Happiness apps

There is literally an app available for everything. There are apps to help you find the nearest starbucks to apps that deliver food right to your door. With these apps you are able to get anything you need with in minutes. It is even arguable if such apps make us lazy or if they are actually designed for convenience. If you’re an extremely busy mother that can barely make it to the market for tonight’s┬ádinner or a disable person who isn’t even able to make it down the block these apps are life savers. Apps that can help you study for a huge exam or even apps that can keep you entertained are available with in a few clicks of your phone.

So of course there has to be apps available to track your happiness. Or to even┬ápromote happiness and well-being. It might have seemed somewhat silly a few years ago to have your phone ask how you’re feeling at that very moment or to even have it tell you who you’re the happiest with. But now a days that something typical and available with apps such as Mappiness. With Mappiness researches from the London School of Economics are able to track you anonymously through GPS. They are also able to graph your happiness out with just answering a few questions a few times a day. Their primary interest is to figure out how your environment affects your happiness.

But not only are you able to use apps alone but you can use these apps more socially with groups of friends with what’s called a buddy system. With the app called Headspace you are able to share your experience and other fun content with your friends what have similar interests. Headspace focuses on treating your head┬áright through techniques that fulfill their mission of a healthier, happier world one phone at a time. Within this app there are techniques available to deal with stress, relationships and even creativity. This app even uses ethos to establish their reputation by using Emma Watson as a sponsor she states how genus this app is. They also use other former anonymous clients that speak on how┬áamazing this app is.