Changing the face of new york city

In 2 victory speeches of Bill De Blasio and Joe Lhota both men expressed their beliefs and efforts towards making New York City a better place to live and raise your families.Bill De Blasio victory speech was held in Brooklyn while many others did their speech in Manhattan, Bill De Blasio went straight for the people he uses ethos to persuade the people of New York targeting their emotions about the tragedy of 9/11 ( 09:11-09:24). New Yorkers come together in times of need. Bill De Blasio expresses that he wants to keep the city safe using every tool to protect the people of our nation. De Blasio Talks About “The Tale Of Two Cities” (11:26-12:30) one city of the well privileged and the fact that even after a great depression their able to bounce back and life becomes much better for them whereas the other city of the less fortunate the under privileged, half of the city living on or near the poverty line. De Blasio as a New Yorker himself can relate and now how the people feel. De Blasio wants to make a change he want to change the face of New York City  by putting a end to racial profiling in the police department NYPD ” Stop & Frisk”, and better education which give the people hope that thing can change and get better in society people ill begin to be much happier, most parents of New York fear their child aren’t receiving the best schooling. The government thinks that asking the fortunate workers of New York to pay more taxes is asking for to much when it can go towards day care, after school programs, and pre-k. Bill De Blasio fights for change in the nation to make New York City welcoming he cares about the well–being of the people fighting for what their need their happiness and changing the face of their environment.

Joe Lhota believes in continuing a strong future for New York City.Yet, he doesn’t show care for New Yorkers the same as Bill De Blasio. Joe Lhota want the city and the government to be more united and thrive as a nation.Joe Lhota supports the NYPD and believe that ” Stop and Frisk” must continue whereas many people believe that racial profiling has a major role in “stop and frisk” and want it to end. He wants to improve education and the whole vibe of New York City.” The issues that mattered to new yorkers and how the major can best serve the people” (02:49). The first step should be more involved with the people and their opinions.

Both Speeches represent two different men persuading different group of New York City,De Blasio run for the poor whereas lhorta runs for the middle class. Both Candidates character is very present in both victory speeches.Both men supports their ideas and their beliefs on what will influence New York to thrive and grow as a city. Change will occur and be very influential towards the people of New York’s well being and happiness over-all. The unique use of Ethos in De blasio speech how he targets the people and persuade them to vote him for major, speaking of their needs and thriving a a country. Alot of

How Human Services Workers Improve An Individual Well-Being

Human services workers strive to meet the needs of people. Focusing on preventing problems as well as fixing. Human service professional have the skills and conducted several different disciplines to improve individuals, families, and communities. Throughout people encounter problems people aren’t always capable of meeting their own needs so they seek assistance. Often human services pair up with organizations and agencies so that their client is provided with good quality service which makes a difference in their lives and overall well- being. Human service workers educate their clients and motivate them resulting in the client feeling better about themselves often clients tend to have low self-esteem and feel hopeless. Professional support and giving clients opportunity to take control of their lives and be more self-sufficient, being independent can better the clients self-esteem. When an individual i able to provide themselves with basic needs such  as food, clothing, and shelter their taking control.The interaction between the helper and the client is always professional and very important for the clients well- being and recovery in being a better person evolving in life. The helper must know how the client feels emotionally asking questions frequently and building on it to come up with a solution

Can you buy happiness ?

In the article “How to buy happiness” by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton, they speak about different ways a person can buy happiness. An example that they used was imagining to wake up with $1 million dollars and being able to spend all on yourself but what were you really gaining out of that? Just because you had all that money and the first thing a person would think to do is spend it on themselves doesn’t necessarily mean that they are happy. What they did was do a little experiment and handing out Starbucks gift cards to people and telling them to share it with another person of just giving their gift to another person and realizing how happy that made them instead of just keeping to themselves and not being happy at all. With this research they showed that you can find happiness by giving a gift to someone or sharing something with a person and sharing an experience with someone rather than alone. You can have all the money in the world but if you’re alone what good does that do for you? Wouldn’t sharing and giving something to a person and seeing them how happy you made them make you happy ?

I agree with this article, just because you may have a lot of money doesn’t mean that you are happy. Helping people and knowing that  you made someone smile and sharing the same experience with someone can make both you and that person happy. You can buy happiness by sharing it with others because it won’t make you happy as an individual if you just do things for yourself.