Happiness App?!

In today’s world, people have managed to create websites and apps about promoting happiness. Technology is improving so much that it started making apps which can tell a person what he’s doing wrong in his daily life. The sites and apps created clarify the right path to happiness which have a lot of great points about how to reach happiness.

To my experience, I believe that the app Happify is the most accurate to pursue happiness. I’m not the only one that says it, websites and articles say the same about this app. For example, The New York Times article, “Positive Thinking, With a Little Help From Your Phone”, which  quoted, “Happify is perhaps the most sophisticated positive vibes app available now. The idea of this free iOS app is to train you into thinking positively and feeling happy by engaging you in various “tracks” with different goals like improving your confidence or seeing new possibilities”. Through all the apps for happiness I went through, I thought that the “Happify” app was the one that actually could really help with a person’s journey to happiness. It does several things that the other apps about happiness don’t actually do. Even though I’ve used it for only three days, I’ve meditated, which I really enjoy, and I’ve played games which I also enjoy.

This app starts by asking you questions about your life and from there it puts you on a basic track. Each track includes quizzes, games and activities that guide you to seeing more positive aspects of your daily life. The app also makes you see your happiness level to help you make better choices in your daily life to become happy. I also has a page with comments and photos of other people to encourage you in your life and you can do the same.

I find it fascinating how these apps are actually able to help others and monitors their happiness. I think it is a helpful and very successful way to help people and their well-being. Although these happiness apps have great aspects, I believe that people will not be able to reach happiness only through technology. I think that the journey to happiness could only be reached if the person himself puts some efforts into finding a better, positive, and healthy way to reach happiness. Technology can help in some ways but however cannot actually make a person completely happy.

Many of the apps about happiness don’t actually help a person in their journey to happiness but they are more like computers checking for a data to manage. Also, these apps, unlike humans, don’t know about the well being of a person. Therefore, a person shouldn’t actually rely on a app to make them happy but something “real” like themselves.

What appeals to me

Happiness Apps? I had no idea that such a thing dared to exist, but alas, it does. These are mobile apps that kind of mind your business. Being open-minded, one just might give back to themselves. It’s not that “stars and explosions” phenomenon, but with open-mindedness, you can see yourself for better or for worse.

In-flow gives us a “day in the life”. It’s kind of general although they try to be as specific as possible. I must admit that when I pulled up to my nephew’s baby shower and checked my phone, In-flow seemed a tad imposing. The timing was just not good, however I felt compelled to respond to get it out the way. Upon my return home, mind you I’ve been driving all day on my day off, I just don’t do that, but I’ve vowed to myself to be present at all costs. I’ve covered every borough in the city yesterday as I wanted my nephew’s baby shower to be a success, and I was no good when I returned home. Overall I felt contentedly satisfied  with the outcome of my day.

I was tired, extremely tired when I got home. Lo and behold, here’s In-flow on my phone asking me how I felt. It felt like such an imposition and that feeling lasted all of thirty seconds, after about thirty seconds, I was afforded a great moment of introspection, however vague. This pleased me very much, to be able to reflect on the pleasantries and accomplishments in conjunction with “being present” for my family.

I then came upon another app in which I downloaded. This app is called Emotion-sense. Emotion-sense seemed quite realistic insofar as breaking down my profile into 8 categories: Demographics, Personality; This has five subsections consisting of Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, Extraversion, and Openness. There’s Gratitude, Health/Subjective Health, Sociability which consists of Relationships and Time with Others, there’s Job Satisfaction, Life Aspirations which subsections include Altruistic: (unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others. It is the opposite of egoistic), Relationships, Economic, Political, Pleasure, Spiritual and Artistic. Mind you this Life Aspirations segment encompasses most of the things that life is in its totality. The final category but certainly not least in my opinion is Connectedness. I scored low on this but hey progress not perfection right?

These categories have allowed me, the individual, an opportunity to account for my life. Simply setting up my profile are what these attributes amount to. It’s made me look at myself and my life. A happiness tracker? Probably not. It felt more like a holistic accomplishment tracker thus determining ones life’s direction to date. I appreciated it.

Anything else outside of the Profile segment consists of a week of tracking and it is all technological. This requests locations, has graphs of ones moods at certain times of the day, etc. What I get from it all is that this monitoring of happiness and well-being is big business. Although most of the apps are free, the attention that they get out of sheer curiousity, will line pockets right nice.

I’m no hater. If I like what I’ve seen, I will engage it. These apps are an effective way to check my feelings and moods, however, these apps didn’t check my happy. I checked my happy. Perhaps I was expecting a different approach from the apps I’ve looked into. Nevertheless it had a calming effect on me, allowing me to reflect and introspect in that order. Reminding me to remember where I came from, what I’ve come through. This work has, I guess it did please me somewhat. The nostalgia, the surviving it all, what I’ve amounted to after the pains and pleasures. To sum it all up, the Emotion Sense app has renewed my level of gratitude.

Finding happiness through apps

When hearing about apps for being happy I wasn’t quite sure what to expect honestly. After browsing the websites, I thought they just might provide information on happiness and doing things to make you feel more content but I didn’t really know what else I’d find. They generally took survey’s and asked questions that had to do with your emotional state and what you were doing or where you were. Which I thought was kind of weird because I didn’t think it mattered what I was doing or where I was, I thought the questions would be more about emotional things or personal things. Come to find out that they tell you how you feel when participating in certain activities.

Not only do you check in with these apps but these apps also check up on you! Besides the fact you can update it when you want or add any current emotions or locations etc but they can also ask you throughout the day if you’re okay and to check in when you want to. Which is useful when you think about it. Also on one of the apps you can choose whether to keep your profile private or public and basically if it’s private it’s obviously for your eyes only BUT if it is public other users can comment on what you write and give you advise or feedback. I found this helpful for the simple fact that some people wan’t help and don’t know who to reach out to. Although it would be strangers it is still encouragement, support and helpful advise. When dealing with online places such as these, people feel more open to say what is bothering them and how they’re feeling because it’s not like they know who exactly it is or would have to see them everyday. It’s like a comfort zone I would say for those who would share their thoughts openly on the web. That is if someone was to choose to put it public. For those who would prefer to keep their business private can rightfully do so and reach their happiness goal on their own. Which is okay as well. Everyone is different and uses different strategies which this app is open to doing. On one of the other apps you can also choose facial expressions to show your current feeling. They let you choose the eyes and mouth which can give you different outcomes and you update it through out the day and it shows you on a graph how your moods have changed and whether it’s getting happier or sadder. Another app actually had a picture of Sonja Lyubirmsky which I found interesting since we read a article by her. After trying out these apps I actually found them useful for those who would want to see how their emotional state is and whether it changes because of their surroundings and what they are doing. After discovering what activities it is that actually brings their mood up they can do more of those things and do less of what doesn’t make them happy.

The app experience

I’ve never tried to track my happiness until this assignment and its been rather strange. its way of actually training your mind to “happy”. They help you to realize your emotion in hopes to make a shift in things.. All of the technology can be helpful in noticing the emotion, but there isn’t any help in changing the situation. so that emotion would only be temporary. while being connected to the digital universe, we disconnect from the world around us. it is important how our emotion line up with our energy. I don’t think that these apps are for me at all. when I’m mad; I’m not going to go to the app and put in that I’m mad; I’ll be too mad to report it. In fact the apps might make me depressed, because it’ll actually be counting my happiness or reading me my reality.

All of this just shows the effect that technology has on us today. We go on social networks to track others activities. People we don’t even know. We find satisfaction in others depressing status on Facebook. and find envy in the person who just bought the new fab car or house or Instagram. These apps and social media networking just proves that others happiness have an effect on our own. and no, it cant be measured but it can be altered!

Happiness Apps

The happiness apps were quite interesting. I downloaded a few of them into my iPhone 4S. Some of the apps were hard to download but they all served the same purpose. They all tracked happiness and asked questions pertaining to well being. It also consisted of some personal questions about my life. The apps asked about anger, anxiety, depression, mood, sadness, happiness, irritation, confused, focused, dizzy, headaches, disorganized, impulsive and much much more.

The fact that they asked about all of those things means that those are key things important to happiness. The app T2 mood tracker in particular was very focused on the answers I gave them. It did not try to direct me to anything else besides myself. It was not like it had steps and procedures to follow to get to happiness. It was basically showing how self happiness is acquired through fulfilling ones needs.

Mappiness was an app I was very interested in, for a variety of reasons. It asked a lot of questions. It was a cool process because every question had a different direction to go into. For example, if yes or no was an answer, each answer would lead you to a different question. It is like choosing which path to take and the process it takes to get there.

However, I was unable to sign up for the app mappiness because when I got to the end it said there was an error with the system and I was unable to sign up for it at this time. I tried many times after to sign up and complete the process but it still hasn’t worked. I enjoyed the process but I believe the only part I am missing is my results.

The apps showed me of how much of a somewhat unhappy person I am. All of those apps just show how technology is getting advanced. Technology connects to everyday life and self happiness.

Social media and social networking has really increased drastically over the last few years. Happiness has been a main focus of the technological era. These apps that has been created shows great purpose and how important self happiness is to an individuals well being. Technological devices and tools have been used in various ways with different techniques.

The apps has shown me how to be happy for myself. It updates you every hour of every day. Literally. You can adjust these things in setting though. That is no problem but if you want it to work to its best, it is highly likely that you should leave all of the settings on because the more active you are with the app, the better the results.

In conclusion, all of the apps are beneficial to self happiness to each and every individual. To be happy, you must have a process and procedure to follow. Without those set of instructions, you will not be completely happy in life. All of the apps we learned about are key items in self happiness that can and will help if they are followed properly.