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Kelsey Melendez
English 1101

Children all over the United States are forced into foster care. Without no say in the matter.
Forced to live in a house with other people whom they don’t know at all. Around adults and children
who they have no connection to. No longer having their mother and father, rather complete strangers
who would be paid by the government to take care of them. Children in foster care are subjected to
abuse. Whether it is mental, physical, or verbal abuse. A child’s life can be changed traumatically by
these events happening. Since abuse has such an impact on the lives of foster children, then it will also
have an effect on the happiness of those in foster care. A child’s well-being can be affected negatively
depending on whether they have been abused or not.

Abuse put on a young child, it doesn’t matter if they are in foster care or not. This has a huge
effect on the well-being of a child. Children are who they are based on the environment they were
exposed to. Environment has everything to do with a child’s well-being. A child should not be exposed to
negative environments where they are exposed to abuse by those who are supposed to take care of
them. But instead hurt them. A child’s environment being unstable it negative. Foster care is puts
children in positions where the people they are put to live with have a choice whether or not they want
to stay with them or have them put in a other home. A child being passed around from one house to
another makes then very unstable as a person. Environments that the children are placed in have effect
of the child’s life in general. They can have trust issues with other people, because they have never had
a stable environment. Most children in foster care are put in homes that are unstable, but it also said
that even though a child is in foster care if they are in a stable environment the child will benefit from it,
since they are in a stable environment.
Children in Children in foster care are found to have mental issues. Although these mental issues can be
solved or kept from increasing worst. Those who are in foster care and also have mental health issues
will have an increase in these issues. This is because while in foster care they are being neglected by not
being given medicine nor being given the treatment they may need. So instead of them getting better
they will get worst. This may not be considered a type of abuse it is because a child is being neglected
and the child is being putting at risk. Children in foster care are put with people who have not been
evaluated or even given background checks to make sure that they don’t have any pass issues or any
mental health issues. This is being neglectful towards those children in foster care because they are not
being given the max amount of care that they should be given.

Children in foster care that have been subjected to abuse have had changed in their life. For
example their behavior. The child may act different towards interaction with other because they are
scared of what that other person may do to them due to pass abuse. School can be affected by a child
being abused. They will figure why care about school? They will tend to act out and may have anger
management issues. Abuse at a young age can also cause the child to go through so many emotions
including depression. Which at a young age a child should not be going through. Feelings of anxiety and
stress are things that child shouldn’t be forced to feel. They shouldn’t be exposed to these things at such
a young age. Making their lives a mess before they have really started. Which can make it harder to
happy and at piece at a later time in their life due to the traumatic events that they were put though at
young ages.

Second draft proposal

I decided to change my topic a bit. Instead of researching happiness in abused foster children I was going to take a few steps back and research happiness and well being in foster children. When I went to research the topic to find my sources a lot of links came up. I figured I would get a better amount of articles and other research if instead of just using plane Google I would instead use Google scholar. This helped narrow down the links and sources that I got. Foster care is a huge issue nowadays. Most foster children and put into homes where the foster parent already has at least a dozen other foster children. Stating the fact that everyone knows that if you take care of a foster child you get money from the government. There’s a lot of questions that can be asked as to why the amount of children in the foster care system is slowly increasing every year. Every child although if they are in foster care should be able to have the chance to achieve well being and happiness. If a child is not able to do so then their life can and will be affected drastically. For example school is a big issue. The can end up acting out in school and have behavioral issues. Seeking attention anyway they can get it. Some foster children are put through abuse and neglect.

Bruskas, D. (2008), Children in Foster Care: A Vulnerable Population at Risk. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 21: 70–77. doi: 10.1111/j.1744-6171.2008.00134.x

This article was all about foster care and the effect it has on a child well-being. Stating that children in foster care have been through traumatic events and also abuse. Loosing the child’s parents or knowing they didn’t want them can have a huge impact on the child’s life. Considering they are young when this all happens. In the article it states “experience feelings of confusion, fear, apprehension of the unknown, loss, sadness, anxiety, and stress.” A child’s life is becoming a mess before they even hit puberty. The article also talks about how if a child is going through any of these feeling (named above) need to be treated as soon as possible. Or negative affects can occur such as problems with development of issues with mental health.

This article talks about how two studies were conducted. The studies were basically about the well being of children in foster care. In most cases children in foster care don’t usually stay in one foster home for very long. This can cause the child to be unstable, due to them never being in a stable environment. In the article it states “Children adjust well to long-term foster care”. Children are happy in a environment where they know well. So having children stay in one foster home for a extensive period of time will benefit the child in the end. In the article it talked about how a study was conducted. Talking about how most children were happier in all aspects of life in the current place that they were in. Other children felt that they weren’t getting all the help that they needed, and they wanted more. This resulted in the foster child not liking their foster parent. A foster child should be happy in the home that they are in, and if they are not they should be switched to another home where they have a better chance of being happy.

This article talks about how that they are almost 750,000 children who are in foster care, but that’s only in the united states. Also talking about how more people are trying to push adoption so that children in foster care will not increase. Most children who are put into foster care already have mental health or developmental problems. What is even worse is that the children in foster care who do have this problems are not treated with the right care. So the problems that the child has may get worse because of the treatment they are not receiving but need. Most people would call that neglect. The article also talked about how these problems can be decreased also increasing the well-being of the child. This can be done by evaluating the foster parents more thoroughly to insure that the people they are putting these children with are able to take care of them the right way.

Chapter 4

1.Medical sees a person who is coming for help as a person who has a disease or a sickness. Public health is when someone is hard to define as a cleint or patient. Human services is their to provide help to individuals who need it

2.Philippen pinel impacted the well being of those with mental illness by making a campaigne to secure a new status for those with mental illness. So that they will no longer be known as people being possessed by demons but people with an actual disease.

3.Psychodynamic model promoted well being of human service professionals by creating a safe enviroment where the client can speakl freely about thier emotions , thoughts and feelings.

4.Medications promote the well being of those with mental illnesses becuase those with severe illnesses need medications to keep the illness that they have at a stable rate where it can be controlled by the medication they are taking, They will seem normal as if they dont have a mental illness. Also without being on medication a risk is ooccuring where the client can become a danger to themself or a danger to society.

5.Electroshock treatment can promote the well being of a person with severe depressions, catatonic, states, because after recieving the electroshcok treatment clients will see a decrease in the problem behaviors that the client is having. But to recieve the decrease in problem behaviors the client will have to recieve serval electroshock treatments.

6.The strengths based model approach promotes the well being of clients/society by making the client go back in time and visit their past. So that it can be made sure that they wont relive the past in the present.

Essay #1 Pre- Draft : Thesis Paragraph

 Does having a surplus amount of money allow you to fulfilled and obtain full happiness?

Can Happiness be obtained? This is proven in the article, “How to buy happiness” by

Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton and the article, “How to buy happiness” by Sonja

Lyubomirsky that explains the amount of money we have and how we spend it can

influence and be very beneficial to obtaining happiness and well-being,. Both of these

articles given idea of happiness but at the same times it’s illustrated by a different stand


Humans Servuces Hw Chapter 8

1. Describe how the client empowerment model for change effectively impacts a client’s well-being status? Include what the professional would do to implement the model in the counseling session.

The goal of this model is to empower the client ensuring them that a change can be made. Having someone believe in them can result in them believing in them selves. Human service professionals jobs are to support the client as well as improving their lives.

2. Describe how a community-based agency’s mission and goals promotes well-being and happiness for their clients.

Community based agencies or organization professional workers are very involved and hands on in the community in which they are assigned. The community they are assigned to influences the way they operate. Developing strategies such as Community Mapping, helps professionals connect to the lives of the citizen’s in the community. They promote overall well-being in the client as well as the community.

3. Describe how an agency’s organizational chart promotes well-
being through the chain of command.

The chain of command are the levels of authority in an agency which helps people understand the structure of an agency and how its works. This promotes well-being because departments or individual’s work closely together to provide the best quality work to the client.

4. Describe how the referral process is utilized in relation to the client’s well-being.

The referral process is a very crucial/ important part of a human services professional responsibility. The human service worker is seeking the best work for a client making sure the services needed is provided, putting the client’s well-being and best interest first.

5. Describe how an informal network can aid in the referral and well-being goals.

Human services professionals developed a system to build a file of informal network for referral purposes. A connection between individuals and agencies (social services help aid the client). Services are organized by the well-being of the client, The clients needs whether physical, social, or emotional (building a data base of information about the client).

6. Describe how documentation and paperwork requirements aid in the well-being of the client.

Documentation and paper work are the recorded information of the client (the steps, the process, the issues, etc.) It Keeps track of the client as well as the professionals work. Permanent documentation is good for the clients well-being.

7. Describe how stress and “burnout” of the worker can impact the client’s well being.

Human services professionals encounter with a lot of challenges throughout their work day. The decisions they make affect their work, clients ( types of services he client will receive), and agencies. Workers often stress over and are overwhelmed their case loads, allocation of their resources (time), not being able to spend enough time with each client. Clients need hands on professional work to aid them and if it’s not given it can be harmful towards the client progressing in life.

8. Describe how professional development activities can impact the well-being !of the worker. Describe how it also impacts service delivery to the client.

Professional development activities impact well-being for the client as well as the professional helping them gain skills and knowledge of certain situations to provide the best quality work for the client.

9. Describe how a human service worker can utilize client empowerment as a tool in the well-being of a client.

Human services workers can use client empowerment as a tool in the well-being because empowering the client allows them to take control of their own lives solving their own problems and struggles.

a tale of two cities, or not

In Bill De Blasio’s primary victory speech his family plays a huge part. De Blasio’s daughter ,Chiara, started of the speech. She talks about her admiration for her father and highlighting three crucial factors of his success , including family. De Blasio uses pathos then when referring to 9/11 ” the worst days of the city’s history” 18:25. He says although tragedy struck on that day “we saw a united city” 10:28 and that “the values we saw on that day are the values we must rededicate ourselves to” 10:57. He also starts introducing his main focuses stop and frisk, taxes, and education. De Blasio uses a ” tale of two cities” to show the separation among the wealthy and people on the brink of the poverty line. De Blasio highlights equality and that like in 9/11 no one should be left behind. De Blasio also points out the injustice of police brutality and how stop and frisk ” makes communities and police less safe” 16:38. He states that although there are doubt of his ambition ” we are New Yorker…..thinking big isn’t new to us…it is why this place id great”15:10. He believes that we ” shouldn’t settle for the status quo”.

In Joe Lhota’s speech he briefly thanks his family and mentions his parents struggle in his up bringing. He mentions his family’s role in the community as fire fighters, police men ect. But his main focuses were his support for stop and frisk, education and his experience. He states that Bill De Blasios ” a tale of two cities” is dividing our city and that “although we are five boroughs we are one city” 6:32. Unlike De Blasio, Lhota believes that thanks to stop and frisk our streets are safer ” I support the NYPD and believe that stop, question and frisk should continue” 8:58. Lhota also touches on his plan to reduce taxes and help small businesses grow. he continues with his determination to improve the school systems to give ” we need high standards that are balanced with great teachers and teacher training…..more than just teaching for a test” 11:38.

Both candidates touch on the areas that need improvement and that have caused a great deal of controversy. Stop and frisk has become one of the most talked about policies. Debates on whether its effective or just degrading have rose over the years with plenty of deaths and major lawsuits the bad have overcome the good intentions of the policy. Also the crucial topic if education was brought up and the lack of it. As Lhota stated we need higher stand but with that come better teacher training and better schools. Although both men have different visions of the city’s well-being they both have the same intentions with different outcomes

Mayors visions on well-being for New Yorkers

In the night of the NYC mayoral primary 2013, Bill De Blasio’s gaol is to give equal opportunities to everyone and to unify the city. De Blasio started off his speech with the terrifying terrorist attack of 9/11. He takes a moment to remember everyone that suffered the tragedy of 9/11. Throughout all the pain everyone suffered that day, everyone one came together and help anyway they found possible. People put at risk their own life to try to help others, complete strangers. It was a reminder that those in authority have the job to keep everyone safe in the best way they can. De Blasio said “New Yorkers left no one behind that day” (10:42). That day everyone helped each other no matter the racial statues or economic statues. The city became united. De Blasio explains that there was a tale of two cities. One tale where the wealthy were doing better then ever, their lives couldn’t get any better. The other tale where most of the citizen are living in the line of poverty. Parents are fearing that their children will not have the opportunity to have a high education. Where pro active policing is now turning into racial profiling. De Blasio restates that we can’t allow New York to continue unsafe, changes have to be made for a better future.

Bill De Blasio is a democrat which is goes more to benefit poor people. He used the day of 9/11 to show the way everyone came together and helped each other out. The way every one reacted so rapidly to help no matter who the person was. De Blasio wants New York to be like that everyday. He wants New York to be a united and equal city. Parents with a low economic statues should be able to give their children the same opportunities to receive high education. He referred New York as the tale of two cities where he mentions that the wealthy are living better then ever before and most citizens are living in the line of poverty. Wealthy people are in all ability to help but yet prefer to build luxury condos over community hospitals. Also police racial profiling is becoming very dangerous. Instead of police bring the feeling of safety they are doing the complete opposite. There should be changes done to feel safer and in order to have better opportunities. This will help in the well-being of people because they will feel safer and they will also be given more opportunities.

New York Cities 2013 primary night Joe Lhota’s victory speech is about continuing to improve the city and improve education. Lhota remarks several times that America is the land of opportunity, New York City is the place of opportunity. He doesn’t want to bring the city to bankruptcy and economic fear like others have done by picturing the perfect world. Lhota supports the New York City Police Department all the way. Lhota is very proud of the police ” who have brought our crime down over 75% over the last 20 years and I am determined to bring it down even more” (8:44). Lhota thinks if the the police does’t keep up with what they are doing the city will be unsafe. He also beliefs that stop question and frisk must continue. Lhota wants to continue improving the city just like he gives the example of Brooklyn improving and becoming safer to race a family. He also wants to improve education and give more opportunities to children to become more competitive in the 21st centenary.

Joe Lhota is a Republican which goes more in favor to the wealthy people. He doesn’t talk much about the lower class people showing that he mostly cares about the cities appearance. He want to continue to modernize the city with out taking in mind if it will benefit or harm lower class people. He also is in favor of the actions that police are now taking. Which harms a lot of people because of racial profiling. In reality this will not benefit the well-being of most people. Improving the city will bring up the cost of rent and many people wont be able to afford it. Also the police using racial profiling will cause to blame people that a innocent. These are not things that will bring an individual well-being or happiness within themselves.

Both candidates used pathos, logos, and ethos to catch the listeners attention and try to earn their votes. Bill De Blasio used pathos when he talked about the tragedy of 9/11 and the way he kept referring to that day. He uses logos when he talked about the tale of two cities, the wealthy and the poor. It is obvious that there is two completely different social classes and that one is benefiting more then the other. He uses ethos by having his speech in Brooklyn. This gives of to show that he is like everyone else and that he puts himself in everyone’s shoes. Joe Lhota uses pathos by mentioning that his parents worked very hard to give him a good education and where he came from. With this he wanted to show everyone that he and his family have also struggled. Lhota uses logos when he talks about the percentage of crimes that have gone down in the last 20 years. He wants to show how much it has gone down and to trust him that he will help to bring it down even more. Lhota uses ethos when he talks about others trying to paint the perfect picture and actually ended up bring the economy down. By using that he wants to show that he has a better plan then others and he is aware of what can happen.


Changing the face of new york city

In 2 victory speeches of Bill De Blasio and Joe Lhota both men expressed their beliefs and efforts towards making New York City a better place to live and raise your families.Bill De Blasio victory speech was held in Brooklyn while many others did their speech in Manhattan, Bill De Blasio went straight for the people he uses ethos to persuade the people of New York targeting their emotions about the tragedy of 9/11 ( 09:11-09:24). New Yorkers come together in times of need. Bill De Blasio expresses that he wants to keep the city safe using every tool to protect the people of our nation. De Blasio Talks About “The Tale Of Two Cities” (11:26-12:30) one city of the well privileged and the fact that even after a great depression their able to bounce back and life becomes much better for them whereas the other city of the less fortunate the under privileged, half of the city living on or near the poverty line. De Blasio as a New Yorker himself can relate and now how the people feel. De Blasio wants to make a change he want to change the face of New York City  by putting a end to racial profiling in the police department NYPD ” Stop & Frisk”, and better education which give the people hope that thing can change and get better in society people ill begin to be much happier, most parents of New York fear their child aren’t receiving the best schooling. The government thinks that asking the fortunate workers of New York to pay more taxes is asking for to much when it can go towards day care, after school programs, and pre-k. Bill De Blasio fights for change in the nation to make New York City welcoming he cares about the well–being of the people fighting for what their need their happiness and changing the face of their environment.

Joe Lhota believes in continuing a strong future for New York City.Yet, he doesn’t show care for New Yorkers the same as Bill De Blasio. Joe Lhota want the city and the government to be more united and thrive as a nation.Joe Lhota supports the NYPD and believe that ” Stop and Frisk” must continue whereas many people believe that racial profiling has a major role in “stop and frisk” and want it to end. He wants to improve education and the whole vibe of New York City.” The issues that mattered to new yorkers and how the major can best serve the people” (02:49). The first step should be more involved with the people and their opinions.

Both Speeches represent two different men persuading different group of New York City,De Blasio run for the poor whereas lhorta runs for the middle class. Both Candidates character is very present in both victory speeches.Both men supports their ideas and their beliefs on what will influence New York to thrive and grow as a city. Change will occur and be very influential towards the people of New York’s well being and happiness over-all. The unique use of Ethos in De blasio speech how he targets the people and persuade them to vote him for major, speaking of their needs and thriving a a country. Alot of

The Victory Speeches of the Primary Election of 2013

Like any other victory speeches; Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota both said their thank you’s to the public, their team, and their families. They both then went on talking about their beliefs and their goals once winning the election to be the mayor of New York City. In the Bill de Blasio speech, Blasio mentioned one of his beliefs of how New York City is the “tales of two cities.” (11:24) Blasio argued this point by mentioning half of the citizens of New York City are living at or near the poverty line, parents are scared that their children aren’t receiving the best education needed, and that the New York City Police Department had be somewhat racial profiling. In the Joe Lhota speech, Lhota argued one of his goals is  to help making New York City more affordable (10:51) to the middle class families. To support his argument, Lhota mentions that he will support small businesses. Another main goal of Lhota is to improve the educational system for the New York City children. To support this goal he mention that he will  support and open up more charter schools, increase the standard of the teachers, and the standards on training.

Joe Lhota and Bill De Blasio both seems to have their own vision of happiness; well-being of New York City. As we all know, well-being is the state of comfortable, heathly, or happy. Bill de Blasio believes that the New York City Police Department’s Stop and frisk(16:28) had been demoting the well-being of New yorkers. Especially to specific groups. However, Joe Lhota vision of the well-being of New Yorker City is by supporting the New York City Police Department’s stop and frisk.(8:25) He mentioned that it will keep the street safe. One goal they both believe that can promote the well-being of New York City is education. Even though there plans are different, they both want the best education for the children of New York City.

From the speeches given from both candidates, they both somewhat represents different groups of New York City. Bill De Blasio seems to represent minor groups of New York City and Joe Lhota seems to represent more on the middle class of New York City. They seem to use ethos in their speeches because I see a lot of their character in it and their beliefs. They also seem to use pathos to capture New Yorkers.




HUS1101: HW#2 Chapter 9/ETHICS

Describe how the Human Services Code of Ethics initiates, guides and promotes a clinical arena for professional and client well-being.

The Code of Ethics is a statement of ethical standards of behavior. It’s a guide to the professional on their roles, rules, responsibilities to their client, themselves employers, and the profession. Different types of profession in the human services field have different types of Code of Ethics. It could be similar but can have different wording and responsibilities even. For example, the Code of Professional Ethics for rehabilitation is different from the Ethics standards for Psychologists. The guides in the Code of Ethics give us an understanding of what is the purpose of their profession and how to carry it

Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to clients promotes well-being.

The responsibility of the human service professional to the clients is really important. The responsibilities includes the knowledge of the profession’s code of ethics, and their standard of behavior. The responsibility of helping their clients to keep them alway from danger. Human Services professionals are also responsible to have a well knowledge of their client’s culture in making treatment plans, and problem defining to promote the well-being of the client. Another responsibility is that Professionals must “…protect the privacy and confidentiality except when such confidentiality would cause harm to the client or to others…” In other workers conservation with their clients are to be kept within each other unless if workers believes that in the safety of the client or others.
Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to colleagues promotes well-being for the clients.

Human services professionals has responsibility to their co-workers, just as they do as for their own clients. Statement twenty-four of the Ethic Standards of Human Services Professionals suggests that if a worker sees that his/her co-worker is not following the code of ethics, the worker should talk to his/her co-worker about it because it could not promote the well-beings of his/her clients. If the matter didn’t change the worker should report the behavior of the co-worker to the supervisor.

Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to the profession promotes well-being for the client.

Human Services profession had responsibility to their own profession. One responsibility is that professionals should extend up-to-date and useful ways to increase their professionals strengths to promote the client’s well-being. Another responsibility to the profession is that the workers recognize the breaking point of their professional knowledge and contribute actions within what they know and their skills to their clients.

Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to self promotes well-being of the clients.

The Code of Ethics also includes the human service professional’s responsibility to the worker themselves. One responsibility is to to committed to advance our own knowledge to serve the clients and society better. Another responsibility includes having personal growth of their attitudes and values towards their clients.

Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to employers promote well being for the client.

There are three statements in the Ethical Standards of Human Services Professionals that states the responsibilities of workers to their employers. Statement 32 states that worker should be truthfully commit to the tasks made from the employer. Statement 34 states that if any conflicts between the responsibilities to the clients or to the employer, both the employer and the worker must work together to resolve the issues and promote the well-being for the clients.

Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to the community and society promote well-being.

Human Services professionals has responsibilities to the community and the society. Workers should know the laws in the community, the state they are working in, and the federal laws. Another responsibility of the human service professionals to the community and society is that workers should gain knowledge of the traditions and the cultures in the community they are working in and respect those beliefs to promote the well-being of the community and society.

Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to educators promotes well-being for the client.

Human Services professional’s responsibilities to the educators are really important to promote the well-being for the clients. Educators should give clear response on how the student is doing in the course. This can give the student intakes to how to approach a better promotion of well-being to the clients of the student in the future. Another responsibility of a educator is to have full commitment on teaching the students on promoting well-being of their future clients.

Describe the four stages of ethical decision making. Indicate how it strives to promote well-being to the client/society.

There are four stages of ethical decision making. Ethical decision making is when there isn’t a statement or code of ethics that can provide any action to a problem in the human services field. The stages are to resolve the conflict that doesn’t promote the well-being of the client/society. Stage one is to identify the problem. Stage two is to seek advice from your co-workers, supervisors, and experts. Stages three is to use the advice and explore the options. The last stage is to choose the way to resolve the problem or conflict.