Technology can be decieving

Technology, social networks, social media, apps plays a huge role in peoples lives. It can make some people happy or it can ruin peoples life because it’s a way for you to contact with friends,family and see what they’re doing, then it can ruin you by what you post or what you put on social networks because it can be taken out of content . Also it can keep you posted on certain things such as if you’re into sports, clothes, fashion , music, or artist you like thats why social media is there and apps such as ESPN app, NFL, NBA to keep you updated on what is going on.

Technology is way more advanced in society today because back then in the 1900s and before we couldn’t text one another or when we are typing a paper we couldn’t go back and fix corrections, back then if you messed up on a paper you would have to do it all over again. Back then they didn’t have voice mail, speed dial, texting or anything we can do now with technology now it is more advanced and quicker for people to communicate with each other which make us happier because if we need to contact someone and can’t get through to them with a call or texting, then we can email them or leave a voicemail for them to hear it or see it.

Social media can play both parts it can make some people happy and it can make some people unhappy. For example with couples social media can make a girl or a guy feel a way about something they saw either on face book, Instagram or twitter and it can either destroy their relationship or make it better if both people are willing to compromise and talk it out rather than letting what they saw on social media affect how they feel . On the other hand social media can be great because others can see what you allow them to see by what you post on your account and it can be great because some people get famous by posting their music, their art, their style and it only takes the right person to see the potential for someone and it can be great such as Justin Bieber, he got famous off youtube it took the right person to see his music and now he is a millionaire or just a 20 year old kid with a lot of money. Therefore social media can play both parts I think.

Apps can also playa role in happiness because I for example have apps on my phone that I need to keep me posted such as my work app it keeps me posted with my work hours and what i should get paid when I do get paid , and my urban outfitters app although I work there I keep up with it because I can keep customers connected with the deals we have in case they don’t know and it makes me happy when I come to work and my manager or associates tell me customers asked for me, it makes me feel good about myself because that means I am doing my job.

Lastly technology, social media, social network , and apps can make people happy for certain reasons because it can get you into a lot of situations or it can make you into something but for some people it can control them because some people can’t live without checking their Instagram , Facebook , or twitter for a day because they’re addicted to it, but for some it’s something not that important to them.