Serinity & Peace


When asked what is you happiest place in NYC? When I am feeling stressed or down and want to be alone my happiest place is a place called the pod on 51 street. The pod is my happiest place because it may seem odd, but it’s a hotel that I go to and not to get a room, but they have a roof top where anyone is allowed to go to and I go there almost every other weekend especially in the summer time because it’s a place where you can sit, think, relax and chill with anyone. I considered it my happy place because it’s where I go when I am cruising on my skateboard and I go up to the roof listen to my music and think about my life in general. I sometimes even do my homework there because they have free wi-fi and it’s a place for me to sit down and be alone with no worries.

When I get to 51 street any feeling that I was feeling before automatically goes away because that’s a place where I am at ease and all my worries goes away. Not only do I love going to the pod, but someone who is special to me or important to me they get the privilege to go to the pod because I want to be memorable to people and I want to give them things to remember. The reason why I want to give them something to remember because someone who I told about the pod and they go there they can hit me up or walk past the pod one day and can say “nay I was by the pod and it made me think of you “which makes me feel good because no matter what they will always remember me.

Also the coolest thing about the pod it remind me of titanic because the way it is set up its small, but the rooms are so cool and huge and titanic is one of my favorite movies, therefore going there reminds me of it and they have so many pictures in the hallways which reminds me of being in an art museum, it makes me feel good and happy because it’s what I dream of having my own place looking like. Also it’s where all my thoughts come into one and I write everything down so I won’t forget.

Lastly the reason why I go to the pod and some may think “you go to a hotel to chill on a roof “it may seem weird to some, but the reason is because it’s a place not everyone will go and say that’s their favorite place. I go there so much the door man know my name and give me free snacks and sometimes I have the option to sit get a room for a couple of hours because my dad brother friend is the manager there, and I have the ability to actually get the chance to be on my own for once and have time for myself.