Research essay Pre-Draft

Sexuality: Can be based on what you like and how you feel

When a mother is pregnant she is able to see the gender of her child when she is four months. We were all born either a boy, girl or twins. We were all born into this world to be who we want and achieve things that we want in life. Naturally when beginning to like someone a girl will like a guy and a guy will like a girl, but that isn’t always true. Some were born to like the same sex and not be approved by society because they are gay. Which, isn’t fair because we should be able to like who we want and should be comfortable in our own skin without being judged?  The point is that gay people should be able to be accepted by society whether they are gay, bisexual, lesbian, or queer.  Society shouldn’t judge or disapprove of what someones likes or wants to be. Everyone was born in the world for a reason and now that there is a lot of LGBTQ people in the world makes it  more comfortable for others to come out and be open without others feeling any type of way towards them.

After revising my question I first stated why are gay people happier than straight people ?  When researching this question I came to a consensus that gay people yes they are happy people not saying that heterosexual aren’t,but researching this topic helped me with the general about gay couples and straight couples. It didn’t help me get to an actual provident of my question. After doing more research I changed my question to something more reasonable and can be debated which is why are gay people more comfortable than heterosexual couples.  Based on an article “ Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youths’ Perceptions of Their High School Environments and Comfort in School “ by Diane E.Elze states that students who are gay, lesbian and bisexual were victimize in school because of what they were. Elze states that“ their perceptions of stigmatization, and their social integration with heterosexual peers as openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual people contributed to their feelings of comfort in school” ( Elze, pg. 1 ) .  Therefore in order for them to feel more comfortable and open people will have to accept the fact that there are people who are going to be what they want no matter of what others think.

Although this article was short and not much information details, it had a lot of information based on gay, lesbian  Elze point was to make sure that the students in the high school were being supportive “ The author suggests that interventions should aim at reducing stigmatization and creating supportive peer environments in schools for gay, lesbian, and bisexual students. Therefore, she wants LGB students to be protected and get the best supports and advisement from faculty. She was able to state the problem, then gave resolutions on how to solve them in order to make it better and comfortable for LGB students to go to school.

After reading this article I came to the conclusion that, not only is gay people comfortable with one another. There more connected with one each other. Although homosexuals may not  have the most supports from others. Now in society it is very supportive and acceptable, and normal to people from before because not many accepted the fact of being gay, families, schools didn’t accept the fact of blacks and white dating each other. Therefore it’s legal for homosexual couples to get married in the united states and other states as well.  After researching more on my topic I found that most people had different attitude toward a lesbian couple rather than a gay men couple, because not many believed that gay men couples were accurate or real until more start to come out, just as much females came out about their sexuality.

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