Victory is Mine

After listening to both of the victory speeches by Democratic nominee, Bill De Blasio and Republic Nominee, Joe Lhota I noticed that they¬†had many similarities and some differences. Starting with Bill De Blasio one main thing that stood out to me was that he is a¬†very family oriented person. He based most of achievements being successful because of his family. His family not only being¬†his wife, daughter and son but the whole democratic team that stood with him along the way. Bill De¬†Blasio¬†also based his speech on the sad day we will never forget,¬†9/11. He said on that day the heroic figures of¬†New York didn’t think twice about¬†laying down their lives for complete strangers. The main goal was to make sure no one was left behind and that is what he is going to accomplish. He wants to make sure everyone is serviced.¬†He was told that he was “Guilty of being to bold.” Guilty of being to bold because people found that asking for a little more tax from the wealthy was to much, the sights that were set for children were to high and the quality of his thinking was to strong. But he¬†believes that being bold is what being¬†a true new Yorker consists.¬†Not settling for less as he said is a chance he can not afford to take. He wants to ensure that every child has the same opportunity to get a proper education. He wants to change the fact that¬†half our country is living below standards and in poverty.¬†He disagrees with the way the police is portraying the¬†stop and frisk movement and feels like they are mainly tackling people of color.¬†Overall Bill De Blasios main factor to continue to strengthen his people in the best way possible.

Unlike Bill De Blasio, Joe Lhota had a different approach. He was mainly focused on decreasing taxes and creating more well paying jobs. He agreed with the way that the police were portraying the stop and frisk policy. He states that he will unify city and create a new and different vision. everyone Wants safer streets and he believes that can happen if we support the NYPD. He is determined that he can bring crime rates down and what ever he says will be done. Having experience and being able to balance out difficult situations is who he believes should be the mayor. Its not about being a democrat or a republican its about who can stand strong through everything. In comparison to Bill De he also believes that every child should have the same opportunity to attend college. opening more charter schools and making the economy for affordable is his mission. He stands as a honest man and states the truth about everything that he says and sees.

In connection to our views on happiness I feel that¬†to these¬†candidates happiness comes from seeing their city and people grow. knowing that what they said during their speeches¬†comes to play and doesn’t just¬†disappear after they are elected. It seems to me¬†Bill De Blasios¬†happiness draws from the unity of the people of new York and Joe Lhotas happiness comes from provided effectual change¬†in new York.¬†For them it does not seem to be all about money but more on what changes and improvements¬†needs to¬†be made.


Money = Happiness!

The article “How To Buy Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky talks about how money can buy happiness. The author speaks of research done that has shown how a person’s happiness could be based on how she/he chooses to spend their money. Furthermore, she wrote that evidence has shown that experiences make people happier, and she gave three reasons to support her belief. First, experiences make people happier because unlike material things, experiences don’t change and cannot be replaced. Second, experiences are more likely to be shared with others. Third, experiences make people happier because things could be made as a competition as in people tend to compare their things to other’ possessions. Lyubomirsky also states that the only things that are bought that could make make a person happier are based on three main things: 1. The possession of required skill, knowledge, qualification, or capacity, 2. Being connected to others, and 3. The state of having independence or control over someone’s life. She also adds that another way to buy happiness is by spending money on others instead of just oneself, because by giving money to others, a person could learn to appreciate what he/she owns, by giving to those who have less. Her final statement about buying happiness talks about how using our money to give us more time off of work, because people who are wealthy tend to work more and spend less time enjoying their lives. Basically, Lyubomirsky believes that the key to happiness is not about how wealthy we are but about how we use the money we have.

I personally agree with this article, because to me money could definitely buy happiness. Having money could make a person do whatever they ever wanted to do. For instance, traveling is something that makes me happy; discovering new cultures and helping those in needs is something that fulfills my life, however without money I would never be able to do this. Also, even though this might not be true for many people, I believe that in the modern world we live in, money is basically the top priority to all people who want to be happy. Of course, there are those who are wealthy and miserable, however there are those who also are wealthy but live their lives with much happiness because of the money they got. Material things won’t always make a person happy because they are temporary but if a person knows how to spend their money on things that actually matter he/she could bring happiness to themselves. Sonja Lyubomirsky said that the key to happiness isn’t about how rich a person is but about how the person spends his/her money in her article, which is true. There are those people who become happier by giving to or helping others in need, and others who spend their money on unnecessary things that might or might not make them happier. I actually think that it depends on the person.