Happiness Apps

The happiness apps were quite interesting. I downloaded a few of them into my iPhone 4S. Some of the apps were hard to download but they all served the same purpose. They all tracked happiness and asked questions pertaining to well being. It also consisted of some personal questions about my life. The apps asked about anger, anxiety, depression, mood, sadness, happiness, irritation, confused, focused, dizzy, headaches, disorganized, impulsive and much much more.

The fact that they asked about all of those things means that those are key things important to happiness. The app T2 mood tracker in particular was very focused on the answers I gave them. It did not try to direct me to anything else besides myself. It was not like it had steps and procedures to follow to get to happiness. It was basically showing how self happiness is acquired through fulfilling ones needs.

Mappiness was an app I was very interested in, for a variety of reasons. It asked a lot of questions. It was a cool process because every question had a different direction to go into. For example, if yes or no was an answer, each answer would lead you to a different question. It is like choosing which path to take and the process it takes to get there.

However, I was unable to sign up for the app mappiness because when I got to the end it said there was an error with the system and I was unable to sign up for it at this time. I tried many times after to sign up and complete the process but it still hasn’t worked. I enjoyed the process but I believe the only part I am missing is my results.

The apps showed me of how much of a somewhat unhappy person I am. All of those apps just show how technology is getting advanced. Technology connects to everyday life and self happiness.

Social media and social networking has really increased drastically over the last few years. Happiness has been a main focus of the technological era. These apps that has been created shows great purpose and how important self happiness is to an individuals well being. Technological devices and tools have been used in various ways with different techniques.

The apps has shown me how to be happy for myself. It updates you every hour of every day. Literally. You can adjust these things in setting though. That is no problem but if you want it to work to its best, it is highly likely that you should leave all of the settings on because the more active you are with the app, the better the results.

In conclusion, all of the apps are beneficial to self happiness to each and every individual. To be happy, you must have a process and procedure to follow. Without those set of instructions, you will not be completely happy in life. All of the apps we learned about are key items in self happiness that can and will help if they are followed properly.

My Favorite Place in NYC



It is very difficult to pick simply one place to be called my “favorite” place in New York City. Many people may pick a fancy place, an exotic place, park, busy areas but I would not say that any of those places are my favorite place. To say that something is my favorite place is very significant. It is a very important title to give to one specific thing. Anyhow, my favorite place is my friends house.

I chose my friends house as my favorite place for a variety of reasons. I mainly enjoy being there because it is always a full house. There is no boredom over there.

I am an only child living with just my mother. We do not live with any family members or even have any pets living with us. To get out and go to a full house with a pet it a complete 180 degree turn from my original lifestyle. It is a great escape from a tedious household. However, it is a huge benefit because when I get tired of the full house concept, I can always go home.

My friends house is a great place to be. If I want to be social or try to work on anything, someone is always there to help or advise me. There is a variety of things everyone can put in. It is a wide range of opinions which can be very helpful. It has a little of everything simple yet enjoyable. The little things in life makes me happy.

There are so many things to do over there at my friends house. Even though simply hanging out with one friend in the house all day may sound boring or to “be bored together” to me, it is not. It is all of the little moments that takes place.

The little moments and memories shared are the most amazing happiest feelings in the world. To know that you can escape and get away to a completely different environment and always go back to your original environment is to me, the happiest place in the world.

It is somewhat difficult to constantly adapt to that kind of environment when compared to the type of environment I was brought up in. To constantly shift is not difficult after a period of time after getting used to it.

Even though I ultimately prefer my peace and quiet environment. I do enjoy all of the moments shared. I enjoy all of the memories created that will last forever. All of those moments created over a long period of time at my friends house will always make me happy when I look back at it. It is truly my favorite place away from home in New York City.

Favorite Place in NYC