Revision Reflection

After reading my peers reflection , I learned that my idea was clear but making my points wasn’t clear enough because instead I was summarizing the article rather than discussing my point and explaining what I think happiness is. Also I rushed my draft because I thought it was due at mid-night and I get home late from work, therefore  I can say I did rush my draft and it wasn’t my best as I wanted it to be, but I do know what I need to work on , which the way I worded my sentences I need to make it clearer on what I am trying to say, I need to use my own thoughts that can relate to the authors, and  I needed to use more of my ideas and not the author point of view.

I used more of the authors idea and summarized it more rather than giving my ideas and making my thesis clear of what I am trying to say meaning, I think that happiness cannot be measured because I think its based doing whats best for you and not no one else. My next steps are discussing my points and not giving so much of the authors ideas and give my ideas to make my thesis and essay stronger.

Something I can say I did well at was getting my readers attention, at times I was unclear but as they read along they understood what I meant or what I was talking about. I want my reader to be engaged and into my essay to where they can say they relate to it and like my ideas I used. Also for my next draft I am revising everything in my essay because I know what needs to be fixed, removed, and replaced because I  did it fast to where I couldn’t  actually sit and think to get all my ideas, thoughts together. I knew what I wanted to talk about,but I worded it wrong and needed it to be clear for my reader to understand my main idea of my essay and get the point of it, instead of having all of my ideas in multiple places and leading my reader off track to where they dont know what I am talking about. I think my thesis is good, but could be better instead of a general statement as everyone did to get to the point of my essay with claims, details  and being specific with what I am talking about.

Lastly after I revise my draft I hope to get better feedback and my readers understand my main point instead of having questions to what  I am talking about, instead of having a lot of ideas in one paragraph to have them but explain them with details and make sure that what I am writing is connecting to my thesis.  Also my reader said my conclusion is strong, I have to work on my body paragraphs and to get to the main point.