Happiness App?!

In today’s world, people have managed to create websites and apps about promoting happiness. Technology is improving so much that it started making apps which can tell a person what he’s doing wrong in his daily life. The sites and apps created clarify the right path to happiness which have a lot of great points about how to reach happiness.

To my experience, I believe that the app Happify is the most accurate to pursue happiness. I’m not the only one that says it, websites and articles say the same about this app. For example, The New York Times article, “Positive Thinking, With a Little Help From Your Phone”, which  quoted, “Happify is perhaps the most sophisticated positive vibes app available now. The idea of this free iOS app is to train you into thinking positively and feeling happy by engaging you in various “tracks” with different goals like improving your confidence or seeing new possibilities”. Through all the apps for happiness I went through, I thought that the “Happify” app was the one that actually could really help with a person’s journey to happiness. It does several things that the other apps about happiness don’t actually do. Even though I’ve used it for only three days, I’ve meditated, which I really enjoy, and I’ve played games which I also enjoy.

This app starts by asking you questions about your life and from there it puts you on a basic track. Each track includes quizzes, games and activities that guide you to seeing more positive aspects of your daily life. The app also makes you see your happiness level to help you make better choices in your daily life to become happy. I also has a page with comments and photos of other people to encourage you in your life and you can do the same.

I find it fascinating how these apps are actually able to help others and monitors their happiness. I think it is a helpful and very successful way to help people and their well-being. Although these happiness apps have great aspects, I believe that people will not be able to reach happiness only through technology. I think that the journey to happiness could only be reached if the person himself puts some efforts into finding a better, positive, and healthy way to reach happiness. Technology can help in some ways but however cannot actually make a person completely happy.

Many of the apps about happiness don’t actually help a person in their journey to happiness but they are more like computers checking for a data to manage. Also, these apps, unlike humans, don’t know about the well being of a person. Therefore, a person shouldn’t actually rely on a app to make them happy but something “real” like themselves.