Happiness Apps

Happiness has been an ongoing topic, constant promotions, tracking individuals happiness. Websites and apps have been created in order to improve/ helps ones happiness and show the ideal path to happiness.

Most of the apps were a bit boring and not interesting at all as i clicked on each one and downloaded i felt as if it was a waste most of the apps only asked a series of questions. In my opinion the app “Happify” is the most efficient app in achieving happiness. After downloading happify it instantly tells you how to find the right track for you, complete track activities and games on the go. It also asks a series of questions to get to know you after you finish, it sets up a track that best fits you, and how it will benefit you. Happify helps with positive thinking , it sets goals and allows you to achieve them. With these games  and activities it can help achieve happiness one day at a time.

I used to believe there was something wrong with tracking individuals happiness but i now see that it can be very beneficial. I thought that completing survey’s weren’t as affective but completely these survey’s honestly can help you towards becoming more happy.i