Apps & all the other interesting things.

After looking through all of the apps and checking them out. I signed up for most and try to test my happiness earlier today on happily first, but that didn’t give me much info at all on my happiness it wanted me to sign up to see how Im feeling. Then I looked at the other apps and downloaded especial and in-flow because those were the main apps that caught my eye and the others I signed up and played around with them especially headspace because it was more about meditation and relaxation which I didn’t understand how to work. Then I played around with espereal and it was cool although I didn’t have any friends, but I was playing with the mood changer and I saw what all of the colors meant, one color meant jay-z which I thought was cool and weird at the same time because why does the app have a mood feeling as if their Jay-z.

Then as I waited for in-flow to down load I played around with it and the way that works is it goes buy face expression based on how someone is feeling whether it is sad,happy, or angry at the time I downloaded it and was doing my homework I was feeling ok and calm at the time. Then they track it on a line graph by the date and I’m supposed to track how I am feeling for the week, then it will tell me what is my mood through the day whether it changes or stay the same. Which I thought was cool and it gives you advice as well such as taking a shower, donating, and exercising to make you feel more happier during the day?

Also I have received numerous emails from all the apps and so far I enjoy them because I am bored half of the time and I play around with them. I think I have to understand how to work them more, most of them consist of a lot of reading to get to the next step and some apps did, some didn’t I want to get straight to the point with the app. Also I thought some apps I didn’t like that you had to use Facebook in order to signup and I am a person who don’t trust apps and I don’t use Facebook and the type of apps that ask for access for your Facebook I dont know why they did and don’t see the point, but overall they were cool and most of them you needed to pay something in order to get the full access of the app or the website. Overall trying something knew on my phone wasn’t a bad experience and looking at something different on the internet was fun and different as well and made me think more about happiness anyhow release stress more and cool out more instead of overthinking things and getting myself worked up and listening more.