Why have money if you can’t have happiness to???

In ” how to buy happiness” by Sonja lyubomirsky she explains that it is so believed that “money can buy happiness” when in reality it can’t. When college students were asked where they wanted to be in life they basically said being very good financially. Isn’t that the American dream? The truth is you can be happy making minimum wage and miserable make $200,000 a year. Sonja says that when people first come into the life of money they are happy but then as time goes on they become used to it and their life becomes just as normal as those with less money then them. In the article a plastic surgent was asked if he was happy with his job. His response was the opposite of what you would expect a man of his status to say! He answered that at first it was good but then he became basically unhappy and unsatisfied by his job. He was making all this money and living a life that many would only dream to live and he was unhappy! Why have money when it only caused problems. Money shouldn’t only be spent on you because that’s what you call being selfish. You should think of others and what they would want. Only happiness will come out of helping somone else other then yourself. Money has more power then people think. Most people think it’s just their so you can spend it on whatever you want when you should really be seeing how you can help other maybe even have a huge affect on the world in a positive way.

My thoughts on this is that I completely agree with this. I’m sure everyone would want to wake up tomorrow being a millionaire and being able to buy whatever their hearts desire. But in the end you will get tired of your life, it’s like your life is a movie being played over and over agin and eventually you will get bored. Money has it’s limits! It’s always nice to have enough money where you can live comftable Knowing that your bills are paid and you have a house and shelter but once money become to much things change. The last sentence stood out to me the most because I believe it had the most meaning and basically summed up the how article. ” the key to buying happiness is not in how financially successful we are, but what we do with it; it’s not how hight our income is, but how we allocate it. ” This quote explains how it’s not how much money you have it what you do with it and that’s how true happiness is fulfilled; by doing more with something then you actually thought you could ever do.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness or can it?

In the Los Angeles Times , “How To Buy Happiness”, by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton, they have some questions in their mind. Can one buy happiness and how happy can one be from buying happiness? In the beginning of their argument, they suggested and provided studies showing that money makes us selfish. It makes us focus on what the money can do for us. For example, buying new possessions like a new phone, or a new car. However, Dunn and Norton also provide us with research that buying a new house doesn’t increase happiness as much. In fact, a study shows that homeowners and renters are as happy as each other.

In another part of the argument, Dunn and Norton suggested and provide facts that buying experiences makes people more happy than buying material things. Buying experiences are like buying tickets to a concert, special meals, and trips. In fact, buying experiences can bring people together. For example, wouldn’t you go to the movies with someone instead of going alone, or to eat in a restaurant?

In an experiment, Dunn and Norton also found out that buying something for someone else rather than yourself gives the buyer an additional boost of happiness. It doesn’t matter if one spends just a few dollars on someone, it still provide more happiness. In another experiment, Dunn and Norton combined buying experiences and giving to see if it would increase happiness. They gave three groups of students of a university campus gift card to go to Starbucks. One were ask to go by themselves. Another was told to give it to a friend and the last group was asked to go with a friend and treat that friend. in fact it shows that treating someone and sharing the experience with that person is happier than just buying something for yourself or just for someone else.

In response to Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton, I agree with all of their studies and suggestions. I do believe that money makes us selfish. I would think of something I would get if I found a million dollars under my bed. I might get the new iPhone 6, the upcoming iWatch, beats headphones, etc. I believe that money buys happiness especially when I buying and giving experiences I was so happy when I bought a ticket to a concert I been wanting to go to. I didn’t want to go alone so I bought another ticket for a friend. I treated and shared the experience with a friend. I was so happy that day, it wouldn’t be the same without my friend. I think this example also proved what Elizabeth Dun and Michael Norton experiment were true.  I also think that it made my friend happy too. Making others happy usually makes me happy too. I think that people should treat others more often instead of being selfish. It makes the other person happier and it makes you more happier too. In fact, I am going to treat myself and a friend a Starbuck drink on Monday, and be happy together.