Finding happiness through apps

When hearing about apps for being happy I wasn’t quite sure what to expect honestly. After browsing the websites, I thought they just might provide information on happiness and doing things to make you feel more content but I didn’t really know what else I’d find. They generally took survey’s and asked questions that had to do with your emotional state and what you were doing or where you were. Which I thought was kind of weird because I didn’t think it mattered what I was doing or where I was, I thought the questions would be more about emotional things or personal things. Come to find out that they tell you how you feel when participating in certain activities.

Not only do you check in with these apps but these apps also check up on you! Besides the fact you can update it when you want or add any current emotions or locations etc but they can also ask you throughout the day if you’re okay and to check in when you want to. Which is useful when you think about it. Also on one of the apps you can choose whether to keep your profile private or public and basically if it’s private it’s obviously for your eyes only BUT if it is public other users can comment on what you write and give you advise or feedback. I found this helpful for the simple fact that some people wan’t help and don’t know who to reach out to. Although it would be strangers it is still encouragement, support and helpful advise. When dealing with online places such as these, people feel more open to say what is bothering them and how they’re feeling because it’s not like they know who exactly it is or would have to see them everyday. It’s like a comfort zone I would say for those who would share their thoughts openly on the web. That is if someone was to choose to put it public. For those who would prefer to keep their business private can rightfully do so and reach their happiness goal on their own. Which is okay as well. Everyone is different and uses different strategies which this app is open to doing. On one of the other apps you can also choose facial expressions to show your current feeling. They let you choose the eyes and mouth which can give you different outcomes and you update it through out the day and it shows you on a graph how your moods have changed and whether it’s getting happier or sadder. Another app actually had a picture of Sonja Lyubirmsky which I found interesting since we read a article by her. After trying out these apps I actually found them useful for those who would want to see how their emotional state is and whether it changes because of their surroundings and what they are doing. After discovering what activities it is that actually brings their mood up they can do more of those things and do less of what doesn’t make them happy.