest within themselves and I have researched that help me supported my idea .

This source helps me support my idea because it goes into death with are gay men happier than straight men? Based on the article by psychology today states that gay men are less likely to be depressed than heterosexual men because as I stated previously they are more open and free. Therefore a huge burden was taken off their shoulders to where they don’t have to worry what anyone says.


When thinking of a topic and what I wanted to research about I was oblivious on what I wanted to research on. At first I wanted to do drugs and how it make people happy , or bring some type of happiness into their lives is why they do drugs, but then I thought that topic can be too broad and I researched up on it and didn’t find much to help me back up my point. Then I always thought about gay couples LGBTQ and thought to myself I can research why gay couples are more happier and open then heterosexuals. The reason I chose to research this topic because I am a person who supports LGBTQ although I am not gay, but I do support them and every summer I go to pride which is the gay parade. The reason I go to it is because I have family members who are gay and the parade is fun and enjoying to me. I see different things and meet new people who are very open and confident within them selves.

Therefore my main objective is pointing out that no matter what people think they are going to be happy and love themselves for them regardless of what anyone else think. Is why I am making this my topic because I was someone who didn’t have much confidence in myself and always cared what someone thought of me. Now that I am older and started to get more confidence in myself. I don’t care what people think of me. Seeing class mates I use to go to school with who were gay they were different meaning their style, how they talked, how they walked and they knew that people will have opinions, but that didn’t stop them from being them. Which I loved because I like seeing gay people in the street till this day and it actually makes me smile because they walk as if they are in a fashion show with their heads up and they don’t care who is looking at them in a certain way.  Which is why gay couples are happier than heterosexual couples because they can say how they feel to their partner and not hold things back. On the other hand heterosexual couples say how they feel but the simplest things to a gay person they will speak on it unlike heterosexual they will rather wait.

Also, gay people are people that I actually look up to because they don’t let people or negative vibes stress them out. They live their life for them and not anyone else. Which relates to Rhonda Byrne statement thinking positive then positive things will happen. Which connects o gay people because they are people who do think positive and are more free and happier. The more positive someone is about their life the more positive things come into your life.

Annotated Bibliography:

Gardner, Richard. “The Key to a Happy Relationship? Be Gay. Or Childless. Or Make Tea.” The Independent. Independent Digital News and Media, 14 Jan. 2014. Web. 12 Nov. 2014.

This supports my topic because it supports why gay couples are happier than straight.  They are happier than straight because they are more comfortable with each other  Although they discussed that gay couples are less affectionate. Which I can argue against because now in society they are open with one another, they show affection to each other and they don’t hide how they feel. Also, it argues that LGBTQ couples are more happier and positive about their relationship which I stated because their positive within themselves. Not only they discussed about gay couples and straight. It supports how straight couples such as couple who have children can be just as happy as gay couples are because they have someone who is a younger version of them.


Apps & all the other interesting things.

After looking through all of the apps and checking them out. I signed up for most and try to test my happiness earlier today on happily first, but that didn’t give me much info at all on my happiness it wanted me to sign up to see how Im feeling. Then I looked at the other apps and downloaded especial and in-flow because those were the main apps that caught my eye and the others I signed up and played around with them especially headspace because it was more about meditation and relaxation which I didn’t understand how to work. Then I played around with espereal and it was cool although I didn’t have any friends, but I was playing with the mood changer and I saw what all of the colors meant, one color meant jay-z which I thought was cool and weird at the same time because why does the app have a mood feeling as if their Jay-z.

Then as I waited for in-flow to down load I played around with it and the way that works is it goes buy face expression based on how someone is feeling whether it is sad,happy, or angry at the time I downloaded it and was doing my homework I was feeling ok and calm at the time. Then they track it on a line graph by the date and I’m supposed to track how I am feeling for the week, then it will tell me what is my mood through the day whether it changes or stay the same. Which I thought was cool and it gives you advice as well such as taking a shower, donating, and exercising to make you feel more happier during the day?

Also I have received numerous emails from all the apps and so far I enjoy them because I am bored half of the time and I play around with them. I think I have to understand how to work them more, most of them consist of a lot of reading to get to the next step and some apps did, some didn’t I want to get straight to the point with the app. Also I thought some apps I didn’t like that you had to use Facebook in order to signup and I am a person who don’t trust apps and I don’t use Facebook and the type of apps that ask for access for your Facebook I dont know why they did and don’t see the point, but overall they were cool and most of them you needed to pay something in order to get the full access of the app or the website. Overall trying something knew on my phone wasn’t a bad experience and looking at something different on the internet was fun and different as well and made me think more about happiness anyhow release stress more and cool out more instead of overthinking things and getting myself worked up and listening more.

Serinity & Peace


When asked what is you happiest place in NYC? When I am feeling stressed or down and want to be alone my happiest place is a place called the pod on 51 street. The pod is my happiest place because it may seem odd, but it’s a hotel that I go to and not to get a room, but they have a roof top where anyone is allowed to go to and I go there almost every other weekend especially in the summer time because it’s a place where you can sit, think, relax and chill with anyone. I considered it my happy place because it’s where I go when I am cruising on my skateboard and I go up to the roof listen to my music and think about my life in general. I sometimes even do my homework there because they have free wi-fi and it’s a place for me to sit down and be alone with no worries.

When I get to 51 street any feeling that I was feeling before automatically goes away because that’s a place where I am at ease and all my worries goes away. Not only do I love going to the pod, but someone who is special to me or important to me they get the privilege to go to the pod because I want to be memorable to people and I want to give them things to remember. The reason why I want to give them something to remember because someone who I told about the pod and they go there they can hit me up or walk past the pod one day and can say “nay I was by the pod and it made me think of you “which makes me feel good because no matter what they will always remember me.

Also the coolest thing about the pod it remind me of titanic because the way it is set up its small, but the rooms are so cool and huge and titanic is one of my favorite movies, therefore going there reminds me of it and they have so many pictures in the hallways which reminds me of being in an art museum, it makes me feel good and happy because it’s what I dream of having my own place looking like. Also it’s where all my thoughts come into one and I write everything down so I won’t forget.

Lastly the reason why I go to the pod and some may think “you go to a hotel to chill on a roof “it may seem weird to some, but the reason is because it’s a place not everyone will go and say that’s their favorite place. I go there so much the door man know my name and give me free snacks and sometimes I have the option to sit get a room for a couple of hours because my dad brother friend is the manager there, and I have the ability to actually get the chance to be on my own for once and have time for myself.

Technology can be decieving

Technology, social networks, social media, apps plays a huge role in peoples lives. It can make some people happy or it can ruin peoples life because it’s a way for you to contact with friends,family and see what they’re doing, then it can ruin you by what you post or what you put on social networks because it can be taken out of content . Also it can keep you posted on certain things such as if you’re into sports, clothes, fashion , music, or artist you like thats why social media is there and apps such as ESPN app, NFL, NBA to keep you updated on what is going on.

Technology is way more advanced in society today because back then in the 1900s and before we couldn’t text one another or when we are typing a paper we couldn’t go back and fix corrections, back then if you messed up on a paper you would have to do it all over again. Back then they didn’t have voice mail, speed dial, texting or anything we can do now with technology now it is more advanced and quicker for people to communicate with each other which make us happier because if we need to contact someone and can’t get through to them with a call or texting, then we can email them or leave a voicemail for them to hear it or see it.

Social media can play both parts it can make some people happy and it can make some people unhappy. For example with couples social media can make a girl or a guy feel a way about something they saw either on face book, Instagram or twitter and it can either destroy their relationship or make it better if both people are willing to compromise and talk it out rather than letting what they saw on social media affect how they feel . On the other hand social media can be great because others can see what you allow them to see by what you post on your account and it can be great because some people get famous by posting their music, their art, their style and it only takes the right person to see the potential for someone and it can be great such as Justin Bieber, he got famous off youtube it took the right person to see his music and now he is a millionaire or just a 20 year old kid with a lot of money. Therefore social media can play both parts I think.

Apps can also playa role in happiness because I for example have apps on my phone that I need to keep me posted such as my work app it keeps me posted with my work hours and what i should get paid when I do get paid , and my urban outfitters app although I work there I keep up with it because I can keep customers connected with the deals we have in case they don’t know and it makes me happy when I come to work and my manager or associates tell me customers asked for me, it makes me feel good about myself because that means I am doing my job.

Lastly technology, social media, social network , and apps can make people happy for certain reasons because it can get you into a lot of situations or it can make you into something but for some people it can control them because some people can’t live without checking their Instagram , Facebook , or twitter for a day because they’re addicted to it, but for some it’s something not that important to them.

Response to The Secret & Paradise Parodise

In class we watched the video “ The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne  and watched the parodies about the secret to our happiness and the law of attraction. I thought the film was interesting and engaging but I think it was based more on opinions then facts, because although she was having experts come in and tell us why we think and feel the way we do. We never had a chance for her to exactly say  why she feel that we attract what we think of most and she thinks we control our own happiness. She had more visionary, authors and more people helping her opinion  be more convincible but I didn’t  agree with her statement because I do think we can measure our happiness because if we don’t like how certain things are going whether it is with school, work, relationships you can fix it so we wont be unhappy or feel a certain way.

The parodies I thought didm’t make sense and they were trying to be funny rather than make it convincible for the watchers because I honestly was confused while watching them , but the “ The secret “ I understood it very well and the point they were trying to prove in the video because it reminded me of a philosophers I learned in high school who were ancient Greeks and Romans which was meant to make people happier by teaching them to control their negative emotions and stated “ dont get mad over things you can’t control “ which Byrne is saying that thoughts become things and when we have these thoughts we want certain things, but can’t get it for some reason, for example when it’s raining and you don’t want it to rain you cannot be mad because we can’t control the weather. Therefore this connects to what Byrne is saying because she thinks that what we think is in our future and our thoughts and feelings is what we attract because  its what we are thinking. Although  that can be somewhat true but not a fact because everyone thinks about different things.

Also the authors discuss that what we think now is creating our future, which I dont agree with because we think a lot and  we have a lot of thoughts going on in our mind that we can’t control, for example we can hate a person so much and wish not to think about them or have feelings for them, but we cant control what I mind thinks because in our hearts we care for the person.  However I understood Byrne point but it needs to be more accurate for viewers to agree then disagree because instead of having visionaries and authors make her point believable she should speak to readers to make it clear for viewers.

Revision Reflection

After reading my peers reflection , I learned that my idea was clear but making my points wasn’t clear enough because instead I was summarizing the article rather than discussing my point and explaining what I think happiness is. Also I rushed my draft because I thought it was due at mid-night and I get home late from work, therefore  I can say I did rush my draft and it wasn’t my best as I wanted it to be, but I do know what I need to work on , which the way I worded my sentences I need to make it clearer on what I am trying to say, I need to use my own thoughts that can relate to the authors, and  I needed to use more of my ideas and not the author point of view.

I used more of the authors idea and summarized it more rather than giving my ideas and making my thesis clear of what I am trying to say meaning, I think that happiness cannot be measured because I think its based doing whats best for you and not no one else. My next steps are discussing my points and not giving so much of the authors ideas and give my ideas to make my thesis and essay stronger.

Something I can say I did well at was getting my readers attention, at times I was unclear but as they read along they understood what I meant or what I was talking about. I want my reader to be engaged and into my essay to where they can say they relate to it and like my ideas I used. Also for my next draft I am revising everything in my essay because I know what needs to be fixed, removed, and replaced because I  did it fast to where I couldn’t  actually sit and think to get all my ideas, thoughts together. I knew what I wanted to talk about,but I worded it wrong and needed it to be clear for my reader to understand my main idea of my essay and get the point of it, instead of having all of my ideas in multiple places and leading my reader off track to where they dont know what I am talking about. I think my thesis is good, but could be better instead of a general statement as everyone did to get to the point of my essay with claims, details  and being specific with what I am talking about.

Lastly after I revise my draft I hope to get better feedback and my readers understand my main point instead of having questions to what  I am talking about, instead of having a lot of ideas in one paragraph to have them but explain them with details and make sure that what I am writing is connecting to my thesis.  Also my reader said my conclusion is strong, I have to work on my body paragraphs and to get to the main point.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

1. Describe how the trends of technology, in the field of human services, are attempting to aid a client’s well-being.

The trends of technology, in the field of human services, are attempting to aid a client’s well-being because it changes the way the profession communicates with their clients in order to meet their needs, medical issue, speaking to a doctor or  looking at their files or transferring them. Its a  better way of communication and more professional in the field .

2. Describe how technology can promote well-being in professional development for human service workers and ultimately clients.

Technology can promote well-being in professional development for workers and ultimately clients because technology is used to help  provide better and faster  services to clients  and in society because it allows faster communication and better practice to make decisions and report issues within a client or anything important .

3. Describe what managed care is, and how it promotes client well-being.

Managed care promote well-being because human service professionals and their clients work together to  plan and provide a  better and efficient service in order to have a better care and feel protective with the client and the worker.  As well manage care has a lot of different solutions such as strategies which is used to manage resources and deliver better  human services to the client, also it helps them get more benefits and  health care that the employer helps them with .

4. Describe some of the limitations of managed care and how it can impact on well-being.

Limitations of managed care can impact on the well-being of the client’s as well as the professional because it has certain limits to where the profession have to set a line with the client in order for the client to open up and it causes the human service professional their ability to want to be emotional or provide affection the client, but it has to be professional.

5. Describe what service delivery means and how it promotes well-being.

Service delivery is the relationship between the client’s and the professionals through a computer or program that promotes it promotes good quality service delivery and  provides the client with support.

6. Describe how human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well-being of specific populations.

Human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well-being of specific populations because it allow professional to expand their knowledge, getting to know different facilities and work with more diverse group of people in order to help their client more if their solution isn’t working.

7. Describe how what is happening internationally promotes or hinders the well-being of US citizens.

What is taking place internationally promotes well-being because individuals are becoming more advance and as a result of technology and have better communication skills .The faster communication  is getting more people are getting faster information, traveling , work , jobs which is at a fast pace and is beneficial.

8. Describe how the concept of “teaching a man to fish” promotes well-being.

The concept of ” teaching a man to fish” promotes well-being because it involves the client and the worker with support  that the client need and improvement to grow. When the client reaches a certain growth spans it allows the clients to be on their own and take control of their own actions and make decisions for themselves.

9. Describe how cultural competency can promote well-being.

Human services professionals being culturally competent can promote well-being because this profession will have better communication and gained more diverse skills and knowledge of different cultures.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

1) Describe the techniques and solutions used to aid in the well-being of clients who were in distress? the

The techniques and solutions used to the aid of well0being was making sure that clients who were disabled, sick, or couldn’t do things fir them selves they would get the right help they needed and the service they needed.

2) Describe the evolution of human well-being services, from the middle ages to present day by day individuals, professional and society

During the middle ages needy people received aid from human service institutions such as orphanages, and churches and important service was hospitals because people would constantly get sick, but also provide medical assistance to the ill, poor and tired travelers just to help those in need.

3) Describe how Obama-Care’s mission is to aid the well-being of Americans.

Obama mission is to aid the well-being of Americans by providing heal care for families or people who dont have health care such as insurance, medicaid, food stamps and support to help them survive for those who dont have any medicaid or health care.

4) Describe how social philosophies were promoted to aid in the well-being of clients/society

Social philosophies were promoted to aid in the well-being of clients/society by allowing individuals to things on their own to see if they were independent and can work hard on their own with out assistance. Also to see the oversee the comprehensive of a care of a client.

5) Describe how the mental health movement promoted the well-being of client/society

The mental health promoted the well-being of client/society  by keeping a commitment to helping others and increased the well-being of clients and wanted to provide better service to understand  more of the mental health.

6) Describe the human service movement promoted the well-being of clients/society

The human service movement promoted well-being of clients/society  because it improved services to make it better for the clients and made sure that everyone was assisted in a better or helpful way in order to make it successful and making sure their needs were met and were supported to their best ability.

7) Describe how entitlement benefits ( Medicare,Medicaid, Welfare) promote the well-being of individuals/society

The benefits promotes the well-being of individuals because it helps individuals stay on their feet  and  helps them provide of their family, even though they’re  unemployed but is getting income to help them until they can support themselves with out assistance. It helps society also because the government is helping society and its keeping people on their feet and saves money as well.

8) Describe how legislation promotes the well-being of individuals/society

Legislation promotes the well-being of individuals/society because it helps patients who are sick in the hospital with their health and provide them with their prescriptions  to help them get better with their sickness or health issue.