Second Proposal

After getting more depth into my topic  it wasn’t as I hard as I thought it would be because our main topic in our class that we are focusing on is happiness. In high school my english class did a topic on happiness, therefore what we are doing in class isn’t brand new to me because I was recently doing this project right before I graduated. Generally I’m choosing my topic “ why gay people are happier than straight people “ ? Because it’s a topic that can be fought for many reasons and have many opinions, but state facts as to why gay people are happier than straight people . Researched  I have done and read generally come to a sense that gay people are more likely happier than straight  people because,  there more honest with each other and coming out into the world to be accepted from society. Although some may disagree, but LGBTQ has taken a role in societies because now gay marriage is legal in some states, but it’s legal in New York City. Which is city that has to fight a lot for something they want and it happened? Because they’re more free within themselves. As I introduce in my first proposal as to why I think they are happier than straight. Then I will talk about research I found and how it supports my thesis because based on researched I found gay people are more open, honest, experimental with one another and not carrying a burden on their shoulder just because their gay. There able to express themselves in their own way and be judged.As I continue to research more into my topic are gay people happier than straight people?  A general consensus is that know one sits down and decide that they are gay. Study shows that it starts at a young age such as 12 years old until you turn 17 and  actually have an understanding of what they like ,but doesn’t mean that they  are born with a prefix orientation, unlike heterosexual  study showed more instability in their love life and percentage of their unleveled happiness over all doesn’t compare to gay people happiness.

Annotated Bibliography:

This source  is just a short article that talks about how couples in the UK are more happier than straight people.  Also they discuss how men are more positive and happier rather than heterosexuals because they have a more positive thinking when it comes to their relationship. Tanaye Happiness movie.mp4 (4).m

This is a movie I made in high school and I have 3 sources that supports my thesis and I have an interviews with people who are gay and they voice their opinion on happiness and if they think gay people are happy than straight people? Also I came to a general consensus as to why I think gay people are happier than straight people because they can be honest within themselves and I have researched that help me supported my idea .

This source helps me support my idea because it goes into death with are gay men happier than straight men? Based on the article by psychology today states that gay men are less likely to be depressed than heterosexual men because as I stated previously they are more open and free. Therefore a huge burden was taken off their shoulders to where they don’t have to worry what anyone says.