Happiness Archive #3: summary/response to Lyubomirsky article

In Psychology Today’s article “How To Buy Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky, she writes about the association of money to happiness. She goes ahead to describe the difference between the experiences and the material things bought with money. She also tells about how spending money on others can result in sustaining ones well being and when spending money, it should be on “need-satisfying goals.

After reading the article I was convinced by the writer’s compelling points of buying happiness. Although money can’t buy happiness it can buy experiences that will leave a longer lasting impression in our memories. Making it possible to revisit at any point and time. Also when buying an experience it may bring us closer to others. A simple movie date with a loved one, can provide happiness that you both can share. Wherein the material things that we may spend allot of money on, such as, cars,jewelry, tech devices and gadgets don’t last forever. After awhile they become invalid and useless ending the temporary happiness that was created when the items were bought.

Possessions are more likely to be compared. giving us a sense of insecurities when someone comes with newest modeled car, or new version gadget. When we compare ourselves to others we are less happy. We might feel insufficient, bringing all types of self doubt; thus, not being happy.

We can also have a great deal of happiness when we spend our money on something to better ourselves, grow; Such as an education. I spend money coming to and from school, on books, on copies, on clothes, etc…. but there is a bigger picture. The fact that the money being spent is to further myself, it adds to my well being. My Bachelors degree will be very self satisfying. It will contribute to my happiness. Giving me the ability to be a better person , by helping others. Whether it be with my career or just being a strong, proud,African American, single mother. I will have something to show and prove to my children. So yes, I’m buying my happiness through experience. that I will someday share with my children, my clients or maybe even someday, THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!


Introduction: Natasha Armas

Hello everyone. My name is Natasha Armas. I am 18 years old turning 19 on December 3rd. I was born in Ecuador and came to Queens, New York at the age of 3. I have an older brother that is 22 years old and a younger sister that is 15 years old. I am the middle child and it sucks! I attended Queens Vocational and Technical High School and majored in cosmetology. Once I take the state board test I will be a licensed cosmetologist. This summer I mostly worked, I also made time to go to the beach, six flags, and mountain creek water park.

On my free time I enjoy listening to music and drawing even-though I am horrible at it. I am not big on reading but once I find a book interesting to me my eyes will be glued to it until in done. I am currently reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and I can’t wait to see how it ends. My biggest desire in the world is to travel as much as I can. So far I have traveled to Ecuador, Colombia, Canada, Florida, Boston, and Cancun. Traveling is amazing because there is different cultures to see and different parts of nature that are unbelievably beautiful.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to get used to getting around City Tech. Since Thursday was my first time going up and down floors looking for my classes but, it doesn’t seem too complicated. My expectations for this semester are to gain a lot of knowledge in Human Services and to get good grades in all my classes. My career goal is to help kids with special needs which I have been wanting to do for as long as I can remember. Once this semester is done I am planning on going to Jamaica for a small vacation. I hope everything works out as planned.

My strengths in writing are that I enjoy to do research and I am able to back up my topic. My weaknesses are organizing my ideas and breaking them down. What I enjoy about writing is that there are endless topics to write about and you could express yourself without actually having to talk out loud. Which I find pretty cool. What I dislike about writing is when either I run out of what to say or when I am stuck because then it gets boring and I start to loose interest on the topic. I am not into technology but, I know how to work with it and figure it out when I need it. My sense of happiness is to appreciate the things you have and to be in peace with the life you live. My expectations for this course is that there is going to be a lot of critical thinking and writing. I think I will learn to analyze different perspectives of what others think happiness is. I didn’t know there was “science of happiness” and I am excited to learn what it is.